Thierry Hermès

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Thierry Hermès
Born 10 January 1801
Crefeld, Roer Department, French First Republic
Died 10 January 1878 (aged 77)
Neuilly-sur-Seine, Paris, French Third Republic
Spouse(s) Christine Pétronille Pierrart
Children Charles-Émile Hermès
Parent(s) Thierry Hermès
Agnese Kuhnen

Thierry Hermès (1801-1878) was a French businessman and fashion house founder. He was the founder of high fashion brand Hermès International.

Early life[edit]

Thierry Hermès was born in 1801 in Krefeld, Roer Department, French First Republic (modern-day Krefeld, Germany). His father, Thierry Hermès, was French, and his mother, Agnese Kuhnen, was German. He was named after his father. He was born as a French citizen as Krefeld was part of Napoleon's empire.[1] After he lost his entire family to disease and war, he moved to France in 1821.[1][2]


In 1837, Hermes founded the Hermès company as a manufacturer of horse harnesses on the Rue Basse du Rempart in Paris.[2][3][4][5][6]

Personal life and death[edit]

Hermes married Christine Pétronille Pierrart (1805-1896), daughter of Joseph Pierrart and Madeleine Corte. They had two sons:

Hermes died in 1878, aged 77


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