Noranda Caldera

The Noranda Caldera is a well-known large subaqueous Archean caldera complex within the Blake River Megacaldera Complex, Canada. The caldera contains a 7-to-9-km-thick succession of bimodal mafic-felsic tholeiitic to calc-alkaline volcanic rocks which were erupted during five major series of volcanic activity; the metallogenic impact of the Noranda Caldera is well-known, but the importance of the New Senator Caldera and Misema Caldera remains to be evaluated. Volcanism of Eastern Canada List of volcanoes in Canada

List of people executed in Kansas

This is a list of people executed in Kansas. No one has been executed by the state of Kansas since 1965, although capital punishment is available there. 58 people have been executed in the area now occupied by the state. Many of these were federal executions of soldiers and POWs at the United States Disciplinary Barracks in Leavenworth. Fourteen German POWs were executed at Leavenworth in 1945; the last executions in Kansas were at the Kansas State Penitentiary, when serial killers James Latham and George York were executed for murder in 1965. Except for John Coon, executed in 1853 by firing squad, all federal and state executions in Kansas have been by hanging; the current method of execution is by lethal injection. Notes Capital punishment in Kansas Capital punishment in the United States Crime in Kansas List of death row inmates in Kansas Lists of people from Kansas