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The Laura Ingraham Show
Laura Ingraham 2011.jpg
Ingraham in 2011
GenreConservative talk
Running time3 hours
Country of originUnited States United States
Home stationWTNT (AM)
SyndicatesWestwood One (2001-04)
Talk Radio Network (2004-12)
Courtside Entertainment (2013-2018)
Hosted byLaura Ingraham
Recording studioWashington, D.C.
Original releaseApril 2001 – December 2018

The Laura Ingraham Show was a three-hour American radio show hosted by conservative commentator Laura Ingraham.

The radio show was among the most popular radio shows broadcast in the United States,[1] and Ingraham was number 20 in the Talkers Magazine 2016 Heavy Hundred list of the most important talk show hosts in America, as well as the highest-ranking female host.[2] Her Web site features online polls, "Read It or Weep" articles of note handpicked by Laura from various Web sites and blogs, and audio clips available via podcasting.

The show primarily focused on politics, pop culture, and media bias; with topics of interest including race relations, trends in schools, the Middle East and the legacy of feminism.


Ingraham's show, one of several to launch in 2001 as the conservative talk radio genre expanded in popularity, originally aired on the now-defunct Westwood One Network (not to be confused with the current Westwood One, owned by Cumulus Media), she joined the Talk Radio Network in 2004. In June 2008, Ingraham temporarily left the air due to a contract dispute.[3] A number of hosts filled in for her, primarily Tammy Bruce and Monica Crowley. Ingraham returned at the end of the month. Ingraham left TRN in November 2012 after her contract expired;[4] the show returned on January 3, 2013 after Ingraham took ownership of her show. In addition to politics, Ingraham planned to include more discussions about pop culture,[5][6] but with her support of Donald Trump, the show has returned to mostly discussions about politics. The new show is distributed through Courtside Entertainment Group, a company controlled by Norman Pattiz.[7]

On November 14, 2018, Ingraham announced that the program would no longer be carried on radio after the show goes on its annual Christmas/New Year hiatus in December; the change is being made in order to consolidate her workload and focus more energy on family and her television show The Ingraham Angle (the TV show airs during the late-night hours, creating long days when combined with the early-morning radio show). She will continue to produce podcast material for Courtside's PodcastOne division after the new year.[8]

Major issues featured[edit]

The Laura Ingraham Show discusses a wide variety of issues from a conservative perspective, summed up by Ingraham as "Politics, the culture, and media bias." Depending on current events, she sometimes discusses other issues in more depth.

During the George W. Bush administration, Laura had been requested along with other prominent conservative talk show hosts to the White House for an unannounced meeting hosted by the President, where he tried to explain and convince them to support his policies such as the war in Iraq, and comprehensive immigration reform proposals.[9]

Illegal immigration[edit]

Ingraham frequently advocates "securing the borders" by putting more resources into stopping illegal immigration,[10][11] she has a segment called "The Illegal Immigration Sob Story" alert, in which she highlights media articles that she believes are gathering emotional sympathy for illegal immigrants who, she states, are simply breaking the law.[12]

Radical Islam[edit]

The show frequently raises the topic of radical Islam viewed from the perspective of U.S. conservatives,[13][14][15] with Ingraham discussing current events and media reports about the War on Terror and what she believes is a growing faction of Islam  — jihads.[16][17]


Ingraham often talks about bioethical issues, opposing abortion on demand,[18][19] human cloning and embryonic stem-cell research, she was an outspoken opponent of Missouri Constitutional Amendment 2 (2006), a ballot measure that she felt was deceptive and that legalized human cloning.[20] Every January 22, Ingraham promotes the anti-abortion movement March for Life which takes place on the same day as the anniversary of the Supreme Court's Roe vs. Wade decision, which legalized abortion in the United States.[21]

Raunch culture[edit]

Ingraham has discussed sex and pornography on her show,[22] she has criticized people such as Howard Stern, Hugh Hefner, and others who she claims have pervaded the culture with what she describes as "filth" at the expense of "traditional American values."[23]


The show staff included producers Tom Elliot, Brad Feldman and Bryan Preston. Former staff members include longtime producer Matt Fox and co-producer A.J. Rice, its co-creator and Executive Producer was Lee Habeeb.

Frequent guests[edit]


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