Kernkraft 400

"Kernkraft 400" is a song performed by German techno artist Zombie Nation and the first single from their album Leichenschmaus. Released in 1999, it peaked at number 22 in Germany in February 2000, it reached number 10 in Flemish Belgium and number five in the Netherlands. In September, the song debuted and peaked at number two on the UK Singles Chart, remaining there for two weeks behind Mariah Carey and Westlife's version of "Against All Odds", has since received a Gold certification from the British Phonographic Industry for sales of at least 400,000 copies; the song is used as a sports chant at sport stadiums all over the world and was ranked number eight by Sports Illustrated in their list of "Top 10 Stadium Anthems". The first Zombie Nation record contained the song "Kernkraft 400", a remix of the soundtrack of the 1984 Commodore 64 game Lazy Jones by David Whittaker called "Star Dust", made with the SID chip. "Star Dust" in turn has been said to borrow. Though permission for the sampling was not granted, Florian Senfter paid an undisclosed sum to David Whittaker for the use of the melody.

The song is sometimes mislabeled as "Zombie Nation", as the artist's name can be heard in the otherwise instrumental track. The original "Star Dust" melody was in C, whereas "Kernkraft 400" is in B. "Kernkraft 400" was released as a 12-inch single by Gigolo Records on 15 March 1999. The single was released in the United Kingdom on 18 September 2000 by Data Records; the music video of Kernkraft 400 starts out inside a nuclear power plant room where an infomercial host dressed in'70s disco clothing comes out and two models come onto scene dancing. One model puts a plate of food into a trademarked Kernkraft 400™ microwave oven, which cooks the food much faster and hotter than the other model's conventional microwave oven. Mindy gets into a standard tanning bed, while Cindy waits before getting into a Kernkraft 400™. Mindy reveals a sunburnt tan, while Cindy has a perfect sun tan which has worked under her beachwear; the host sits on a couch in the studio, off camera, where he examines a standard vibrator and a Kernkraft 400™ version.

As the camera pulls away, both women are seen running towards the host while the video production staff are seen wearing hazmat suits. The video was produced and directed by Hendrik Hölzemann, Grischa Schmitz and Dominique Schuchman who at that time were studying film at the Filmacademy Ludwigsburg, under the name Panic Pictures. Select gave the single a review noting its widespread popularity stating that it was "as welcome in Pacha as in the Munich underpass and Coxo like this Teutonic techno," as well as noting it was "Not bad for a couple of DJs called Splank and Mooner". In the liner notes of the Kiss mix album Kiss House Nation 2001, Mixmag music editor Matthew Kershaw named the song among 2000's "uncategorisable" club tracks, noting it "was championed eveywhere form children's television to the most underground techno clubs. Was it techno, electro or house? No-one knew, frankly, no one cared." "Kernkraft 400" first received US radio airplay on now defunct station Energy 92.7 & 5 in Chicago, Illinois in 2001.

Due to its popularity with all ages on that station it was first introduced to sports fans at Chicago Rush arena football games. The song was not a featured song during player introductions but received regular play during timeouts and commercial breaks to assist in keeping the indoor American Football fans loud and aroused at the teams home field at Allstate Arena in suburban Rosemont, Il. "Kernkraft 400" has been sampled by various artists, including rapper The Game in the single "Red Nation". The song is used by the Boston Bruins; the Bruins have been using it for nearly 19 years since the song was released. It grew in popularity within the hockey community during the 2011, 2013, 2019 Stanley Cup Playoffs when the Bruins had three deep runs; the Pittsburgh Steelers have played this song pre-game kickoff since before 2010. The Seattle Mariners play the song after a big hit or during rallies at T-Mobile Park; the Los Angeles Dodgers play the song after a home run. Penn State football has been using "Kernkraft 400" since as early as 2005.

During the break in the song, fans chant "We Are Penn State." The song became a semi-official anthem for Welsh football fans during their country's qualification campaign for UEFA Euro 2016. This stems from an incident after their 0–0 draw with Belgium at Stade Roi Baudouin in Brussels, in which the travelling Welsh fans danced enthusiastically to the song being played over the stadium's public address system; as a result, the song was played before the return fixture at Cardiff City Stadium on 12 June 2015. Supporters of Scottish Football team Celtic FC, chant the song during games against Rangers, in a reference to Rangers' death and rebirth during their financial difficulties in 2012. Tranmere Rovers use the theme track before the players come out to get the crowd roaring; the UCF Knights began using the song as their rallying anthem at least as early as 2007 with the opening of Spectrum Stadium. When the song plays, UCF fans jump chanting "U-C-F Knights" during the breaks in the song; the song became controversial on campus as it became a cue for fans to start jumping, which when done in unison makes the stadium reverberate and bounce, earning it the nickname "The Bounce House".

