Red Hot Chili Peppers

Red Hot Chili Peppers are an American rock band formed in Los Angeles in 1983. Their music incorporates elements of alternative rock, punk rock and psychedelic rock; the band comprises vocalist Anthony Kiedis, bassist Flea, drummer Chad Smith, guitarist John Frusciante. With over 80 million records sold worldwide, Red Hot Chili Peppers are one of the best-selling bands of all time, they are the most successful band in the history of alternative rock radio, with the records for most number-one singles, most cumulative weeks at number one and most top-ten songs on the Billboard Alternative Songs chart. They have won six Grammy Awards, in 2012 were inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. Red Hot Chili Peppers were formed in Los Angeles by Kiedis, guitarist Hillel Slovak and drummer Jack Irons; because of commitments to other bands and Irons did not play on the band's 1984 self-titled debut album. However, Slovak rejoined shortly after its release and performed on the albums Freaky Styley and The Uplift Mofo Party Plan, the latter of which saw a reunion of the original lineup.

Slovak died of a drug overdose on June 25, 1988. With new recruits Frusciante and Smith, Red Hot Chili Peppers recorded Mother's Milk and their first major commercial success, Blood Sugar Sex Magik. Frusciante was uncomfortable with the newfound popularity and left abruptly during the 1992 Blood Sugar Sex Magik tour, his replacement, Dave Navarro, played on One Hot Minute. Although commercially successful, the album failed to match the critical or popular acclaim of Blood Sugar Sex Magik, selling less than half as many copies. Navarro was fired from Red Hot Chili Peppers in 1998, Frusciante rejoined, their seventh album, became their biggest commercial success, with 16 million copies sold worldwide. Their next albums, By the Way and Stadium Arcadium, were successful. After the Stadium Arcadium tour, Red Hot Chili Peppers went on an extended hiatus. Frusciante left for the second time in 2009 to focus on his solo career. Red Hot Chili Peppers were formed in Los Angeles by singer Anthony Kiedis, guitarist Hillel Slovak, bassist Flea, drummer Jack Irons, classmates at Fairfax High School.

Their early names included Tony Flow and the Miraculously Majestic Masters of Mayhem, their first performance was at the Rhythm Lounge club to a crowd of 30, opening for Gary and Neighbor's Voices. Inspired by punk funk acts like Contortions and Defunkt, they improvised music. At the time and Irons were committed to another group, What Is This?. The band changed its name to Red Hot Chili Peppers. Six songs from these initial shows were on the band's first demo tape. In November 1983, manager Lindy Goetz struck a seven-album deal with EMI Enigma Records. Two weeks earlier, What Is This? had obtained a record deal with MCA, in December Slovak and Irons quit Red Hot Chili Peppers to focus on What Is This?. Flea and Keidis recruited guitarist Jack Sherman; the band released their debut album, The Red Hot Chili Peppers, in August 1984. Airplay on college radio and MTV helped build a fan base, the album sold 300,000 copies. Gang of Four guitarist Andy Gill, who produced the album, pushed the band to play with a cleaner, more radio-friendly sound, the band was disappointed with the result, finding it over-polished.

The album included backing vocals by Gwen Dickey, the singer for the 1970s disco funk group Rose Royce. The band embarked on a gruelling tour. During the tour, continuing musical and lifestyle tension between Kiedis and Sherman complicated the transition between concert and daily band life. Sherman was fired in February 1985. Hillel Slovak, who had just quit What Is This?, rejoined in early 1985. George Clinton produced Freaky Styley. Clinton combined various elements of punk and funk into the band's repertoire, allowing their music to incorporate a variety of distinct styles; the album featured Fred Wesley. The band indulged in heavy heroin use while recording the album, which influenced the lyrics and musical direction of the album; the band had a much better relationship with Clinton than with Gill, but Freaky Styley, released on August 16, 1985 achieved little success, failing to make an impression on any chart. The subsequent tour was considered unproductive by the band. Despite the lack of success, the band was satisfied with Freaky Styley.

