Rosebank, Auckland

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The suburb seen over the tidal flats surrounding it on most sides
The suburb seen over the tidal flats surrounding it on most sides
CountryNew Zealand
Local authorityAuckland Council
North(Waitematā Harbour)
Northeast(Waitematā Harbour)
WestTe Atatu
NorthwestTe Atatu

Rosebank (or the Rosebank Peninsula) is a peninsula and industrial suburb of Auckland City, New Zealand, forming the westernmost part of the city at the edge to Waitakere City, and jutting out into the Waitematā Harbour. The peninsula runs from the southeast in a northerly direction, with the Whau River on its west. Pollen Island and Traherne Island lie nearby in the harbour on the north-eastern side of the peninsula. Traherne Island is connected to the peninsula by a causeway that is part of the Northwestern Motorway.

The Northwestern Motorway cuts across the top of the peninsula, with flyover ramps connecting at Rosebank Road and Patiki Road; the Northwestern Cycleway also runs across it, parallel to the motorway.[1]

The suburb is a large employment area mainly composed of industrial (manufacturing, with some office) properties off Rosebank Road (with 813 businesses operating here in 2009).[1] There is one "open space" area, the Rosebank Park Domain in the northwest of the peninsula, almost solely used for go-karting and as a speedway (leased from Council).[1]

A number of archeological remains exist along the northern part of the peninsula, including old Maori middens, a tramway and remnants of a limeworks and early housing sites. However, most of these have been destroyed by development and past motorway construction.[1]

The Motu Manawa (Pollen Island) Marine Reserve covers all of the harbour adjacent to the north and east of the peninsula, including Pollen and Traherne Islands.


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The peninsula from the air in the lower centre of the image (set off from the other suburbs by the mostly white, larger commercial buildings).

Coordinates: 36°52′45″S 174°40′17″E / 36.879277°S 174.671495°E / -36.879277; 174.671495