Communic is a progressive metal band from Kristiansand, Norway. The band has released five albums; the first two have received positive reviews from critics. Communic was founded in March 2003 as a side project for Oddleif Stensland and Tor Atle Andersen, both from the band Scariot. Soon after, they were joined by bassist Erik Mortensen, a bandmate of Stensland in a band called Ingermanland. In January 2004, the band recorded its first three demo tracks at dUb Studios in Norway. While only 100 copies of the Conspiracy in Mind demo were printed, it would be selected as Demo of the Month by the magazine Rock Hard in April. In March they signed with the Danish management company Intromental Management. In April, Stensland left Scariot to concentrate full-time on Communic. In July 2004, Communic signed with the German label Nuclear Blast and in September began recording their debut album, Conspiracy in Mind in the Denmark studios of producer Jacob Hansen. Danish keyboardist Peter Jensen played keyboards for the album.

It was released on February 21, 2005, received good reviews, being voted as "Album of the Month" in the magazines Rock Hard and Heavy, Oder Was!?. Rock Hard subsequently selected Communic as Newcomer of the Year. Following the album's release, Communic toured Europe with Ensiferum and Graveworm, including an appearance at the Gelsenkirchen Rock Hard Festival. Jensen joined the band on the tour, but was not made a permanent member as he did not live in Norway. In early 2006, the band flew once again to Denmark to record the follow-up to Conspiracy in Mind in Jacob Hansen's studios; this time, Norwegian Endre Kirkesola was brought in to record the keyboard parts in the album. Unlike Jensen, Kirkesola did not tour with the band to promote the album; the album, Waves of Visual Decay, was released in May 2006 and, like its predecessor received good critical reviews, being selected as Album of the Month in Swiss magazine Metal World, Portuguese magazine Metal Morfose, Norwegian magazine Scream, German magazines Rock Hard, Guitar Magazine, Metal Hammer, Metal Heart and Heavy, the e-zine

Communic's 3rd studio album, Payment of Existence, was released on May 30, 2008. Communic released their fourth studio record, "The Bottom Deep", on July 22, 2011. Communic released their fifth studio record, "Where Echoes Gather", on October 27, 2017. Oddleif Stensland—vocals and guitars Erik Mortensen—bass Tor Atle Andersen—drums Conspiracy in Mind, 2004 Conspiracy in Mind, 2005, Nuclear Blast Waves of Visual Decay, 2006, Nuclear Blast Payment of Existence, 2008, Nuclear Blast The Bottom Deep, 2011, Nuclear Blast Where Echoes Gather, 2017 Communic at Allmusic Official website MySpace profile August 2007 interview with Oddleif

Benni Diez

Benjamin Diez, better known as Benni Diez, is a German filmmaker and electronic musician, known for his darkly themed short films Pressure Bolt and Kingz, his debut romantic horror comedy feature Stung. Born in 1979 in Starnberg, Diez developed a love for horror and science-fiction filmmaking in the early 1990s. In a 2015 interview, Diez said: "I always felt like I'm a filmmaker at heart. I always made my own movies when I was young." He began teaching himself computer animation when he was fourteen, using "the first computer animation program."Diez worked for agencies and production companies in Bavaria, made his own videos before enrolling at Baden-Württemberg Film Academy, in Ludwigsburg, in 2002, specialising in visual effects and animation. He said the video Bullet – Highway Patrol, made in three days "from idea to finished clip", was what got him into the academy. Diez had chosen his area of specialisation knowing it was rare that a directing student "could make sci-fi and horror films".

You try to go the more serious, dramatic way, not wrong, but would have been wrong for me. So I deliberately decided to study effects. During his first year at the film academy, Diez collaborated with fellow student Marinko Spahić on a short mixed live action animation film titled Druckbolzen, starring Benjamin Biehn and made for €250; the short played at several European international film festivals, winning an award at Aubagne for sound in 2003, the Shine Award at Bradford, for technical innovation in 2004. Ain't It Cool News called Pressure Bolt "stunning" and "quite the best film made for under five hundred bucks". Diez teamed with Biehn again, as screenwriter, to make a short comic horror movie titled Martha starring Monika Manz and Hermann Schevtschenko. Diez and Spahić collaborated again in 2004 on a short science fiction film, 90 Grad Different, starring Steffen Wink; that summer, they began their third and longest project together, a thesis film, an alien invasion thriller with hip hop and gangster rap motifs.

The twenty-minute film stars Mathis Landwehr and pop music stars Bela B, Olli Banjo, Claire Oelkers, features martial arts and gunfighting. It was shown at international film festivals, winning Best Short Film at Trieste S+F in 2008 and a Méliès d'Argent in 2009. Todd Brown praised the cinematography and called Diez "an effects god". Landwehr gets time to show his moves and the whole thing just fits together beautifully and cries out to be made into a feature." Five years Brown recalled: "that short was far and away one of the best I saw in that year, an amazing blend of scifi and horror elements that made me a fan for life." While studying, Diez did postproduction work on films and advertisements for, among other brands, Audi and Snickers. After graduating with a diploma in visual effects and animation, Diez served as CEO for the Cologne-based production company founded for and named after Kingz from 2008 to 2011. Kingz Entertainment provides visual effects for commercials. Diez reused footage from an advertisement made for the International Film School Cologne, Keine billigen Tricks, to create a new short of his own, Space Chase.

Noncommercial work for which Diez provided editing or visual effects included zombie web series Viva Berlin!, Marissa Maghavipata's short film Singularity, feature films, notably Lars von Trier's Melancholia. There's a handful of shots where Kiefer Sutherland and his son construct this little wire thing, where they look into the sky, onto the approaching planet, they create a circle out of wire so they can compare the size and can determine how fast it's approaching. We did a few of those shots because everything behind that wire had to be rotoscoped out and the planet had to be put in, which are small shots, but they were quite difficult to do because pretty much everything had to be painted out and replaced by another background planet, but it was a fun little job, it was for a great movie. In 2011, Diez decided that working on commercials took too much time away from being a filmmaker, left the company to go back to freelancing and pursuing his own projects; when Benni Diez read Adam Arresty's script for Stung, it "called" to him, "on a few profound levels to my inner child that watched Alien way too young and got messed up in the brain by it a little bit."I knew if I was going to do a feature film, this was going to be my first, because it's just perfect.

It has every element. It has the scope where I would dare start directing actors; because it's not an ensemble with a dozen characters that have a lot of nuance, it's compact. The project took about three and a half years to complete. Stung is a 2015 German-American independent romantic comic horror film starring Matt O'Leary, Jessica Cook, Lance Henriksen, Clifton Collins Jr. Cecilia Pillado and Eve Slatner. Diez has been named variously as a producer or co-director for the third installment of the Skyline series, Skylines in production with release anticipated in 2020. Diez has been making his own electronic music since about the same time. Stung Skylines Benni Diez on IMDb