The band appeared in the 1986 skate movie Thrashin' playing the song "Blackeyed Blonde" from Freaky Styley. During this time the band appeared in the movie Tough Guys starring Burt Lancaster and Kirk Douglas performing the song "Set It Straight" at a Los Angeles nightclub. In early 1986, EMI gave the band $5,000 to record a demo tape for their next album, they chose to work with producer Keith Levene from PIL. Levene and Slovak put aside $2,000 of the budget to spend on heroin and cocaine, which created tension between the band members. Martinez's "heart was no longer in the band", but he did not quit

Thomas Eakins House

The Thomas Eakins House is a historic house at 1727-29 Mount Vernon Street in the Spring Garden section of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA. Built about 1854, it was for most of his life the home of Thomas Eakins, one of the most influential American artist of the late 19th century, it was designated a National Historic Landmark in 1965, is now home to a local artist cooperative. The Thomas Eakins House is located north of downtown Philadelphia, on the north side of Mount Vernon Street between North 18th and 17th Streets in the city's Spring Garden neighborhood, it is a four-story rowhouse, its first three stories brick and the fourth floor of wood frame construction. The front facade is three bays wide, with the main entrance in the right bay. Windows are set with simple marble sills and lintels; the rowhouse was built about 1854 for father of the artist. Benjamin Eakins added the fourth story in 1874 as a studio for his son. Thomas Eakins inherited the house in 1899, lived there until his death in 1916.

Eakins was a leading figure in the development of realism in painting, an innovator in the use of photography for artistic purposes. He taught a generation of artists at the Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts, where he introduced new techniques for studying and painting the human form. Many of his portrait subjects are from all walks of life in his lifelong home; the Mural Arts Program, a Philadelphia-based art program that creates outdoor murals, is based in the Thomas Eakins house. List of National Historic Landmarks in Philadelphia National Register of Historic Places listings in North Philadelphia Historic American Buildings Survey No. PA-1728, "Thomas Eakins House" Mural Arts Program

Order of Saints Cyril and Methodius

The Order of Saints Cyril and Methodius is an award conferred by the Republic of Bulgaria. It has had three incarnations: first on 18 May 1909 by the Kingdom of Bulgaria, second on 13 December 1950 by the People's Republic of Bulgaria on 29 May 2003 by the current Republic of Bulgaria; the Order was established on 18 May 1909 by Tsar Ferdinand I of Bulgaria, the first Grand Cross of this order to be awarded to the highest state officials. It consisted of one class: Knight, represented by a collar and breast-star; the collar of the members is gilded-silver and alternately shows a standing, crowned lion facing left and a fleur-de-lis. The ribbon of the Order is pale orange; the badge of the Order is a gilded Byzantine cross enameled in light blue. In the cross angles, green enameled beams are mounted, on each of, a stylized lily. In the medallion resting figures of Saints Cyril and Methodius are seen standing side by side; the medallion is edged with a golden ring on the blue enameled inscription "EX ORIENTE LUX".

The breast star is made of silver. In the cross angles blazing flames are seen with applied lily. In the centre of the cross is a representation of a seraph. Former King Simeon II of Bulgaria considers this version of the order to be his dynastic order and wears it - from left shoulder to right hip - on official occasions such as the wedding of Victoria, Crown Princess of Sweden and Daniel Westling The People's Republic of Bulgaria instituted the Order of Cyril and Methodius, it was awarded as an honour in the fields of science, culture, or painting It consisted of three classes: First class, Second class and Third class The prize is a round medal with red, blue or white enamel background. It shows the image of the Saints in relief. In the left side, who holds a scroll with the first four letters of the Cyrillic alphabet in the hands. Offset to the right behind Methodius with a Bible under his arm. One five-pointed star is seen on the top of the medal. First class: gold medal with red enamel. Second class: silver medal with blue enamel.

Third class: silver medal with white enamel. The medal is worn on the left chest; the Order of Saints Cyril and Methodius was reinstated on 29 May 2003 as the second order of the republic after the Order of Stara Planina and is awarded for merit in the fields of art, science and culture. There are three grades: Collar, 1st Class and 2nd Class The order's insignia is inspired by the shape of the tsarist era: The medal of the first two grades is a silver-plated Byzantine cross with gilded-silver edges, the 3rd grade is only silver-plated; the flames in the cross angle are no longer subject to a lily On the reverse, instead of the crowned cipher names, the national colors of the country can be found. The ribbon of the Order is orange Orders and medals of Bulgaria