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The Dark Knight Rises

The Dark Knight Rises is a 2012 superhero film directed by Christopher Nolan, who co-wrote the screenplay with his brother Jonathan Nolan, the story with David S. Goyer. Based on the DC Comics character Batman, the film is the final installment in Nolan's The Dark Knight Trilogy, the sequel to The Dark Knight. Christian Bale stars as Bruce Wayne / Batman, alongside Michael Caine, Gary Oldman, Anne Hathaway, Tom Hardy, Marion Cotillard, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Morgan Freeman. Eight years after the events of The Dark Knight, merciless revolutionary Bane forces Bruce Wayne to resume his role as Batman and save Gotham City from nuclear destruction. Christopher Nolan was hesitant about returning to the series for a third film, but agreed after developing a story with his brother and Goyer that he felt would conclude the series on a satisfactory note. Nolan drew inspiration from Bane's comic book debut in the 1993 "Knightfall" storyline, the 1986 series The Dark Knight Returns, the 1999 storyline "No Man's Land".

Filming took place from May to November 2011 in locations including Jodhpur, Nottingham, Los Angeles, New York City and Pittsburgh. Nolan used IMAX 70 mm film cameras for much of the filming, including the first six minutes of the film, to optimize the quality of the picture. A vehicle variation of the Batplane and Batcopter termed the "Bat", an underground prison set, a new Batcave set were created for the film; as with The Dark Knight, viral marketing campaigns began early during production. When filming concluded, Warner Bros. refocused its campaign: developing promotional websites, releasing the first six minutes of the film, screening theatrical trailers, sending out information regarding the film's plot. The Dark Knight Rises premiered in New York City on March 16, 2012; the film was released in the United States and the United Kingdom on March 20, 2012. The film received positive reviews, with praise being directed toward the performances, action sequences, direction, musical score, emotional depth, with many critics deeming it a satisfying conclusion to the trilogy.

The consensus at Rotten Tomatoes calls it "ambitious and potent". The film grossed over $1 billion worldwide, making it the second film in the Batman film series to earn $1 billion. In addition to being Nolan's highest-grossing film, it became the seventh-highest-grossing film of all time, as well as the third-highest-grossing film of 2012. In Uzbekistan, Bane, a mysterious terrorist and former member of the League of Shadows, abducts nuclear physicist Dr. Leonid Pavel from a CIA aircraft. Eight years after the death of District Attorney Harvey Dent, Batman has disappeared. Organized crime has been eradicated in Gotham City thanks to the Dent Act giving expanded powers to the police. Commissioner James Gordon has kept Dent's murderous rampage as the vigilante Two-Face a secret and allowed blame for his crimes to fall on Batman, he decides not to read it. Bruce Wayne has become a recluse, Wayne Enterprises is losing money after Wayne discontinued his fusion reactor project when he learned that it could be weaponized.

Bane sets up his base in the city sewers, prompts Wayne's corporate rival John Daggett to buy Wayne's fingerprints. Cat burglar Selina Kyle obtains Wayne's prints from Wayne Manor for Daggett, but she is double-crossed at the exchange and alerts the police. Gordon and the police arrive and pursue Bane and Daggett's henchmen into the sewers while Kyle flees; the henchmen take him to Bane. Gordon is found by rookie officer John Blake. Blake, a fellow orphan who deduced Wayne's secret identity, confronts him and convinces him to return as Batman. Bane attacks the Gotham Stock Exchange by using Wayne's fingerprints in a series of transactions that leaves Wayne bankrupt. Batman resurfaces for the first time in eight years while intercepting his subordinates. Wayne's butler, Alfred Pennyworth, is convinced that Wayne is not strong enough to fight Bane, resigns in an attempt to save him. Wayne finds comfort in new Wayne Enterprises CEO Miranda Tate, the two become lovers. Using the stolen transactions, Bane kills Daggett.

Kyle instead leads him into Bane's trap. Bane reveals. Batman fights Bane in a lengthy brawl but Bane defeats him dealing a crippling blow to his back before taking him abroad to an underground prison where escape is impossible; the inmates tell Wayne the story of Ra's al Ghul's child, born and raised in the prison before escaping — the only prisoner to have done so. Bane lures Gotham's police into the sewers and uses explosives, trapping them and destroying bridges surrounding the city, he kills Mayor Anthony Garcia during a football game and forces Pavel to convert the reactor core into a decaying neutron bomb. Bane reads Gordon's speech to the crowd, releases the prisoners of Blackgate Penitentiary, causing anarchy in the city while exiling and killing Gotham's elite in kangaroo courts presided over by Jonathan Crane. Months Wayne escapes from the prison and returns to Gotham. Batman frees the police and they clash with Bane's army in the streets. Tate intervenes and stabs Batman, revealing herself as Talia al Ghul, Ra's al Ghul's daughter.

