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Aleia Hobbs

Aleia Hobbs is an American professional track and field athlete specializing in the sprints. She won four national titles in 2018, winning the 60 m at the NCAA Division I Indoor Championships, the 100 m and the 4 × 100 m relay at the NCAA Division I Championships, the 100 m at the U. S. Championships. Hobbs represented the United States at the 2019 World Relays, she committed to the LSU Lady Tigers in 2014 and ran for them until mid 2018, when she turned pro and signed a sponsorship deal with adidas. During her time at LSU, Hobbs represented the United States at the 2015 Pan American Junior Championships, where she earned a silver medal in the 100 m and a gold medal in the 4 × 100 m relay. Information from World Athletics profile or Track & Field Results Reporting System unless otherwise noted. Diamond League Shanghai: 2019 Aleia Hobbs at World Athletics Aleia Hobbs profile at TFRRS Aleia Hobbs bio at LSU Tigers and Lady Tigers

Sir William James, 1st Baronet

Commodore Sir William James, 1st Baronet, FRS was a Welsh-born commander of the East India Company navy, director of the Company and politician who sat in the House of Commons from 1774 to 1783. He conducted successful campaigns against the navies of Indian territories; the son of an impoverished miller from Haverfordwest, James ran away to sea in 1732, by 1738 was commanding his own ship and serving in the West Indies. In 1747, he joined the East India Company and was appointed commodore of its Bombay Marine naval forces four years later. James is associated with an action on 2 April 1755 when, commanding the Bombay Marine Ship Protector he attacked and destroyed the fortress of Tulaji Angre, at Severndroog, in Konkan, along the western coast of India, between Mumbai and Goa, he had been instructed only to blockade the stronghold, but through his intimate knowledge of the rocky coastline was able to get close enough to blow up the fortress. Although the East India Company had spent considerable sums providing protection from piracy, he only received £100 in reward.

In February 1756, he supported the capture of Gheriah by Colonel Robert Clive and Admiral Charles Watson, was active in numerous skirmishes against the French, helping to consolidate the British position in India. James returned to England in 1759. In 1765, he married his second wife, Anne Goddard, with whom he had two children: Edward and Elizabeth, he became a Director of the East India Company in 1768 was reappointed in most years until his death in 1783. He was deputy chairman and was chairman of the directors in 1779, he was a governor of Greenwich Hospital and a fellow of the Royal Society for his contribution to navigation. In 1778 he was created baronet. James became an associate of Lord Sandwich and through him became involved in politics. In 1770 he was defeated overwhelmingly. At the 1774 general election he was returned unopposed at West Looe on the Buller interest, he was returned again unopposed for West Looe at the 1780 general election by John Buller, with whom he stood unsuccessfully at Saltash.

As an associate of Sandwich he supported Lord North until his fall from power in 1782. James came under personal attack when a report from the select committee on Bengal affairs was put before the House on 1 April 1783; this alleged that James and Laurence Sulivan had altered the records of the East India Company and tried to deceive the committee about communications with India. James maintained that the charges were false and opposed any publication of the report without a defence. James died of a stroke at his daughter Elizabeth Anne's wedding to Thomas Parkyns, 1st Baron Rancliffe MP on 16 December 1783, he was buried at Eltham and the following year a folly, Severndroog Castle, was built as a memorial to him by his wife, Lady James of Eltham, on nearby Shooter's Hill. His title became extinct on the latter's own death. Leigh Rayment's list of baronets

Henry Berengar

Henry Berengar, sometimes numbered Henry, was the eldest legitimate son of Conrad III of Germany and his second wife, Gertrude von Sulzbach. He was named after his father's maternal grandfather, the Emperor Henry IV, his mother's father, Count Berengar II of Sulzbach, he predeceased his father. In 1139, Henry was betrothed to daughter of King Béla II of Hungary, she moved to Germany to learn German language and court culture, but relations between Germany and Hungary cooled after the death of her father in 1141. The marriage was cancelled. After several letters to her brother, King Géza II, she received permission to remain in the German monastery where she had been living. Conrad and Henry approved. Conrad had the princes elect Henry ten years old, as co-King of Germany at a diet in Regensburg on 13 March 1147, before Conrad left on the Second Crusade. Henry was crowned on Laetare Sunday in Aachen. During his father's absence on crusade, he was placed under the tutorship of the powerful abbot Wibald and the notary Heinrich von Wiesenbach.

