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Bryanston Films (UK)

Bryanston Films was a British film company formed by Michael Balcon and Maxwell Setton in mid-1959 following the collapse of Ealing Studios. Neither a production studio, nor a distributor, it released independent British films through British Lion Films In operation until 1963, it was intended to be an unofficial group of independent film producers; the Bryanston consortium was composed of 12 to 15 members who bought their way in by putting up £5,000. In addition to Balcon and Setton, members included Kenneth Shipman, John Bryan, Tony Richardson, Julian Wintle and Ronald Neame. Alliance Films, Denham Laboratories and Lloyds Bank were investors. Producer-investors were meant to "vet" each other's scripts. Ronald Neame said that: The old complaint of producers has always been that the distributors tend to ask us for old formula films. Many of us have said this has said this has forced us to be less enterprising than we would wish to be, but now the onus is on us. If I submit a script to Bryanston, I know it will be vetted by fellow producers whose opinions I respect.

The company started off with £1,000,000. In November 1961 the company announced it would go into co production with Seven Arts Productions, to make Sammy Going South and Tom Jones. Bryanston distributed several films made by Woodfall Film Productions but refused to produce Tom Jones in colour, the success of which could have established the company for a long time. United Artists stepped in to finance the film instead. Bryanston released its last film in 1964 and the company was sold to Associated-Rediffusion in 1965. Balcon became head of British Lion Films. Bryanston Films on IMDb Bryanston Films at BFI

Frank Ford (broadcaster)

Frank Ford was the stage name of Edward Felbin, a Philadelphia radio talk show host. Along with partners Lee Guber and Shelly Gross, Ford founded the Valley Forge Music Fair in 1955 and the Westbury Music Fair the following year, he served on the board of trustees for Science Service, now known as Society for Science & the Public, from 1957 to 1962. He was married to a former judge and District Attorney of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Born as Edward Felbin, he grew up in the Logan neighborhood of upper North Philadelphia, graduating from that city's Simon Gratz High School in 1934, he attended the University of Pennsylvania, graduating in 1939. While in college, he got a job at radio station WHAT as an announcer, earning $15 weekly plus transportation, he used the name "Eddie Hoyle" while hosting Hollywood According to a gossip program. While selling radio time in 1946, a customer called Frankford Unity Grocery Store wanted to sponsor a music show. In a 1995 interview with the Philadelphia Daily News, he wondered "what my name would be if the sponsor was the Piggly Wiggly stores."Together with partners Lee Guber and Shelly Gross, he opened the Valley Forge Music Fair in Devon, Pennsylvania in 1955, featuring such shows as its inaugural production of The King and I.

Housed in a tent, a building was constructed on the site as a theater. Opened on an investment of $100,000, the business brought in a profit of about $50,000 their first summer, leading to the establishment of the Westbury Music Fair in Westbury, New York and other locations in Cherry Hill, New Jersey, near both Baltimore and Washington, D. C. employing 2,000 performers and musicians at their peak. He hosted a late-night talk show on WPEN, becoming one of the first shows to use equipment that would allow the host to interact directly with callers on the air, unlike previous shows that had the host repeat the caller's comments. In the early 1970s, he did multiple interviews with "Unicorn Killer" Ira Einhorn, who had murdered girlfriend Holly Maddux recalling that Einhorn "stank then", he bought station WDVT in 1985, where his programming included a show hosted by publisher Mark Segal of the Philadelphia Gay News, the city's first show on commercial radio with a gay focus. The station closed in 1988.

He retired after WWDB-FM switched to an all-music format. Guests on Ford's programs during his career included Lenny Bruce, Abbie Hoffman, Sugar Ray Robinson and Eleanor Roosevelt, he owned Auto Sport Importers, a business that made reproductions of a classic 1938 Jaguar called the Squire SS100, a model that sold several hundred cars but was never a viable business. The Broadcast Pioneers of Philadelphia inducted Ford into their Hall of Fame in 2004. Ford first met his future wife, Lynne Abraham, 24 years his junior, when she helped watch his ill father while his mother ran errands. Ford helped her get a job when she was a teen at the Valley Forge Music Fair he opened in 1955. Years when Abraham was in college, she would babysit for his stepdaughter. Abraham had been thinking of medical school and becoming a physician, when Ford told her "You ought to be a lawyer. You're forthright. You've got a big mouth. You talk well. You're smart."He married Abraham in June 1977, when he was 60 years old and hosting local radio talk shows, she was a 36-year-old municipal court judge.

