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The Dark Knight Returns

The Dark Knight Returns is a 1986 four-issue comic book miniseries starring Batman, written by Frank Miller, illustrated by Miller and Klaus Janson, published by DC Comics. When published, the series was titled Batman: The Dark Knight, with a different subtitle for each issue, but when the series was collected into a single volume that year, the title of the first issue was applied to the entire series, has remained so since; the Dark Knight Returns tells an alternative story of Bruce Wayne, who at 55 years old returns from retirement to fight crime and faces opposition from the Gotham City police force and the United States government. The story introduces Carrie Kelley as the new Robin and the hyper-violent street gang known as the Mutants; the story features the return of classic foes such as Two-Face and The Joker, culminates with a confrontation against Superman, who works on behalf of the government. In the pre-Flashpoint DC Multiverse, the events of The Dark Knight Returns and its associated titles were designated to occur on Earth-31.

The Dark Knight Returns is set in a dystopian version of Gotham City in 1986. Bruce Wayne, aged 55, has given up the mantle of Batman after the death of Jason Todd ten years prior, now lives as a bored bachelor; as a result, crime is running rampant throughout the city and a gang calling themselves "The Mutants" has begun terrorizing the people of Gotham. Upon being reminded of the deaths of his parents during a TV broadcast of The Mark of Zorro and watching news reports about the Mutants' crimes, Wayne returns to his role as a vigilante. On his first night as Batman he puts a stop to multiple assaults – including one on two young girls, Carrie Kelley and her friend Michelle. While attempting to foil an armed robbery on the same night, Batman learns that the men involved are working for Harvey Dent. Dent known for his criminal acts as Two-Face, underwent extensive therapy and plastic surgery financed by Wayne to reemerge into society. Batman informs Commissioner James Gordon. Soon after, Dent hijacks the television sets of the city and announces his intention to hold the city to ransom with a bomb.

When Batman defeats Dent and his goons, he realizes that Dent's mind has warped into his Two-Face persona. Inspired by Batman's rescue, Kelley buys herself an imitation Robin costume and searches for him, seeking to help him, she follows the Mutants there. Although Batman defeats the Mutants with his advanced weaponry in the ensuing battle, the Mutant Leader ends up goading him into a hand-to-hand fight. During their brawl, despite being able to match the Leader in strength, is rusty and slower due to a decade of inactivity, which results in him getting injured. Kelley creates a diversion, allowing Batman to immobilize the Mutant Leader, the two of them escape. At the Batcave, Wayne's butler Alfred Pennyworth tends to his wounds while Kelley discovers and admires the Robin costume that belonged to Todd. Wayne decides to keep Kelley as his new sidekick. Gordon allows Batman to defeat the Mutant Leader on his own terms; the two engage in a fight at a sewage run-off pipe surrounded by members of the Mutant gang.

Batman, leveraging the mud from the sewage to slow him down, deals the Leader a brutal defeat. Seeing Batman defeat their leader, the Mutants disband and some rename themselves the Sons of Batman, using excessive violence against criminals. At the White House and current president Ronald Reagan discuss the events in Gotham, with the latter suggesting that Superman may have to arrest Batman. Superman informs the president, he is deployed by Washington to the Latin American country of Corto Maltese where he fights Soviet combat forces in a conflict that may ignite World War III. Gordon hands over the role of commissioner to Captain Ellen Yindel, who issues a statement declaring that Batman is a wanted criminal for his vigilante activities. At the same time, Batman's return stimulates the Joker to awaken from catatonia at Arkham Asylum. With renewed purpose, the Joker manipulates his caretakers to allow him onto a television talk show, where he murders everyone with gas and escapes. With the help of Selina Kyle and Robin track him to a county fair while evading a police pursuit led by Yindel.

There, they realize that he is making attempts to kill fairgoers. Batman defeats the Joker in a bloody confrontation, which ends when the Joker commits suicide by breaking his own neck to incriminate Batman for murder. After another confrontation with the Gotham police, Batman escapes with the help of Robin and a citywide manhunt begins. Superman diverts a Soviet nuclear warhead which detonates in a desert, nearly killing himself in the process; the United States is hit by an electromagnetic pulse as a result and descends into chaos during the resulting blackout. In Gotham, Batman realizes what has happened, he and Robin turn the remaining Mutants and Sons of the Batman into a non-lethal vigilante gang, he ensures the flow of essential supplies. In the midst of the blackout, Gotham becomes the safest city in the country; the U. S. government sees this as an embarrassment, orders Superman to remove Batman. Oliver Queen predicts to Wayne that the government lackey Superman and the maverick Batman will have a final confrontation.

