Transcaucasian Teachers Seminary

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The Transcaucasian Teachers Seminary (Russian: Закавказская учительская семинария) in Gori (present-day Georgia) was a 4-year specialized secondary school in the Russian Empire in 1876–1917 aimed at professional training of primary school teachers.


The Transcaucasian Teachers Seminary was founded as a specialized educational institution for the peoples of the Caucasus, who were interested in pursuing teaching careers at regional primary schools.[1] The school was notable for having a Tatar department (Tatar was a common way of referring to Azeris and other Turkic-speaking ethnic groups of the Caucasus) established in 1879 as a result of Mirza Fatali Akhundov's efforts. The department was focusing on preparing instructors for primary schools attended only or mostly by Muslims. The language of instruction at the Transcaucasian Teachers Seminary was Russian.

After Sovietization, the seminary was reorganized into the Gori Pedagogical Institute.

Famous alumni[edit]