She was an elected judge serving on the Pennsylvania Courts of Common Pleas when she was considering a run for Philadelphia District Attorney. Ford tried to dissuade her, telling Abraham that she would be losing her judicial tenure and would be taking a reduction in pay. Despite his objections, Abraham ran for office and was elected in 1991. Ford was supportive of his wife's post, attended her press conferences and had her on his radio show until he became ill in October 2008. Ford was interested in architecture, dance and food, he and Abraham traveled extensively around the world. A longtime resident of Center City, Ford died, at age 92, on March 3, 2009, at Vitas Hospice of St. Agnes Hospital in Philadelphia due to complications from a [[stroke, he was survived by both his first and second wives, a daughter, two grandchildren and a great-grandson. Media of Philadelphia

Philip Morris (archivist)

Philip Morris is an English former oil rig worker and media recovery specialist. He is best known for being held hostage in 2006 by Nigerian kidnappers and founding Television International Enterprises Archive. Prior to being taken hostage, Philip Morris worked on rigs for twenty years all over the world including Africa and the Americas. While working on the rig Bulford Dolphin in 2006 as a crane operator, Morris was taken hostage along with eight others, he was held hostage for four days in the jungle village of Nigeria. The Nigerian government paid a $200,000 ransom. Instead of returning to his job seven weeks after being released, he sought counseling for posttraumatic stress disorder. Morris was charged by police with "assault and criminal damage" after an incident with his former girlfriend at her home; the charges were dropped six months later. He would not return to Nigeria and received a settlement from his employer due to being taken hostage. Morris founded the Television International Enterprises Archive, a company that searches for lost television.

His biggest recovery has been nine missing Doctor Who episodes found in Nigeria, from the serials The Enemy of the World and The Web of Fear featuring Patrick Troughton. TIEA and Morris were working on Project Genesis, cataloging materials with the Nigerian Television Authority, when the episodes were discovered in a Jos television relay station; the episodes were in good condition considering the environmental conditions and civil unrest, lost for decades prior to their recovery. Morris's work requires bodyguards due to the danger involved and he tries to work anonymously, but was in a troubled region during the announcement of the recovered Doctor Who episodes, causing security issues, he has successfully recovered content from The Basil Brush Show and The Sky at Night. TIEA - Television International Enterprises and Archives Philip Morris on Twitter Philip Morris on recovering missing Doctor Who

National Anthem (album)

National Anthem is the debut album by North Carolina hip hop duo The Away Team, released on 6-Hole Records in 2005. The album features guest appearances from Joe Scudda, Smif-n-Wessun, Little Brother's Big Pooh and Phonte, it was described by ALARM magazine as "a combination of consistent rhymes and better stellar production". The album was issued in 2005 on 6-Hole Records, it was issued as part of the National Mayhem Justus League box set. And Now Folks... The Competition Likka Hi The Shining Come on Down The Blah Blah So If I Tells The Bitch Right... Fuck You Let Off a Round Me and My Fellows... Make It Hot The End of the Day UpNAtem One-N-Only Always Be Around On The Line Caution Lights Out

Yash Birla Group

Yash Birla Group is Indian industrial conglomerate group based in Mumbai, Maharashtra. Its chairman Yashovardhan Birla, is a member of the Birla family; the group has diversified interest in industries like steel pipes, machine tools, cutting tools, tool holders, iron castings, power solution products, multipurpose engines pumps, electrical appliances, carpets, lifestyle, publication, electricity, property development, cotton ginning etc. The Group traces its origins to the businesses started by various members of the Birla family; the group today has 10 publicly listed subsidiaries in India. The group is facing major financial and legal bottlenecks. In June 2013, the group was declared a NPA account for non payment of dues. Further in 2016, UCO bank published a notice indicating Birla as defaulter. On 16 June 2019, he was declared wilful defaulter by the bank with outstanding dues of over 67 crores.` Zenith Birla Ltd: Zenith Birla Limited was incorporated in 1960 and commenced its commercial production in 1962.

ZBIL, a flagship company of Yash Birla Group is a pioneer in Manufacture and Exports of Steel Pipes and Hollow Sections from India. The Company's plants are located at Tarapur & Murbad; the Khopoli Plant has a complete Manufacturing and Residential complex for its employees with facilities of School, Club House, Guest House and Auditorium. Birla Pacific Medspa -Bse India -stock Trading was suspended due to non compliance from June 2015. Birla Power Birla Infrasolutions Ltd Birla Precision Technologies Limited Birla Transasia Carpets Ltd, Birla Perucchini Ltd, Birla Electricals Ltd Birla Lifestyle Ltd, Birla Concepts Pvt. Ltd Birla Shloka Infotech Ltd, Birla Cotsyn Ltd Melstar Information Technologies The logo of group is a conch. Aditya Birla Group CK Birla Group Birla Family