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TV-2 live in their hometown Aarhus in 2005
Background information
OriginAarhus, Denmark
GenresPop rock
Years active1981 (1981)–present
LabelsEMI, CBS, Pladecompagniet, Medley Records, Have A Cigar, Universal Music Group
MembersSteffen Brandt
Hans Erik Lerchenfeld
Georg Olesen
Sven Gaul

TV-2 (stylized as tv·2) is a Danish pop rock band group formed in 1981 in Aarhus. The group is composed of Steffen Brandt, Hans Erik Lerchenfeld, Georg Olesen, and Sven Gaul. Having released 19 studio albums, four live albums and three compilations, they are one of the most commercially successful Danish bands of all time - according to the band's own sales figures, they have sold more than two million records[1].

TV-2 was formed prior to the Danish television station TV 2, which began broadcasting in 1988; the band was originally called Taurus with lyrics sung in English. Taurus released a single album, Whatever Happened To The Sixties, in 1978. Taurus changed their name to TV-2 in 1981, and begun singing in Danish at the same time. TV-2's success can be attributed to Steffen Brandt's songwriting, that often features ironic and satirical observations about the Danish middle class; making fun of its consumerism and conformity;[2] some of their songs, such as Fantastiske Toyota ("Fantastic Toyota"), are known to have commercial like concepts, with satirical undertones. Because of the mundane nature of the songwriting, TV-2 used to refer jokingly to themselves as "Denmark's most boring band".

In the beginning of their career, TV-2 played new wave pop music,[3] heavily influenced by Kraftwerk, Talking Heads and the Danish band Kliché, where Steffen Brandt briefly played keyboards. In the band's early years, the critical reception was negative, as TV-2 were unfavourably compared to Kliché,[4] but around the release of their third album Beat, music critics became more positive;[2] the band has cited Beat as a defining album, where the band found their own unique sound.[5]

Over the years, TV-2's music has gone through several phases, including a more acoustic folk pop sound. In 2005, TV-2 had a major comeback with the hit single De første kærester på månen, where the group returned to their roots and played 1980s-styled new wave music once again; the 1988 album Nærmest Lykkelig were added to the Danish Culture Canon in 2006.[6]

Band members[edit]


Studio albums[edit]

Year Title Translated title Sales[1]
1981 Fantastiske Toyota Fantastic Toyota 28.000
1982 Verden Er Vidunderlig The World is Wonderful 26.000
1983 Beat - 54.000
1984 Nutidens Unge Contemporary Youth 103.000
1985 Rigtige Mænd (Gider Ikke Høre Mere Vrøvl) Real Men (Don't Want To Hear More Fuss) 250.000
1987 En Dejlig Torsdag A Lovely Thursday 120.000
1988 Nærmest Lykkelig Almost Happy 180.000
1990 Vi Blir Alligevel Aldrig Voksne We'll Never Grow Up Anyways 128.000
1991 Slaraffenland Land of Milk And Honey 57.000
1994 Verdens Lykkeligste Mand The World's Happiest Man 100.000
1995 Kys Bruden Kiss The Bride 138.00
1998 Yndlingsbabe Favourite Babe 75.000
2001 Amerika America 56.000
2002 På Kanten Af Småt Brændbart On The Edge of Tiny Flammable 48.000
2005 De Første Kærester På Månen The First Lovers On The Moon 161.000
2007 For Dig Ku' Jeg Gøre Alting For You I Would Do Anything 80.000
2011 Showtime - 35.000
2015 Det gode liv The Good Life unknown
2018 Tæt Trafik I Herning Close Traffic In Herning unknown

Live albums[edit]

Year Title Translated title Sales
1987 Fri Som Fuglen Free As A Bird 69.000
1999 Verdens Lykkeligste Band - Live 99 The World's Happiest Band - Live 99 70.000
1999 Manden Der Ønskede Sig En Havudsigt The Man Who Wanted A Sea View 14.000
2014 Greatest Green - Sæler, Hvaler og Solskin Greatest Greenland - Seals, Whales and Sunshine unknown

Compilation albums[edit]

Year Title Translated title Sales
1992 Greatest - De Unge År Greatest - The Early Years 173.000
2004 Hits - 106.000
2012 Bag Duggede Ruder (box set) Behind Steamy Windows unknown

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