University officials wanted to stop playing the song all together for the longevity of the built stadium, but after safety inspecti

Susan Blackwell

Susan Blackwell is an American actress and singer, best known for playing characters based on herself in the original musicals and Now. Here. This, she has appeared in other plays, musicals and television shows including Master of None, Madame Secretary, The Blacklist, Law & Order, P. S. I Love You, After the Wedding, God and Speech and Debate, she hosts her own talk show Side by Side by Susan Blackwell on Which played on Broadway in the 2008 Season after a successful extended Off-Broadway run at the Vineyard Theatre in 2006; the musical documents its own creation by two Broadway fans, who want to enter the New York Musical Theatre Festival and struggle to complete the show in three and a half weeks, their two actress friends. The actors are the writers and characters of the musical. Blackwell's character, "Susan," is a quirky performer by night and corporate drone by day—what Blackwell calls a "distillation" of her true personality. Blackwell became involved in the musical's development early on, through her longstanding friendships with the show's writer, Hunter Bell, composer, Jeff Bowen.

Blackwell had worked with the two men as part of her previous Off-Off-Broadway performing duo, the New Wondertwins. At the time Bowen and Bell began work on, Blackwell had decided to abandon performing for a stable, corporate office job. "I feel grateful to my friends for rescuing me," she has said of her role in. "They airlifted me out of corporate ascension and plopped me down into this whole other experience." Blackwell began her professional acting career with a two-year stint in the company of Minnesota's Guthrie Theatre before moving to New York in 1995. Blackwell subsequently developed a reputation as a quirky downtown theatre artist. Blackwell performed Off-Off-Broadway with Rebecca Finnegan as The New Wondertwins, a variety act whose assortment of songs and daredevil feats included ventriloquism and making deviled eggs in their mouths. One Village Voice reviewer wrote of the duo in 1999: "Their wordless finale, orchestrated to a space-age bachelor-pad soundtrack, is a tour de force of fascination and horror: never have soy milk and deviled eggs been used to such loathsome effect."In addition to's Off-Broadway and Broadway runs, Blackwell's more recent credits include the Off-Broadway shows Speech and Debate, Working Title, Vilna's Got a Golem and The Heidi Chronicles.

Blackwell's television appearances include The Sopranos, Third Watch, All My Children, The Good Wife, Person of Interest and several episodes of Law & Order and Law & Order: Criminal Intent. Her film credits include P. S. I Love You, Margin Call, Margot at the Wedding, Changing Lanes, the short Bun-Bun and Night Int. Trailer for the feature film Ten Minutes Older. Blackwell joined castmates Hunter Bell, Jeff Bowen and Heidi Blickenstaff in 2012 for the off-Broadway musical Now. Here. This. for which she co-wrote the book with Hunter Bell. In 2018, Blackwell was seen in the Encores! Off-Center production of The Civilians' Gone Missing. In 2019, Blackwell performed in a one-night-only Broadway concert performance of to benefit The Actor's Fund, she appeared alongside the entire original cast, the evening was directed and choreographed by Michael Berresse. Starting in September of 2019 Blackwell began co-hosting a podcast, with fellow actress Laura Camien, called The Spark File Blackwell was born and raised in Dayton, Ohio.

She attended Bethel Local Schools. She has a B. F. A. in acting from Wright State University and an M. F. A. in acting from the University of Minnesota. She is married to Nathan Heidt, she is well known by many Broadway stars through her online video show Side by Side by Susan Blackwell. As part of the show, as the ending schtik, she licks her interviewee's face, she has licked Daniel Radcliffe, Sutton Foster, Darren Criss, Andrew Keenan-Bolger, Laura Benanti, Stephanie J. Block, Jesse Tyler Ferguson, Zachary Quinto and Jonathan Groff among others. Susan Blackwell on IMDb on Myspace