For his services, Heinrich was raised to the rank of protonotary. Nine letters written by or for Henry survive from this period of his reign; the young Henry was the winning general at the Battle of Flochberg against Welf VI and Welf VII. The military prowess of the young ruler was emphasised in letters to the Byzantine emperor Manuel I and the empress Irene, Gertrude's sister, informing them of the victory. Henry died that year and was buried at the monastery of Lorch

Street Genius

Street Genius is a popular science TV series that airs on National Geographic Channel. It features scientific experiments related to physics and engineering performed by British presenter and engineer Tim Shaw to regular passers-by; the show is currently available on Netflix in Brazil, Colombia, Costa Rica and Panama. In each episode, Tim Shaw walks about the streets inviting people to participate in or observe a scientific experiment. After the experiment is explained to them, Tim asks. Once all participants or observers have given their opinions, Tim asks the viewers which, out of those predictions, will prove to be the correct one. "None of the above" is one of the multiple choice options presented, being the inspiration for the original title of the series in season 1. After the experiment is done, Tim proceeds to explain why the correct option was right and the others were wrong accompanied by on-screen graphical explanations and demonstrations in the form of images and animations. Official Street Genius site at National Geographic Channel US Official Street Genius site at National Geographic Channel UK Old Official None of the Above site at National Geographic Channel UK None of the Above/Street Genius at IMDb

The Show People

The Show People is an Indian film production company established by Indian actor Arya. The studio has been involved in the production of Arya's Tamil language films, having worked on films including Boss Engira Bhaskaran and Vasuvum Saravananum Onna Padichavanga. Arya has worked as a producer and distributor through the production studio August Cinema where he has worked with Prithviraj, Shaji Nadesan and Santosh Sivan on Malayalam language films. Arya set up the production studio, The Show People, in early 2009 and revealed his intentions of working on three films a year; the first production by the studio was Padithurai directed by Suresh Kannan, an erstwhile assistant director to Bala, who worked on the film through a new stagename of Suka. Based on the novel Ettu Thikkum Madhayaanai by Nanjil Nadan, the film began production with newcomer Abhishek and Ananya in the lead roles, though Chandini Tamilarasan subsequently replaced Ananya. Arya's brother, was briefly attached to the project but did not work on the film.

Despite completing its shoot in 2010, the film failed to have a theatrical release. The Show People subsequently had their first release with Rajesh's comedy film, Boss Engira Bhaskaran starring Arya, which the production studio presented. Produced by Vasan Visual Ventures and marketed by Red Giant Movies, the film performed well at the box office; the Show People was later involved in the distribution of Selvaraghavan's Irandaam Ulagam in the regions of Singapore and Malaysia, though the film did not do well commercially. The Show People made their first production venture through Amara Kaaviyam directed by Jeeva Shankar, starring Arya's brother Sathya and Miya in the lead roles. Arya took on the project after the film was dropped by Escape Artists Motion Pictures, worked on the film through late 2013 and 2014. A romantic drama film set in Ooty during the 1980s, Amara Kaaviyam opened to mixed reviews but did not perform well at the box office; the studio's next production, Suseenthiran's drama film on cricket, did well commercially.

Co-produced with two other studios, Jeeva won positive reviews from film critics. In 2015, Arya produced Vasuvum Saravananum Onna Padichavanga, a comedy directed by Rajesh, which marked his 25th film as an actor. Arya August Cinema