Robert Gildea

Robert Nigel Gildea is professor of Modern History at the University of Oxford and is the author of several influential books on 20th century French history. He was educated at Merton College, before attending St Antony's for a D. Phil under the supervision of Theodore Zeldin, his D. Phil. research was in French provincial education. Before being appointed Fellow in Modern History at Merton in 1979, he was a lecturer at King's College, London. For his 2002 book Marianne in Chains, a study of life in provincial France during the German occupation, Gildea won the prestigious Wolfson History Prize; the book, outraged members of the French academic elite through its documented claims that life in France had not been as adversely affected by the Nazi occupation because many French people had co-operated with the German invaders – far more so than believed. Gildea lives in Oxford with his wife, Lucy-Jean, four children, he was elevated to the position of Professor of Modern History from being Professor of Modern French History in September 2006, is a Fellow of Worcester College.

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Cosmic Slop Shop

Cosmic Slop Shop was an American hip hop group from Oakland, California. The group was composed of Antron "Big Lurch" Singleton, Marvin "Doonie Baby" Selmon and Ricardo "Rick Rock" Thomas, their single "Sinful" from their only studio album Da Family was a minor hit in 1998, which peaked at #66 on the Billboard Hot R&B/Hip-Hop Songs chart and #18 on the Hot Rap Songs chart in the US. Doonie Baby, Big Lurch and Rick Rock met at Slop Shop Studios in the San Francisco Bay Area and formed Cosmic Slop Shop, condensing the studio's name with Cosmic Slop, the 1973 album by Funkadelic; the group released their debut album Da Family in 1998 through MCA Records but, disappointed that it wasn't more successful, disbanded without recording a second album. Rick Rock continued to produce, and, in 2002, he and Doonie Baby formed The Federation with rappers Stressmatic and Goldie Gold. In 2002, Big Lurch was incarcerated for cannibalizing his female roommate while he was high under the effects of P. C. P. and was sentenced to life in prison in 2003.

Da Family "Da Family" "Sinful" "Cosmic Slop Shop". Discogs