Tim Tebow

Timothy Richard Tebow is an American professional baseball player, former professional football quarterback, broadcaster. He played college football for the University of Florida, winning the Heisman Trophy in 2007 and appearing on BCS National Championship-winning teams during the 2006 and 2008 seasons. In the National Football League, Tebow played for the New York Jets, he is a minor league outfielder in the New York Mets organization. Tebow is known for his outspoken Christian faith as well as his athletic prowess. Tebow became the Florida Gators' starting quarterback during the 2007 season, when he became the first college sophomore to win the Heisman Trophy. In 2008, Tebow led Florida to a 13–1 record and its second national championship in three years, was named the offensive MVP of the national championship game; the Gators again went 13 -- 1 in his senior year. At the conclusion of his college career, he held the Southeastern Conference's all-time records in both career passing efficiency and total rushing touchdowns, appearing second and tenth in the NCAA record book in these categories.

As a member of the Denver Broncos, Tebow started the last three games of his rookie season and became the team's full-time starting quarterback beginning in the sixth game of the 2011 season. The Broncos were 1–4 before he became their starter, but began winning with him on the field coming from behind late in the fourth quarter. With Tebow as the starter, the Broncos won their first AFC West title and won their first playoff game since 2005, defeating the Pittsburgh Steelers in overtime on January 8, 2012. During the 2012 offseason, the Broncos traded Tebow to the New York Jets, he was released after the 2012 season. Tebow signed with the New England Patriots and the Philadelphia Eagles, but did not play in any games for either team. On August 10, 2016, Tebow's agents announced, he signed a minor league contract with the New York Mets on September 8, 2016 and has played in the minor leagues for the Mets organization since then. Tebow is a left fielder and a designated hitter. In the late 1960s Tebow's parents—Pamela Elaine and Robert Ramsey Tebow II—met while attending the University of Florida.

During that time, his mother was a freshman and his father was a sophomore. The couple married on June 1971, before Pamela's graduation from the university. In 1985, the family moved to the Philippines where they served as Baptist missionaries and built a ministry. During the Tebows' stay, Pamela fell into a coma. While recovering, she discovered; the medications used to treat Pamela caused a severe placental abruption. Doctors expected a stillbirth and recommended an abortion, illegal in the Philippines in severe cases. On August 14, 1987, Pamela Tebow gave birth to Tim Tebow in Manila; when Tim was three years old, his family moved from the Philippines to Florida. Tebow is the youngest of five children, he and his siblings were all homeschooled by their parents, who instilled the family's Christian beliefs. Tebow believes in his uniqueness as a gift from God, he began his high school football career as a tight end for Trinity Christian Academy in Jacksonville. Before the 2003 season, he moved to nearby St. Johns County, making him eligible to play for the struggling football program at Allen D. Nease High School where he could play quarterback.

He never enrolled at either school, however: his parents chose to home-school him. Florida law allows homeschooled students to participate on the team of the local high school in the school district in which they live, private schools such as Trinity Christian Academy are allowed to let homeschooled students play on their teams. In 2003, his performance led to a minor controversy regarding the fact that, although home-schooled, he had his choice of school for which to play. Tebow came to national prominence as a junior at Nease, known for his running and throwing abilities, as well as an intense competitiveness; that year, he suffered an injury to his right leg late in the first half of a game. Believed to be suffering from a bad cramp, he played the entire second half with a broken fibula, at one point rushing for a 29-yard touchdown. After the game the extent of the injury was discovered and he was held out for the remainder of his junior season, he was named Florida's Player of the Year and became a major college football quarterback prospect.

During his senior season, he led the Nease Panthers to a state title, earned All-State honors, was named Florida's Mr. Football and a Parade magazine high school All-American, repeated as Florida's Player of the Year, he played in the U. S. Army All-American Bowl in San Antonio, Texas which featured the top 78 senior high school football players in the nation and was shown nationally on NBC television. Tebow was the subject of an ESPN "Faces in Sports" documentary; the segment was titled "Tim Tebow: The Chosen One", focused on Tebow's home school controversy and missionary work in the Philippines, his athletic exploits, the college recruiting process. Tebow was featured in Sports Illustrated on the "Faces in the Crowd" page. In 2007, he was named to the Florida State Athletic Association's All-Century Team that listed the Top 33 football players in the state of Florida's 100-year history of high school football. Despite family ties to the University of Florida, where his parents met as students, Tebow considered othe

