Ignacio Manuel Altamirano

Ignacio Manuel Altamirano Basilio was a Mexican radical liberal writer, journalist and politician. He wrote Clemencia, considered to be the first modern Mexican novel. Altamirano was born in Guerrero, of indigenous Nahua heritage, his father was the mayor of Tixtla, this allowed Ignacio to attend school there. He studied in Toluca thanks to a scholarship, granted him by Ignacio Ramírez, of whom he was a disciple; as a liberal politician, Altamirano opposed Benito Juárez's continuation in office in 1861, allying himself with other liberal foes of Juárez and supporting Jesús González Ortega. With the French invasion of Mexico in 1862, Altamirano understood how dire the situation was for Mexico, since unlike the U. S. invasion, which united Mexicans against the invader, the French were supported by Mexican conservative. His best-known novel is El Zarco, set in Yautepec, Morelos during the Reform War of 1857–1860, it tells the story of an honorable and courageous Indian blacksmith who falls in love with a haughty village girl, only to have her elope with the cold-blooded bandit, "Zarco Blue Eyes."He founded several newspapers and magazines including El Correo de México, El Renacimiento, El Federalista, La Tribuna and La República.

Altamirano was president of the Sociedad Mexicana de Geografía y Estadística from 1881 to 1889. He was public prosecutor and president of the Supreme Court, as well as senior officer of the Ministry of Public Works and the Economy, he died in San Remo, Italy, in 1893. La literatura nacional Clemencia, Ed. Elibros, ebook. ISBN 9789588732312 Crónicas de la semana La Navidad en ebook, Ed. Elibros ISBN CDLPG00010825 Antonia Beatriz Atenea Cuentos de invierno Rimas El Zarco, Ed. Siglo XXI, México. ISBN 9789682322402 Paisajes y leyendas, tradiciones y costumbres de México Obras Nacci, Chris N. Ignacio Manuel Altamirano. New York: Twayne Publishers 1970. List of people from Morelos, Mexico Auto-translated Bio at Works by Ignacio Manuel Altamirano at Project Gutenberg Works by or about Ignacio Manuel Altamirano at Internet Archive Works by Ignacio Manuel Altamirano at LibriVox The audiobook Clemencia can be downloaded from Leer Escuchando

Magnolia Stage Award

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