Theodore II Laskaris

Theodore II Doukas Laskaris or Ducas Lascaris was Emperor of Nicaea from 1254 to 1258. Theodore II Doukas Laskaris was the only son of Emperor John III Doukas Vatatzes and Eirene Laskarina, the daughter of Emperor Theodore I Laskaris and Anna Angelina, a daughter of Emperor Alexios III Angelos and Euphrosyne Doukaina Kamaterina. Theodore was born in late 1221 or early 1222 on the day his father ascended the throne. Theodore II received a scholarly education by George Akropolites and Nicephorus Blemmydes the latter who would become a tutor to him, remained devoted to science and art throughout his life. In contrast with earlier practice, Theodore II was not crowned co-emperor with his father, though he assisted in the government since c. 1241. On the death of John III on November 4, 1254, Theodore II was acclaimed emperor by the army and the court, but was crowned only after the appointment of a new patriarch, Arsenios Autoreianos, in 1255; the succession of Theodore was exploited by the Bulgarians, who invaded Thrace under the leadership of the young and inexperienced Michael Asen I of Bulgaria in 1255.

In spite of his own scholarly predisposition, Theodore marched against the Bulgarians and inflicted a crushing defeat on them. During his second expedition in 1256, he managed to conclude a favorable peace with Bulgaria, which may have plunged the latter into a crisis of leadership. Theodore followed up his victory against Bulgaria by expanding his control in the west, where he annexed Durazzo and Servia outflanking his rivals in Epirus. Internally, Theodore favored bureaucrats from the middle classes instead of members of the great aristocratic families. Michael Angold explains this as in part, a matter of his temperament: He was happier in the company of a cultivated circle of friends, some of whom had been his childhood companions, he disliked what he considered the philistinism prevalent among a section of the young men at his father's court. Theodore's favoring of commoners faced considerable opposition by the nobility to the Emperor and his chief minister, the megas domestikos George Mouzalon, who grew up with Theodore II as his childhood companion.

The conflict led to the exile of one of the leaders of the aristocratic faction, the future Emperor Michael VIII Palaeologus, accused of conspiring with the Seljuks of Rum. In the midst of this crisis, Theodore's epileptic condition worsened, the Emperor died on August 16, 1258, leaving George Mouzalon as the regent for his minor son John IV Laskaris, seven years old at the time. Theodore II Doukas Laskaris married Elena Asenina of Bulgaria, daughter of Ivan Asen II of Bulgaria in 1235, by whom he had several children including: Irene Doukaina Laskarina, who married Constantine I of Bulgaria Maria Doukaina Laskarina, who married Nikephoros I Komnenos Doukas of EpirusHaving taken the imperial throne and made the 11-year-old John IV ineligible for the emperorship by blinding him, Michael VIII Palaiologos had Theodore's three other daughters married off to Italian and Bulgarian foreigners, so their descendants could not threaten his own children's claim to the imperial succession; these have been: Theodora, who married Mathieu de Mons, baron of Veligosti Eudoxia Laskarina, who married Pietro I Count of Ventimiglia According to George Pachymeres Theodore had a fifth daughter, who might have been illegitimate, but who married Svetoslav, despot of Bulgaria.

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H. W. Harvey

Hildebrand Wolfe Harvey CBE FRS was an English marine biologist. Harvey was the elder son of Henry Allington Harvey, a partner in the firm of Foster and Hervey, of Mitcham, paint manufacturers, his wife, a daughter of Peter Kingsley Wolfe and a descendant of General James Wolfe, hero of the Battle of the Plains of Abraham. After attending Gresham's School, from 1902 to 1906, he went on to study at Downing College, Cambridge, to read Natural Sciences. During World War I Harvey served in the Royal Naval Volunteer Reserve, he navigated minesweepers and patrol vessels. In 1921 he joined the Marine Biological Association in Plymouth as a hydrographical assistant, his early work was on the oceanography of the western English Channel. In 1928 he published a monograph on the chemistry and physics of sea water, in 1933 a classic paper on the rate of diatom growth. With three colleagues he wrote a seminal paper on its control; the National Marine Biological Library at the Marine Biological Association retain some of Harvey's scientific notebooks and records, including data sheets and notes on hydrographic observations.

