The Best (t.A.T.u. album)

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The Best
The Best - t.A.T.u..jpg
Greatest hits album by t.A.T.u.
Released September 7, 2006
Length 75:12
Language English (16 Tracks)
Russian(4 Tracks)
Label Universal, Interscope
Producer Boris Rensky
Trevor Horn
Martin Kierszenbaum
Robert Orton
Sergio Galoyan
Dennis Ingoldsby
t.A.T.u. chronology
Люди Инвалиды
(2005)Люди Инвалиды2005
The Best
Весёлые Улыбки
(2008)Весёлые Улыбки2008
Professional ratings
Review scores
Allmusic3.5/5 stars [1]

The Best (aka The Best of t.A.T.u., t.A.T.u. The Best) is a CD set from the Russian group t.A.T.u. featuring hit singles, rare mixes, three previously unreleased tracks, a live concert, music videos and more. There are two versions of the set, one with only a CD, and another with a CD and a DVD (sometimes referred to as the "Deluxe Edition"). In Korea, the Deluxe Edition came with a poster. In the U.S., only the CD version was sold, and only in Best Buy stores. However, for U.S. online retailers, it was available, and for some by import from Korea.

The Best was t.A.T.u.'s final release with the Universal Music Group label. Previously they went through Universal International.


The set was released on September 4, 2006 in Korea and Brazil, September 11 in Europe, September 27 in Japan, September 29 in Germany and October 10 in the U.S. It was later releases on the iTunes Store on November 7. There were different releases of the album, including a cassette, compact disc, DVD and vinyl.[2]

Critical reception[edit]

The Best received generally positive reviews from music critics. Stephen Thomas Erlwine from Allmusic gave it four out of five stars. He concluding saying "since a little t.A.T.u. can go a long way, it's best to get all the big hits in one place; the rest of the record might still be filler even on a hits disc, but at least it has all the big songs, which The Best certainly does, and that should satisfy any listener who considers the Russian duo a guilty pleasure." However, he did say that the album was too early for a release.

Facts and missing songs[edit]

There were a lot of facts, misspelled words and other associated issues with the album. On the sides there is missing a dot in the t.A.T.u. logo. The song "Ya Soshla S Uma" was misspelled on the back cover. It was listed as "Ya Soshia S Uma". While "Nas Ne Dogonyat" was spelled as "Nas Ne Dagoniat" (although it is a valid translation). Both those versions are not the Russian edits.

The album claims to have 3 unreleased songs, although in actuality, only "Null and Void" was unreleased. The other two songs were a remix and the previously released "Divine". The album lists "Divine" as an extended edit but it is the same version included as the b-side on the "All About Us" single release.

The album was also going to include the track "Prostye Dvizheniya". However, for unknown reasons, it was not included.

The cover does not list the videos for "Friend or Foe" or "All About Us (edited version)". However, these videos were included on the DVD.

Track listing[edit]

# Track title
1. All About Us 3:01
2. All The Things She Said 3:32
3. Not Gonna Get Us 4:20
4. How Soon Is Now? 3:14
5. Loves Me Not 2:54
6. Friend or Foe (Radio edit) 3:06
7. Gomenasai 3:42
8. Null & Void (Previously unreleased, English edition of "Obez'yanka Nol") 4:25
9. Cosmos (Outer Space) (She Wants Revenge Remix) 5:36
10. Show Me Love (Radio edit) 3:49
11. Craving (I Only Want What I Can't Have) (Bollywood Mix) 4:08
12. Ne Ver', Ne Boysia, Ne Prosi (Не Верь, Не Бойся, Не Проси) (Eurovision 2003) 3:02
13. 30 Minutes 3:16
14. Divine (Extended version) 3:17
15. Perfect Enemy 4:09
16. All The Things She Said (Dave Audé Remix Edit) 5:15
17. Lyudi Invalidy (Люди Инвалиды) (Russian Radio Remix) 3:22
18. Loves Me Not (Glam As You Mix Radio Edit) 3:11
19. Nas Ne Dogonyat (Нас Не Догонят) (Not Gonna Get Us (Russian Version) 4:21
20. Ya Soshla S Uma (Я Сошла С Ума) (All The Things She Said (Russian Version) 3:34

•: 2002 version, the edit used on the English counterpart of 200 Po Vstrechnoy, 200 Km/H in the Wrong Lane

Disc 2 (DVD)[edit]

Live Performance at Glam As You in Paris, France
"Dangerous And Moving (Intro)"
"All About Us"
"Not Gonna Get Us"
"Obezyanka Nol (Обезьянка Ноль)"
"Loves Me Not"
"All The Things She Said"
Music Videos
"Gomenasai" (Animated Version)
"How Soon Is Now?"
"Lyudi Invalidy (Люди Инвалиды)"
"All About Us" (Explicit Version)
"All About Us" (Edited Version) (Not listed on back part track listing)
"Friend or Foe" (Not listed on back part track listing)
Remix Videos
"All The Things She Said" (Hardrum Remix)
"Not Gonna Get Us" (Dave Audés Velvet Dub)
"All About Us" (Dave Audé's Big Mixshow)
"Friend or Foe" (L.E.X. Massive Club Remix)
Making Of
"All About Us" Video
"Friend or Foe" Video ft. Sting
Making of the song, "Gomenasai" featuring Richard Carpenter
International TV spots
* Japan, Germany, France, Taiwan, United Kingdom, Russia


Chart Peak
Taiwan Top 20 Weekly [3] 1
Poland (ZPAV) [4] 65
Italy (FIMI)[5] 88


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