Taifa of Granada

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Taifa Kingdom of Granada

طائفة غرناطة
Reino Taifa de Granada
Taifa Kingdom of Granada, c. 1037.
Taifa Kingdom of Granada, c. 1037.
Common languagesArabic, Berber, Mozarabic, Hebrew
Islam, Roman Catholicism, Judaism
Historical eraMiddle Ages
• Downfall of Caliphate of Córdoba
• To the Almoravids
• Annexion to the Almohads
CurrencyDirham and Dinar
Preceded by
Caliphate of Cordoba

The Taifa of Granada (Arabic: طائفة غرناطة‎, Ta'ifa Garnata) was a Berber[1] emirate in Al-Andalus, roughly corresponding to the modern province of Granada, Spain, in southern Spain. The emirate originated in 1013 and lasted until 1091.


"Garnata" or "Garnata al-Yahud" was a settlement next to the town the Christians called "Elvira", after the former Iberian name "Ilbira".


The nearby situated Iberian town of Elvira became the capital of the Al-Andalus Caliphate of Córdoba province. Civil conflicts that wracked the Caliphate in the early eleventh century led to the destruction of the city in 1010. Zawi ben Ziri, the Zirid, was chief of one of the Berber armies that took part in the Caliphate civil war that destroyed Medina Azahara in Córdoba, and later destroyed Medina Elvira. Under his leadership the Elvira townsmen abandoned the provincial capital and established themselves in the Jewish settlement of Gharnata al-Yahud, thereby founding the city of Granada. He founded the first Taifa of Granada kingdom and moved the capital from Elvira to Garnata al-Yahud.

The Zirid was a Berber Sanhaja family from the region of Kabylia in North Africa whose members became chiefs and kings in many other Islamic regions, such as in Tunisia.

The Taifa of Granada kingdom ended after conquest by the Berber Almoravid dynasty in 1091, who took the territory and united it with others in their dynasty.

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