Harvey's published work includes: The Action of Poisons upon Chlamydomonas and other vegetable Cells Note on the Surface Electric Charges of Living Cells On Manganese in Sea and Fresh Waters Hydrography of the Mouth of the English Channel Über das Kohlensäuresystem im Meerwasser by Kurt Buch, H. W. Harvey, H. Wattenberg, S. Gripenberg (Conseil Perm. Internat. P. l'Explor. de la Mer, Rapp. Et Proc.-Verb. Note on Colloidal Ferric Hydroxide in Sea Water Note on Selective Feeding by Calanus Recent Advances in the Chemistry and Biology of Sea Water On the production of living matter in the sea off Plymouth The Chemistry and Fertility of Sea Waters In 1952 he received the Alexander Agassiz Medal of the United States National Academy of Sciences. In recommending the award, the Murray committee said: H. W. Harvey has been the leading student for many years of the changes in the chemical constituents of sea water brought about through the agencies of plants and animals and of how the availability of nutrient chemicals determines the fertility of the sea.

Harvey was elected a Fellow of the Royal Society in 1942. His candidacy read: "Distinguished for his fruitful studies concerning the factors which control the production of life in the sea, he has carried out extensive researches on the role of nitrates and other inorganic constituents of sea water both under laboratory and natural conditions. He has developed valuable and original methods for the qualitative estimation of phytoplankton. All this work has added to our knowledge of the general cycles of marine life." Harvey was awarded Alexander Agassiz Medal, 1952 Commander of the Order of the British Empire, 1958 In 1923 he married Elsie Marguerite Sanders, but they divorced. In 1933 he married secondly Marjorie Joan Sarjeant, they had one son

Joyce Manor

Joyce Manor is an American rock band from Torrance, formed in 2008. The band consists of lead vocalist and guitarist Barry Johnson, guitarist Chase Knobbe and back-up vocalist Matt Ebert, drummer Pat Ware; the idea for the name "Joyce Manor" was thought of by Barry. It came from the name of an apartment building by frontman Barry Johnson's house. Joyce Manor was a duo group consisting only of members Johnson and Knobbe, which they first thought of while drunk during a visit to Disneyland. Joyce Manor released a split 7" with Summer Vacation in the fall of 2010 via Muy Autentico Records, they joined 6131 Records in 2010. Their self-titled full-length debut was released in 2011 to a host of fan praise. Punknews named it their "2011 Album of the Year" and it landed the band on many year-end best-of lists. Joyce Manor moved over to Asian Man Records for their next album, Of All Things I Will Soon Grow Tired, released in April 2012; this album contains a cover of The Buggles' "Video Killed the Radio Star".

Joyce Manor signed with Epitaph Records to release their third album Never Hungover Again, released on 22 July 2014. The album was produced by Joe Reinhart and it features Frances Quinlan from the band Hop Along on the cover; the band received attention within the indie and punk communities for its stance against stage diving after the band interrupted several sets to call out stage divers. In the fall of 2014, drummer Kurt Walcher was replaced by Jeff Enzor. In 2016 the band announced their fourth album, produced by Rob Schnapf; the ten track release features the single "Fake I. D." and was released on October 7 through Epitaph. In 2018 the band announced their fifth album Million Dollars to Kill Me by releasing the title track as their first single; the album was released on 21st of September through Epitaph Records. Joyce Manor Of All Things I Will Soon Grow Tired Never Hungover Again Cody Million Dollars to Kill Me Demo Ew Gross Constant Headache Joyce Manor / Summer Vacation Split EP Joyce Manor / Big Kids Split EP Joyce Manor / Toys That Kill Split EP "100% / Joyce Manor Split Collection "Drainage" / "If I Needed You There" "Catalina Fight Song" "The Jerk" "Fake I.

D." "Last You Heard Of Me" "Eighteen" “Million Dollars to Kill Me” “Think I’m Still in Love with You” "Big Lie" Joyce Manor at AllMusic