She activates the bomb's detonator. Talia leaves to find the bomb while Bane prepares to kill Batman. Batman and Kyle pursue Talia, hoping to bring the bomb back to the reactor chamber where it can be stabilized. Talia's truck crashes, but she remotel

A.D. Police Files

A. D. Police Files is a three-part original video animation produced by Youmex and animated by Artmic and AIC. It's a spin-off of the Bubblegum Crisis series. Due to the legal conflict between Artmic and Youmex, the production of the series was stopped with only three complete episodes made. Chronologically set before the events narrated in Bubblegum Crisis, it tells about AD. Police inspector Leon McNichol's early days in the A. D. Police when he was a mere officer. At the beginning of the episode, a heavily-wounded Leon, still part of the regular police force, faces down and manages to kill a rampant female Boomer; the action cuts to a incident, where regular police are attempting to subdue an older-model female Boomer that has gone rampant in a local tea shop. The Boomer proves too tough for them to take down and injuring several officers, the A. D. Police are called in to assist. Several AD officers rush the attempt to physically shut it down. Alles, one of the A. D. Police's veterans, is shot dead.

Having obtained the shop owner's permission, the squad commander orders the boomer to be destroyed by firing squad. As the squad mourns Alles, an administrative official calls the legitimacy of his death into question, he says that after some investigation, there were no faults found in the tea shop boomer's programming, it was overworked, could not be at fault for going haywire. He says that Alles knew the boomer that killed him, frequented the tea shop and theorizes that he had tampered with the synthetic to kill him so that his family could collect on his large life insurance policy. Leon and Gina both disagree with this claim, aim to prove it incorrect, they set out to show. They make a visit to a hacker contact of Gina's, able to provide them with a list of possible users that have been illegally recycling old and decommissioned boomers. Meanwhile, they are shadowed by an unknown female, revealed to be the boomer Leon killed when he was with the regulars, obsessed with finding him. Gina and Leon split up to follow separate leads on boomer recycling operations.

After interrogating a shady factory owner, Gina discovers that the original, recycled boomer was part of an underground sex trafficking business. Leon is stalked by his boomer, but does not recognize her, instead taking her for a common prostitute; the boomer begins erotically fantasizing about Leon killing her again, is driven mad with bloodlust, attacks him, hoping that he'll shoot her again. In the ensuing fight, Leon is again injured, runs out of bullets. Just as the psychotic boomer is about to kill him, Gina arrives and puts a round through her head, saving him; the episode ends with Leon questioning whether humans have a place in the city, or whether it belongs to the boomers. After a gruesome murder on the subway in an area called Paradise Loop, A. D. Police steps in to help find the killer. A total of six prostitutes are found to all have been murdered on this subway line and it is suspected the work is done by a boomer. Two officers of the normal police, Iris Kara and her partner, doubt that the killer is a boomer and are cast in this episode to help find the killer and bring them to justice.

While the victims all share the same stabbing to the abdomen, they died however from massive cardiac arrest or shock. Iris goes to the organ bank to replace her eye with a cybernetic one and runs into Leon, who knows her from his time in the regulars. Leon attempts saying she'll lose part of her humanity. Iris laughs it off. During a consult with the doctor, she overhears an argument started by another of the clients, Ms. Caroline Evers, a billionaire and business tycoon. Iris has a hunch Caroline is somehow connected to the murders, asks Leon and Gina to help her shadow her, they track Caroline to an abandoned industrial district. After some further investigation, Iris discovers that Caroline has had her entire lower body replaced with cybernetics. While investigating Paradise Loop, Iris is ambushed by Caroline. Caroline explains that long ago she had been competing for CEO of her current company, however a man got the job because he concocted a falsified chart that compared her menstrual cycles to her productivity.

