Ptolemy II Philadelphus

Ptolemy II Philadelphus was the pharaoh of Ptolemaic Egypt from 283 to 246 BCE. He was the son of Ptolemy I Soter, the Macedonian Greek general of Alexander the Great who founded the Ptolemaic Kingdom after the death of Alexander, queen Berenice I from Macedon in northern Greece. During Ptolemy II's reign, the material and literary splendour of the Alexandrian court was at its height, he promoted the Library of Alexandria. In addition to Egypt, Ptolemy's empire encompassed much of the Levant, he pursued an expansionist foreign policy with mixed success. From 275-271 BC, he led the Ptolemaic Kingdom against the rival Seleucid Empire in the First Syrian War and extended Ptolemaic power into Cilicia and Caria, but lost control of Cyrenaica after the defection of his half-brother Magas. In the Chremonidean War, Ptolemy confronted Antigonid Macedonia for control of the Aegean and suffered serious setbacks; this was followed by a Second Syrian War against the Seleucid empire, in which many of the gains from the first war were lost.

Ptolemy II was the son of Ptolemy I Soter and his third wife Berenice I. He was born on the island of Kos in 309/308 BC, during his father's invasion of the Aegean in the Fourth Diadoch War, he had Arsinoe II and Philotera. Ptolemy was educated by a number of the most distinguished intellectuals of the age, including Philitas of Cos and Strato of Lampsacus. Ptolemy II had numerous half-siblings. Two of his father's sons by his previous marriage to Eurydice, Ptolemy Keraunos and Meleager, became kings of Macedonia; the children of his mother Berenice's first marriage to Philip included Magas of Cyrene and Antigone, the wife of Pyrrhus of Epirus. At Ptolemy II's birth, his older half-brother Ptolemy Keraunos was the heir presumptive; as Ptolemy II grew older a struggle for the succession developed between them, which culminated in Ptolemy Keraunos' departure from Egypt around 287 BC. On 28 March 284 BC, Ptolemy I had Ptolemy II declared king, formally elevating him to the status of co-regent. In contemporary documents, Ptolemy is referred to as'King Ptolemy son of Ptolemy' to distinguish him from his father.

The co-regency between Ptolemy II and his father continued until the latter's death in April–June 282 BC. One ancient account claims that Ptolemy II murdered his father, but other sources say that he died of old age, more given that he was in his mid-eighties; the fall-out from the succession conflict between Ptolemy II and Ptolemy Keraunos continued after Ptolemy II's accession. The conflict was the reason why Ptolemy executed two of his brothers full brothers of Keraunos, in 281 BC. Keraunos himself had gone to the court of Lysimachus, who ruled Thrace and western Asia Minor following his expulsion from Egypt. Lysimachus’ court was divided on the question of supporting Keraunos. On the one hand, Lysimachus himself had been married to Ptolemy II's full sister, Arsinoe II, since 300 BC. On the other hand, Lysimachus' heir, was married to Keraunos' full sister Lysandra. Lysimachus chose to support Ptolemy II and sealed that decision at some point between 284 and 281 BC by marrying his daughter Arsinoe I to Ptolemy II.

Continued conflict over the issue within his kingdom led to the execution of Agathocles and the collapse of Lysimachus' kingdom in 281 BC. Around 279 BC, Arsinoe II returned to Egypt, where she clashed with her sister-in-law Arsinoe I; some time after 275 BC, Arsinoe I was exiled to Coptos. In 273/2 BC, Ptolemy married his older sister, Arsinoe II. While sibling-marriage conformed to the traditional practice of the Egyptian pharaohs, it was shocking to the Greeks who considered it incestuous. A poet, who mocked the marriage was exiled and assassinated; the marriage may not have been consummated. Another poet Theocritus defended the marriage by comparing it to the marriage of the gods Zeus and his older sister Hera; the marriage provided a model, followed by most subsequent Ptolemaic monarchs. The three children of Arsinoe I, who included the future Ptolemy III, seem to have been removed from the succession after their mother's fall. Ptolemy II seems to have adopted Arsinoe II's son by Lysimachus named Ptolemy, as his heir promoting him to co-regent in 267 BC, the year after Arsinoe II's death.

He retained that position until his rebellion in 259 BC. Around the time of the rebellion, Ptolemy II legitimised the children of Arsinoe I by having them posthumously adopted by Arsinoe II. Ptolemy I had supported the establishment of his friend Seleucus I as ruler of Mesopotamia, but relations had cooled after the Battle of Ipsos in 301 BC, when both kings claimed Syria. At that time, Ptolemy I had occupied the southern portion of the region, Coele Syria, up to the Eleutherus river, while Seleucus established controlled over the territory north of that point; as long as the two kings lived, this dispute did not lead to war, but with the death of Ptolemy I in 282 and of Seleucus I in 281 BC that changed. The son of Seleucus, Antiochus I, spent several years fighting to re-establish control over his father's empire. Ptolemy II took advantage of this to expand his realm at Seleucid expense; the acquisitions of the Ptolemaic kingdom at this time can be traced in epigraphic sources and seem to include Samos, Caria, Lycia and Cilicia.

Antiochus I began to build up his forces for a rematch. Antiochus did this by pursuing ties with Ptolemy II's maternal half-brother, Magas, governor of Cyrenaica since around

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