Lisa Green (linguist)

Lisa Green is a linguist specializing in syntax and African American English. She is a professor in the Department of Linguistics at the University of Amherst, she was inducted as a Fellow of the Linguistic Society of America in 2016. Before beginning her graduate studies in linguistics, Green received a B. S. in English education at Grambling State University and an M. A. in English at the University of Kentucky. Green went on to receive a PhD in linguistics from the University of Massachusetts, Amherst in 1993, went on to teach at the University of Texas at Austin before returning to her alma mater as an associate professor. There she founded and directs the Center for the Study of African American Language, a resource for students and educators dedicated to dialect and language-related issues. An enduring goal of Green's is to dispel notions of AAE as a substandard linguistic variety by demonstrating its systematic nature. Green's work has focused on linguistic variation between different dialects of English, with a primary focus on African American English.

Her research focuses on morphosyntactic systems in African American English like tense and aspect marking and negation, as well as first language acquisition of AAE by child speakers. Green, Lisa.. Language and the African American Child. Cambridge University Press. Green, Lisa.. African American English: A Linguistic Introduction. Cambridge University Press. 2002. Green, Lisa, & Walter Sistrunk. Syntax and Semantics. In Oxford Handbook of African American Language. Sonja Lanehart. Oxford University Press. Green, Lisa.. Force and Negation in African American English. In Micro-syntactic Variation in North American English. Raffaella Zanuttini and Laurence R. Horn. Oxford University Press. Green, Lisa, & Tom Roeper; the Acquisition Path for Aspect: Remote Past and Habitual in Child African American English.” Language Acquisition. 269-313. Green, Lisa. “Aspectual Be-Type Constructions and Coercion in African American English.”Natural Language Semantics, 8, 1-25. Green, Linda Bland-Stewart, & Harry Seymour. Difference Versus Deficit in Child African American English.

In Language and Hearing Services in Schools. Vol 29 No. 2, p. 96 - 109

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