To alleviate the concerns of the company's board of directors, she had most all of her female organs replaced with cybernetic versions. There no longer being any reason to keep her from becoming CEO, she got the job. In time, the same man came to work under her and they fell in love and married, she discovered he had cheated on her with a Paradise Loop prostitute, when asked why, his response was "real women are better after all." After finishing her confession, Caroline moves to kill Iris, but AD Police led by Leon and Gina break through the walls and open fire, saving her. Caroline escapes, Leon reveals that should more than 70% of the human body becomes cybernetic, a citizen is treated as a "boomeroid" and thus can be killed with the same prejudice as a boomer. Iris disagrees, saying that Caroline is still human, should be arrested instead of killed. Fleeing to a subway train on the Loop, Caroline enters a car full of lowlifes and exposes herself, hoping to feel like a woman again. After AD Police stop the train with crash foam, she is found stabbed to death.

Leon remarks that it didn't matter to the city whether or not Caroline was a human. The episode closes with Iris opting to undergo the cybernetic surgery, "throw away a bit of her humanity." Billy Fanword is captain of the A. D. Police Special Mobile Squad. After sustai

Tom Rooney (Illinois politician)

Tom Rooney is a former Republican member of the Illinois Senate, representing the 27th district from 2016 to 2019. He served as Mayor of Rolling Meadows and as a member of the Rolling Meadows city council. Rooney received a B. A. in History from Loyola University Chicago and an M. P. A. from Northern Illinois University. He and his wife, have four sons: Chris, Brian and Christopher, he has taught social studies at West Leyden High School for over 20 years, continued to teach while serving in the legislature. In 2000, he was appointed to a vacancy on the Rolling Meadows city council, he was re-elected in 2001 and 2005, he decided not to run for re-election in 2009 due to his commitment to term limits. In 2011, he was elected Mayor of Rolling Meadows and ran unopposed for a second term in 2015. In the 2016 Republican Party presidential primaries, Saviano was a delegate pledged to the presidential campaign of Marco Rubio. In September 2016, he was appointed to the Illinois Senate to replace outgoing Senator Matt Murphy.

In the 2018 general election, he lost 52%-48% to Democratic candidate Ann Gillespie. Profile at Illinois General Assembly


Wunghnu is a small town in the Goulburn Valley region of northern Victoria, Australia. The town is located in the Shire of Moira local government area, 204 kilometres north of the state capital, Melbourne; the local railway station was opened on the Goulburn Valley railway in 1881, but does not see any passenger services, being the site of a siding and grain silos. Wunghnu Post Office opened earlier on 6 July 1877. Wunghnu is situated on the Goulburn Valley Highway and the Nine Mile Creek runs through the town at the north end. Wunghnu Primary School is located on the west side of the highway near the creek; the 1u cafe is located at the north end of town on the east side of the highway opposite the water tower and Graham Park and local public toilets are located near the creek. This area is a popular rest stop for travellers; the town had an Australian rules football team competing in the Picola & District Football League however folded due to a lack of players. Wunghnu has a bowls club and a Vintage Tractor Pull and Rally run by the Goulburn Valley Vintage Tractor And Farm Machinery Club held annually on the last full weekend of March.

Wunghnu has an active volunteer fire brigade, part of Country Fire Authority. A private automatic weather station is maintained in Wunghnu. Wunghnu railway station Wunghnu Football Club Travelmate site Moira Shire Council - Official site Wunghnu Weather Wunghnu Fire Brigade

Pussy torture

Pussy torture known as cunt torture, vagina torture or female genitorture, is a BDSM or sexual activity involving the application of pain or pressure to a vulva or vagina in the context of sadomasochism. It is applied through activities such as: wax play caning squeezing erotic electrostimulation genital piercing figging using clamps using a "pussy spreader" device with attached clothespins using a speculum using a crotch rope attaching weights to the labia inserting objects into vagina inserting a hand into the vagina using a sex machine shooting a water shower onto the genitals producing a forced orgasm using devices such as a vibrator or Ben Wa balls prolonged seating on a wooden horse or on a sybianPussy torture is meant to be done consensually in the case of BDSM; the dominant performing pussy torture on the submissive can be of any gender. Many of these practices need adequate precaution. Breast torture Cock and ball torture Chastity piercing Erotic humiliation Fear play Groin attack Diana Leigh.