Superman demands to meet Batman. Knowing he may die, Wayne chooses Crime Alley, he relies on Superman's weakness caused by near-death

Dirk Busch

Dirk Busch is a German professor, songwriter and music producer. He graduated from University of Cologne in sociology and psychology in 1974. Earning his doctorate in 1976, he became professor of sociology in the University of Bremen. In the 1980s, he left the academic career for the musical one; this the list of LPs and single hits by Dirk Busch. 1981 Kinder Kinder 1982 Du das machen wir später 1983 Zeit zu leben 1985 Zeig doch deine Gefühle 1986 An diesem Morgen 1987 Liebeslieder und leise Töne 1988 Rückenwind 1988 Sie beißt und kratzt 1989 Wir Kinder wollen leben 1990 Bis ans Ende der Zeit 1991 Having a good time 1992 Typisch 1993 Zwischenbilanz 1993 Wenn Du mich liebst 1994 Mal so mal anders 1996 Una storia italiana 1996 Keine Tricks 1997 Persönlich 1998 Coming Home 1999 Es geht doch 2001 Beziehungsweisen 2002 Seven Plus Seven 2002 Ansichtssachen 2003 Balladen pur 2005 grundlos vergnügt 2006 Gute Zeiten 2007 Nur ein kurzer Traum 2008 Live in Concert – Piano & Forte Du bist keine Mona Lisa Sie beißt und kratzt Liebst Du auch den rauhen Wind Ich zieh den Bauch nicht mehr ein Violinista Du musst deinen Weg alleine gehen Willkommen in der Traumfabrik Bis ans Ende der Zeit So ist sie Das Lied vom Knöllchenschreiber Immer nur lächeln Wie gut, dass Du kein Model bist Wer weiß denn heute schon was morgen passiert Das Kuschellied Das Leben geht weiter Sie sagt was sie denkt Wenn der Sommer kommt Urlaub auf der Autobahn Lieben und Leben Zusammen Ich bleib Optimist Mir geht's gut Musik ist tief in mir Melinda Nur ein kurzer Traum

Speed Up/Girl's Power

"Speed Up / Girl's Power" is the sixth Japanese single by South Korean girl group Kara. It was released on March 21, 2012, was the group's first double A-side single. Information about the single first emerged after someone on Twitter tweeted a picture of what appears to be of member JiYoung on the set of a music video; the picture was a screen capture from an iMac computer and showed "kara speed up" on top of the title bar. Details about a double A-side single titled "Speed Up / Girl's Power" being released on March 21 began spreading around the internet. Universal Music Japan confirmed the single's release on February 27, 2012. On the same day Japanese program "ZIP!" Aired a preview for both the song's music videos. The single contains two tracks of different sounds; the concept of the single was to show the members’ various personalities and the different sides of the group."Speed Up" is an electro and dance-pop song with an uptempo beat that uses light vocal enchantments. The song shows the group's mature side.

It was produced by Congolese R&B singer-songwriter Mohombi who had worked with South Korean group BIG BANG on a number of their Japanese songs."Girl's Power" is mid-tempo song with a softer tone. It was produced by Han-San Wong who worked with the group for the single, "Go Go Summer!". It shows softer side to the group; the song is being used for the new commercial of DARIYA’s hair dye product line "Palty" which the group had endorsed in 2011. During the February 27th episode of the Japanese program ZIP!, a preview for the music videos of both single's was shown. They showed a brief behind-the-scenes footage of the girls while recording the videos for both the singles as well as the group celebrating member Goo Hara‘s 21st birthday while sharing a cake with the staff and crew at the studio. On February 28, 2012, the teasers for both music videos was uploaded on the Universal Music Japan and the group's YouTube channels; the music video for both songs premiered on Japan's Mezamashi TV on separate days with "Speed Up" first airing on March 1 followed by "Girl's Power" on March 2.

