Chris Haviland

Christopher Douglas Haviland is an Australian politician. Born in Sydney, he has worked as a public servant with the Commonwealth Department of Health, a teacher, a maths tutor and an umpire for Sydney Grade Cricket, he was district cricketer in Perth. He a leading activist for party democratisation and is an active member of the progressive Left faction, he is the New South Wales State Convenor of grassroots party reform organisation Local Labor. In 1987 Haviland was elected to Campbelltown City Council. In 1991 he was elected to the Executive of the NSW Local Government Association. In 1993, Haviland was elected to the Australian House of Representatives as the Labor member for Macarthur, succeeding Stephen Martin, who contested Cunningham instead. In 1996, however, he retired from politics. Haviland is a two-time Labor candidate for the safe Liberal seat of Bradfield. In 2013 Haviland achieved 29.2 percent of the two-party vote. And he was the candidate for the 2019 Australian federal election

Basil Gordon

Basil Gordon was a mathematician at UCLA, specializing in number theory and combinatorics. He obtained his Ph. D. at California Institute of Technology under the supervision of Tom Apostol. Ken Ono was one of his students. Gordon is well known for Göllnitz–Gordon identities, generalizing the Rogers–Ramanujan identities, he posed the still-unsolved Gaussian moat problem in 1962. Gordon was drafted into the US Army, where he worked with the former Nazi rocket scientist, Wernher von Braun. Gordon's calculations of the gravitational interactions of earth and satellite contributed to the success and longevity of Explorer I, which launched in 1958 and remained in orbit until 1970, he was the step-grandson of General George Barnett and is a descendant of the Gordon family of British distillers, producers of Gordon's Gin. Basil Gordon at the Mathematics Genealogy Project Weisstein, Eric W. "Göllnitz–Gordon identities". MathWorld. Alladi, Krishnaswami. "On the work of Basil Gordon". Journal of Combinatorial Theory, Series A. 113: 21–38.

Doi:10.1016/j.jcta.2005.10.004. In memoriam: Basil Gordon,Professor of Mathematics, Emeritus, 1931 – 2012, UCLA Mathematics Department website Some Tauberian Theorems connected with the Prime Number Theorem, Basil Gordon, PhD thesis, 1956