"Cunt Torture Class". Eros Guide Ezine. San Francisco. Retrieved 1 September 2017

The Chant of Jimmie Blacksmith (film)

The Chant of Jimmie Blacksmith is a 1978 Australian drama film directed and produced by Fred Schepisi, starring Tom E. Lewis, Freddy Reynolds and Ray Barrett; the film featured early appearances by Bryan Brown, Arthur Dignam, John Jarratt. It is an adaptation of the novel The Chant of Jimmie Blacksmith by Thomas Keneally; the story is about an exploited Aboriginal Australian who goes into hiding. It is based on actual events surrounding Jimmy Governor; the film lost A$179,000 at the box office. For Schepisi the film's reception was a disillusioning experience and he left Australia soon after to work in Hollywood, returning to Australia ten years to make Evil Angels. While not prosecuted for obscenity, the film was seized and confiscated in the UK under Section 3 of the Obscene Publications Act 1959 during the video nasty panic. Jimmie Blacksmith, a half-caste child of an Aboriginal mother and a white father, is raised to adulthood by the Reverend Neville and his wife Martha, hoping their influence will civilize him and provide him greater opportunities in early twentieth century Australia.

With a letter of recommendation from his foster family, he goes out in search of work to establish himself, but is taken advantage of by multiple parties. His first employer, Healey shortchanges his pay by nitpicking his fencebuilding work, refuses to write a job recommendation to avoid admitting he himself is illiterate. Jimmie works for a local constable, who uses him as muscle against other local Aboriginals, including capturing a former friend, molested and murdered while in custody, forced to cover up the death. Jimmie finds some stability working on the farm of the Newby family, who still treat him little better than other employers, decides to summon and marry a white girlfriend, Gilda Marshall, very pregnant when she arrives to move in with him. Gilda gives birth to a white child not fathered by Jimmie. Shortly after the birth, Jimmie's full-caste brother Mort and uncle Tabidgi come to the Newby property, Jimmie enlists their help in his fence-building work. However, Mr. Newby uses their presence as an excuse to deny Jimmie his pay and needed provisions, claiming the extra men were not part of their arrangement.

Meanwhile, Mrs. Newby and a schoolteacher friend Miss Graf try to convince Gilda to take her baby and leave Jimmie for a teaching opportunity in another part of the country, which Gilda refuses. Furious at the mistreatment his family is facing, Jimmie enlists Tabidgi to help put a "scare" into the Newby women while the men are away, planning to threaten them with hatchets; this and brutally turns into a rampage that leaves Mrs. Newby, Miss Graf, all the Newby daughters but one infant dead. Jimmie's family flee the compound, shortly after Tabidgi and the child are left behind as Jimmie and Mort continue on the run, they soon murder Jimmie's previous employer Healey as well, with Jimmie announcing that he has declared war, in the manner he once heard the fighting against the Boers described. As press coverage about Jimmie's killings become nationwide news, a reporter makes regular probing inquiries to his butcher, whom he is aware doubles as the city's hangman for the police, about what may take place when Jimmie is captured.

Tabidgi, since captured and sentenced to death for accessory to murder, tells the convicting court that the decision to kill was not part of the plan and came to them on impulse. Still uncaptured and Mort come upon a schoolteacher, McCready, who they wound by gunfire, they decide to take him from his home. As the brothers argue about the morality of their crimes of killing women and children, McCready makes bitterly humorous observations about the influence of white people on the native Aboriginies, he convinces Jimmie to go on alone and abandon Mort by indicating that Mort's soul has had none of Jimmie's detrimental white influences. Mort in turn takes McCready to a farm to recover, but is killed by a hunting party led by the Newby males and Miss Graf's fiancee Dowie Steed. Jimmie himself is shot at in a lake, but manages to crudely tend to his wounds and hide out in a convent for a night, he is found the next morning and taken by police, who vainly try to prevent townspeople from beating him as they take him to jail.

In the final scene, Jimmie is read the last rites by Rev. Neville in his cell, as the butcher/hangman from earlier observes them, declares that despite the unique physical characteristics of Jimmie, his hanging will go as normal as any other. Tom E. Lewis as Jimmie Blacksmith Freddy Reynolds as Mort Blacksmith Ray Barrett as Farrell Jack Thompson as Rev. Neville Angela Punch McGregor as Gilda Marshall Steve Dodd as Tabidgi Peter Carroll as McCready Ruth Cracknell as Mrs. Heather Newby Don Crosby as Newby Elizabeth Alexander as Petra Graf Peter Sumner as Dowie Steed Tim Robertson as Healey Ray Meagher as Dud Edmonds Brian Anderson as Hyberry Jane Harders as Mrs. Healey The film's budget was raised from a variety of sources. Tommy Lewis was spotted by Fred Schepisi's wife at Melbourne airport just walking past, he was approached and was cast. Filming went for fourteen weeks; the film won the Best Original Music Score, Best