Blackjack Mountain (Carroll County, Georgia)

For other mountains with the same name, see Blackjack Mountain. Should not be confused with Blackjack Mountain, Cobb County, Georgia. Blackjack Mountain is a scenic landmark, located in the southwest corner of Carroll County, Georgia on the Georgia-Alabama border and Heard County line; the nearest city is Georgia, 2.2 miles to the south. While not an impressive mountain, at 1,545 ft the summit is the highest point in Georgia south of Interstate 20. Blackjack Mountain is a long north-south trending ridge; the Native Americans used this promontory as a reference point on their East-West trading path and are believed to have used the summit for sacred ceremonies. The mountain was named for its blackjack oak timber. In 2003, Carroll County earmarked about $19 million for land conservation and recreation. Blackjack Mountain was a high land conservation priority. In early 2005, the Trust for Public Land helped the county protect Blackjack Mountain; the acquisition of Blackjack Mountain will protect a scenic viewshed and preserve over 312 acres of pines and mixed hardwoods, two small lakes, several small tributaries, a federally designated wetland and a valuable wildlife habitat.

Blackjack is named for all of the Blackjack oaks that grow on it

Manfredonia Cathedral

Manfredonia Cathedral is a Roman Catholic cathedral in Manfredonia in Italy, dedicated to Saint Laurence of Siponto, one of the patron saints of the city. The archiepiscopal seat of the Archdiocese of Siponto known as Manfredonia, it is now the seat of the Archbishop of Manfredonia-Vieste-San Giovanni Rotondo; the construction of a cathedral in Manfredonia, after the transferral here of the seat of the bishops of Siponto, began on 7 February 1270 and finished in 1274. The first building was destroyed by the Turks in 1620, was not rebuilt until 1700, using the ruins of the old Angevin church on the authority of the bishop, Bartolomeo della Cueva, Cardinal Vincenzo Maria Orsini, Mgr. Andrea Cesarano. Della Cueva modified the main entrance, he had the canons' stalls constructed and the main altar. The main entrance was where the campanile now stands, built by Cardinal Orsini in 1677; the bell from the old campanile given by Archbishop Marullo in 1646 and cast by the famous Napoletan bellsetter Onofrio Giordano was transferred to the new tower.

In the cathedral are frescoes of 1940-1941, by Natale Penati of Milan, representing: Pope Julius III and Pope Benedict XIII. Here are preserved the portraits of the archbishops, some parchments, the baptismal registers from 1600 onwards and various other books; the protectress of Manfredonia is the Madonna of Siponto, the protector, San Lorenzo Maiorano, whose body was moved here from Siponto by Bishop Matteo Orsini, a member of the Dominican Order and a cardinal, on 30 October 1327. The painting and the statue of the Madonna with her splendid crown of gold sprinkled with diamonds were blessed by Cardinal Angelo Giuseppe Roncalli Pope John XXIII, on 28 August 1955, the feast of the Coronation of the Virgin. During the fire and the destruction of the cathedral by the Turks the body of Saint Laurence was destroyed, except for the right arm, which remains in the cathedral today. In the 1960s at the wish of the bishop Cesarano the new façade in travertine marble was constructed, which incorporates the marble statue of John XXIII created by the sculptor Aronne del Vecchio.

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