Tymofiy Khmelnytsky

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Portrait of Tymofiy Khmelnytsky

Tymofiy Bohdanovych Khmelnytsky or Tymish Khmelnytsky (Тимофій, Тиміш, Тимош Хмельницький, Tymofiej Chmielnicki; 1632 - September 15, 1653) was the eldest son of Cossack hetman Bohdan Khmelnytsky.[1]

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Noble familyKhmelnytsky family

Married to Moldavian princess Ruxandra (Rozanda in Ukrainian), daughter of Prince Vasile Lupu, he took part in the Battle of Finta (1653) as commander of a Cossack force. After the defeat, Timofiy was besieged by a Wallachian army in Suceava and died in the confrontation.[2]