The group made the first performance of the song "Speed Up" on TBS's show Coming Soon!! in March 19 and another performances of the song on TBS's Count Down TV in March 24, on NHK's Music Japan in March 25, on TV Asahi's Music Station on April 6 during its 3-hour special and on Fuji TV's Hey! Hey! Hey! Music Champ in April 9; the group performed the songs during their Karasia tour in Japan. On its first day of its physical release, the single sold 21,352 copies and rose to #2 on the Oricon Daily chart, it sold 22,063 copies on the following day and placed 3rd

Loch Muick

Loch Muick is an upland, freshwater loch lying 5 mi south of Braemar, Scotland at the head of Glen Muick and within the boundary of the Balmoral estate. Loch Muick trends in a southwest and northeast direction and is 2.25 mi in length. It is surrounded on both sides by steep hills; the loch is fed by many small streams, the largest being Allt an dubh Loch in the west which flows down from Dubh Loch. The outflow is the source of the River Muick; the name of loch and river is pronounced "Mick". The loch was surveyed on 8 July 1905 by T. N. Johnston and L. W. Collet and charted as part of the Sir John Murray's Bathymetrical Survey of Fresh-Water Lochs of Scotland 1897-1909. Drinking from the waters of the Loch is ill-advised; the early 21st century produced several reports of walkers and cyclists alike developing strains of E.coli and campylobacter which, if left untreated, can be fatal. A wide variety of bird and animal life can be found in and around the loch including red squirrel, red deer, oyster catchers and trout.

Birch trees can be found around the edge of the loch. Glas-allt Shiel, the hunting lodge built for Queen Victoria and completed in 1868, lies at the western end of the north shore of the loch; the queen had used the lodge further north in the glen at Allt-na-giubhsaich but after the death of Prince Albert could no longer bear to stay there, with its associations. The cottage at Glas-allt Shiel became her new retreat, it is known as the Widow's House or the Widow's Hut. The loch is popular with walkers as it is picturesque, has a flat path around its perimeter and is accessible by road; the bothy behind Glas-allt Shiel is now maintained by Dundee University Rucksack Club. Fishing on the loch is restricted and not available to the public; the Ballater Angling Association has permission from the Balmoral Estate to fish and it maintains a boathouse and slip at the north end of the loch. Queen Victoria went on numerous fishing excursions on the loch

Vertical position

Vertical position or vertical location is a position along a vertical direction above or below a given vertical datum. Vertical distance or vertical separation is the distance between two vertical positions. Many vertical coordinates exist for expressing vertical position: depth, altitude, etc; each quantity may be expressed in various units: metres, etc. The International Organization for Standardization, more ISO 19111, offers the following two definitions: depth: "distance of a point from a chosen reference surface measured downward along a line perpendicular to that surface." Height: "distance of a point from a chosen reference surface measured upward along a line perpendicular to that surface". Certain vertical coordinates are not based for example, geopotential numbers. Altimeter Bathymetry Chart datum Depth below seafloor Depth gauge Depth sounding Depth in a well Digital elevation model Drying height Dynamic height Ellipsoidal height Geopotential Geographic coordinates Geoid Height above mean sea level Height above average terrain Height above ground level Horizontal position Hydraulic head Hypsometer Isostasy Mean sea level Measured depth Normal height Orthometric height Physical geodesy Post-glacial rebound Stage Sea surface height Subsidence Tectonic uplift Temperature lapse rate Thickness Tide gauge True vertical depth Vertical and horizontal Vertical pressure variation Vertical separation Water level Media related to Vertical position at Wikimedia Commons

Dardanelle Commercial Historic District

The Dardanelle Commercial Historic District encompasses the part of the historic central business district of Dardanelle, Arkansas. The district extends along Front Street, from Pine Street in the north to nearly Oak Street in the south, includes some properties on adjacent cross streets. Although this area has been commercially active since the 1820s, its present architecture reflects the late 19th and early 20th centuries, with modestly scaled one and two story masonry building predominating; the district was listed on the National Register of Historic Places in 2009. Buildings separately listed on the National Register include the Dardanelle Agriculture and Post Office, the First Presbyterian Church. National Register of Historic Places listings in Yell County, Arkansas