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President of Bulgaria
Президент на България
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Rumen Radev official (cropped).jpg
Rumen Radev

since 22 January 2017
StyleHis Excellency
ResidenceLargo, Sofia
AppointerPopular vote
Term lengthFive years, renewable once
Inaugural holderPetar Mladenov
as Chairman (President) of the Republic
Zhelyu Zhelev
Formation3 April 1990
DeputyVice President of Bulgaria
Salary€35,412(~US$42,000) annual[1]
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The President of the Republic of Bulgaria is the head of state of Bulgaria and the commander-in-chief of the Bulgarian Army. The official residence of the President is at Boyana Residence, Sofia. After the completion of the second round of voting, candidate Rumen Radev was elected President of Bulgaria on 13 November 2016.

Duties, powers and requirements[edit]

The president of Bulgaria has a number of functions and powers that are regulated in Chapter 4 of the 1991 Constitution of Bulgaria; the president is elected directly by a popular vote for a period of five years which is renewable. The following powers belong to the President of Bulgaria

  • The ability to give and restores Bulgarian citizenship
  • Appoint and dismiss senior government officials
  • Exercise the right of pardoning significant persons
  • Act as Supreme Commander in Chief of the Bulgarian Armed Forces
  • Conduct Bulgaria's foreign policy *Schedule the National and local elections
  • Veto any law coming from the National Assembly
  • Declares war, martial law or any other state of emergency (This is done with the assistance of the Consultative Council on National Security)

The President is assisted in these duties by the Vice President of Bulgaria; the Vice President replaces the President in case of absence. Only upon early termination of office of the Vice President will assume the duties of president until elections are held.

All presidential candidates must have filled the following requirements and attributes:

  • Must be a Bulgarian citizen by birth
  • Must be at least 40 years old
  • Must not be Members of Parliament or Members of the European Parliament
  • Must not be engaged in any public and economic activities or participate in the leadership of political parties at the time they run for president

Termination of office[edit]

According to the constitution, the mandate of the president is completed when:

  • The presidential term expires
  • The president resigns before the Constitutional Court
  • The permanent inability to perform his/her duties due to serious illness
  • Impeachment

Bulgarian presidential line of succession[edit]

Latest election[edit]

Candidate Party First round Second round
Votes % Votes %
Rumen Radev Independent 973,754 25.44 2,063,032 59.37
Tsetska Tsacheva GERB 840,635 21.96 1,256,485 36.16
Krasimir Karakachanov United Patriots 573,016 14.97
Veselin Mareshki Independent 427,660 11.17
Plamen Oresharski Independent 253,726 6.63
Traycho Traykov Reformist Bloc 224,734 5.87
Ivailo Kalfin Alternative for Bulgarian Revival 125,531 3.28
Tatyana Doncheva Movement 21–NDSV 69,372 1.81
George Ganchev Christian Social Union 27,928 0.73
Velizar Enchev Movement for Radical Change Bulgarian Spring 18,213 0.48
Dimitar Marinov Bulgarian National Unification 14,974 0.39
Rumen Galabinov Independent 10,286 0.27
Plamen Paskov Independent 10,103 0.26
Aleksandar Tomov Bulgarian Socialdemocratic-Euroleft 9,513 0.25
Gospodin Tonev Bulgarian Democratic Community 6,855 0.18
Kemil Ramadan Balkanic Democratic League 6,089 0.16
Kamen Popov Independent 5,212 0.14
Diana Dimitrova Independent 4,362 0.11
Nikolay Banev Independent 4,196 0.11
Yordanka Koleva Independent 4,182 0.11
Biser Milanov Independent 3,215 0.08
None of the above 214,094 5.59 155,411 4.47
Invalid/blank votes 119,925 66,036
Total 3,947,575 100 3,540,964 100
Registered voters/turnout 7,014,723 56.28 7,020,119 50.44
Source: Electoral Commission of Bulgaria

Living former presidents[edit]

There are three living former Bulgarian Presidents:

Rumen RadevRosen PlevnelievGeorgi ParvanovPetar StoyanovZhelyu ZhelevPetar Mladenov

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