Stocznia Gdynia

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Stocznia Gdynia S.A.
Spółka akcyjna
Industry Shipbuilding
Founded 1922
Headquarters Gdynia, Poland
Key people
Patryk Michalak, Chairman
Services Shipbuilding
Ship repair
Gdynia Shipyard

Stocznia Gdynia is a shipyard, located in the Port of Gdynia, Poland. It was founded in 1922. Since 2009, in liquidation - does not conduct production activities.

In 1970, workers of Gdynia Shipyard rose up against the ruling Polish Communist Party. About 20 people died fighting with army and police in the streets of Gdynia during the Polish 1970 protests. That had a great influence on creating the Solidarity movement in 1980. In 1998 it bought the Gdańsk Shipyard. The current name is Stocznia Gdynia S.A.

The liquidation[edit]

Since March 2009, according to the so-called law "specustawą stoczniową"[1] was started the process of compensation Gdynia Shipyard, which meant the elimination of legal terms, the total sale of assets yard in the open tender and redundancies involving all employees. The money from the sale will be given to the repayment of the yard's creditors - public and private, and the obligations of public law, including ZUS.

The last launch took place on 25 April 2009,[2] and the dismissal of employees was conducted at the end of May 2009.[3]

The search for an investor[edit]

On May 2009, the Stichting Particulier Fonds Greenrights bought key assets of the shipyards of Gdynia and Szczecin, and on June 17 received guarantees of the Arab Bank, Qatar Islamic Bank. The investor had to pay for the assets of Gdynia Shipyard more than 287 million PLN. On June 25, 2009 the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Administration issued a formal agreement on the sale of assets of Stocznia Gdynia SA, necessary for entities outside the European Economic Area. Polish Shipyards Company was registered by the Warsaw court on July 21. Its share capital amounted to 100 000 zł.[4]


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