Dholkichya talavar

Dholkichya Talavar is a Marathi dance reality show, where dancers compete to win the title of "Lavani Samradyna ". It began airing in 2014, it first appeared on the second season on Colors Marathi. The first season was produced by Logical Thinkers and Ramesh Dev Production; the second season was produced by Logical Thinkers in March 2016. It is directed and produced by Mr. Santosh Kolhe, is written by Chinmay Kulkarni and the director of photography is Sukhvinder Singh Chauhan; the project was head by Vipul Avinash Mehta. It was a special season of the show as entertainment rather than competition shown on Colors Marathi in March 2016. Foreign artists like Suzanne Bernert have taken part in this reality show; the second season started on 21 March 2016. The episodes featured flash mobs, fusion with western dances, a property round and a live music round. Deepali Sayyad, Vishwas Patil, Shakuntala Nagarkar and Manasi Naik are the jury for this season; the anchor of the show is actor Subodh Bhave. The 12 contestants are Mrunmayee Gondhalekar, Akshaya Malvankar, Sanika Abhyankar, Meera Joshi, Shuchika Joshi,Nazneen Shaikh, Sharmila Shinde, Aishwarya Badade,Sayali Paradkar,Richa Agnihotri and Vaishnavi Patil

Zubair Ali Zai

Zubair Ali-zai was a preacher, Islamic scholar and former merchant marine from Pakistan. Zubair Alizai was from the Pashtun tribe of Alizai, itself a branch of the larger Durrani confederation tracing their descent back to Ahmad Shah Durrani, founder of the Durrani Empire, he was born in 1957 near Hazro in the Attock District of Punjab. He had three sons and four daughters, he was a Multilingual. Hafiz Zubair Alizai completed a bachelor's degree and on two master's degrees, one in Islamic studies in 1983 and another in the Arabic language in 1994 from the University of the Punjab in Lahore. Additionally, he graduated for a fourth time from the Salafi University in Faisalabad. Hafiz Zubair Alizai was, like his former teacher Rashidi, a bibliophile, having amassed a private library of some renown in Hazro, where he spent most of his time. Much of Hafiz Zubair Alizai's work consists of editing and referencing ancient texts of prophetic tradition and evaluating them according to the Categories of Hadith.

Working with Dar us Salam, he has reviewed the Al-Kutub al-Sittah, considered canonical in Sunni Islam. Besides, he has authored many of his own books both in Urdu and Arabic, he has a book named as "Noor ul Enain fe Masalate Rafaul Yadain". List of his books: Anwaarul Sunnan Fi Tahqeeq Aasaarul Sunnan Anwaar ul Saheefah Fi Ahadees Zaheefa Min Sunnan e Arbaha Tohfatul Aqwiya Fi Tahqeeq Kitabul Zuhafa Tahqeeq Tafseer Ibne Kaseer Tahqeeq Masahil Muhammad Bin Usman Bin Abi Shaibah Tahqeeq wa Takhreej Juzz Ali Bin Muhammad Al-Humairi Tahqeeq wa Takhreej Kitabul Arbaheen Le ibne Taimiah Al-Etihaaf Al-Basim Fi Tahqeeq wa Takhreej Moata Imam Malik Riwayatu Ibnul Qasim Tahqeeq wa Takhreej Hisnul Muslim Alfathul Mubeen Fi Tahqeeq Tabqaat Al-Mudaliseen Musafaha wa Mohaniqa Ky Ahkaam wa Masahil Nabi Kareem SA kay Lail wa Nahaar Taufeeq Al-Bari Fi Tatbeeq Al-Quran wa Saheeh Al-Bukhari Masla Fatiha Khalful Imam Juzz Rafahul Yadain Fazael Sahaba Noorul Enain Fi Masalate Asbaate Rafahul Yadain Hafiz Zubair Alizai was affected by paralysis attack on September 19, 2013.

After being admitted in the Shifaa International Hospital Islamabad for about two months, he died at 07:30 AM, on Sunday 10 November 2013 in the Benazir Bhutto Hospital Rawalpindi. Sahih Muslim of Muslim ibn al-Hajjaj. Riyadh: Dar us Salam Publications, 2007. 1st Ed. 7 volumes. Jami' at-Tirmidhi of Muhammad ibn'Isa at-Tirmidhi. Riyadh: Dar us Salam Publications, 2007. 6 volumes. Al-Sunan al-Sughra of Al-Nasa'i. Riyadh: Dar us Salam Publications, 2008. 6 volumes. Sunan Abu Dawood of Abu Dawood. Riyadh: Dar us Salam Publications, 2008. 1st Ed. 5 volumes. Translated by Yasir Qadhi. ISBN 978-9960-500-11-9 Sunan ibn Majah of Ibn Majah. Riyadh: Dar us Salam Publications, 2007. 1st Ed. 5 volumes. ISBN 9960-9881-3-9