Trolley Troubles

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Trolley Troubles
Trolley Troubles poster.jpg
Theatrical release poster
Directed byWalt Disney
Produced byCharles Mintz
George Winkler
Story byWalt Disney
Animation byUb Iwerks
Hugh Harman
Les Clark
Friz Freleng
Ben Clopton
Norm Blackburn
Rollin "Ham" Hamilton
Distributed byUniversal Pictures
Release date
September 5, 1927[1]
Running time
6:16 min.
CountryUnited States
The short film.

Trolley Troubles is a 1927 animated short subject film, produced by Charles Mintz and George Winkler and directed by Walt Disney. Since Poor Papa, the cartoon is noted for being the first appearance of Oswald the Lucky Rabbit, a character that Disney and Ub Iwerks created for Universal Pictures and Charles B. Mintz.


In the early summer of 1927, Walt Disney finished the first Oswald cartoon, entitled Poor Papa. However, Universal was not very satisfied, they had expected a more Charlie Chaplin-like character and thought Oswald was too elderly and too fat. Disney agreed to make some changes and the cartoon was not released in theatres at the time.

Instead, Oswald's second-produced cartoon was submitted for release: Trolley Troubles. Universal was pleased and the short was released by Universal on September 5, 1927.

The press loved the new cartoon series Walt made and Oswald became a true hero. From that moment on, a new cartoon was released every two weeks.

As for Poor Papa, it was released eventually in theatres, although Universal held it back until 1928. In total, nine Oswald cartoons were released in 1927.

The copyright for Trolley Troubles expired in 1955.[2]

The cartoon was reissued November 23, 1931 after Walter Lantz Productions took over the Oswald series; this re-release was completed with music and sound effects.

In 2007, Trolley Troubles was released on Disney DVD in the Walt Disney Treasures volume The Adventures of Oswald the Lucky Rabbit.


Oswald is preparing a trolley (tram) to transport his bunny kids and other animal characters, but there are some obstacles. One is a cow who walks onto the tracks and refuses to move until Oswald drives the trolley underneath her. Oswald thinks that all is well until the hill gets steep. Oswald uses a goat to get the trolley up the hill, then down the hill.

The trolley unexpectedly goes onto a bumpy road, tossing the kids out of the trolley. Oswald prays that he'll live, takes off his foot, and rubs it on his head (as per the saying that a rabbit's foot gives you good luck). Eventually, the trolley crashes into a river and becomes a raft. Oswald uses a big stick to row it downstream.


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