U.S. Route 17 in Florida

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U.S. Highway 17 marker

U.S. Highway 17
Route information
Maintained by FDOT
Length 317.070 mi[1][2] (510.275 km)
Major junctions
South end US 41 in Punta Gorda
North end US 17 / SR 25 south of St. Mary's, GA
Highway system
SR 16 SR 17
SR 553 SR 555 SR 559

U.S. Route 17 (US 17) in Florida is a north–south United States Highway. It runs 317 miles (510 km) from the Punta Gorda, Florida Metropolitan Statistical Area northeast to the Greater Jacksonville Metropolitan Area.

The hidden designation for US 17 in Florida, between Punta Gorda and Bartow, is State Road 35 (SR 35). Between Bartow and Lake Alfred, it follows SR 555, between Lake Alfred and DeLand, it follows SR 600, between Orlando and Jacksonville, it follows SR 15, and between Jacksonville and the Georgia border, it follows SR 5.

Concurrencies include US 98 between Fort Meade and Bartow, and a notably long one with US 92 between Lake Alfred and northern DeLand, which itself includes concurrencies with US 192 in Kissimmee, US 441 between Kissimmee and Orlando, SR 50 in Orlando, and SR 46 in Sanford. Others include SR 20/SR 100 between San Mateo and Palatka, and Interstate 10 (I-10), I-95, US 23, and US 1 in Downtown Jacksonville in that order.

Route description[edit]

Punta Gorda through Winter Haven[edit]

Intersection of US 17 and SR 70 in Arcadia

US 17 begins in downtown Punta Gorda at US 41 (Tamiami Trail). From here, it proceeds east as a pair of one-way streets along Marion and Olympia Avenues. Once outside of the Punta Gorda city limits, the one-way streets rejoin each other becoming a six-lane highway, from here, it is briefly elevated over the Seminole Gulf Railway and city streets before intersecting with Interstate 75 (I-75) in Solana. After a brief jog east, it travels roughly northeast along the Peace River into Desoto County, where it goes through Fort Ogden, Nocatee, and Arcadia. It splits into one-way streets again through Arcadia, where it intersects SR 70. Once out of Arcadia, it continues northeast into Hardee County and the cities of Zolfo Springs (where it crosses the Peace River), and Wauchula. At Fort Meade, it joins with US 98, which follows it northward (westward on US 98) until Bartow. While US 98 goes northwest, US 17 goes northeast.

In the city of Bartow, US 17 is known as Spessard Holland Parkway.[3] Here, US 98 leaves to the west at a connecting road to SR 60, where hidden SR 35 breaks away from US 17 and SR 555 replaces it. From here, US 17/SR 555 makes a sharp northeast turn into Gordonville as it passes by the Bartow Municipal Airport. North of there, US 17 serves as the main road through Eagle Lake After the intersection of Crystal Beach Road, the highway divides into a one-way couplet with three lanes in each direction,[4] with the northbound section on 5th Street and the southbound segment on 4th Street. The two segments converge again south of Cameron Road (Gilbert Road) to become a six-lane divided highway, at the next major intersection, SR 540 (Old 9 Foot Road) joins US 17 and both roads continue north in a short concurrency. At Eloise, Old 9 Foot Road moves east onto County Road 655, which is the southern terminus of SR 655 (South Lake Shipp Road) on the west side. A left turn at this intersection and a right turn onto the parallel Seventh Street Southwest takes motorists to Winter Haven Amtrak Station. US 17/SR 540 goes over the Amtrak line between Lake Shipp and Lake Lulu, both of which go over a canal running between the two lakes. The canal serves as the southern border of Winter Haven. Descending as it passes the Chain O' Lakes Sports Complex, SR 540 leaves US 17 at Cypress Gardens Boulevard to continue eastward, but this intersection is also for Southwest Avenue R, which also leads to Winter Haven Station. Between Avenue G Southwest and Avenue C Southwest, US 17 curves to the left from Third Street and then to the right onto Sixth Street. From there it intersects Central Avenue, which is SR 542 east of US 17. After winding around Spring Lake east of Lake Mirror, the road runs along the west side of Inman Park until it reaches the intersection with SR 544.

Concurrency with US 92[edit]

Older US 17/US 92 markers in Lake Alfred

US 17 and US 92 join at the south end of Lake Alfred in Polk County. and thus the new hidden state road is SR 600 which carries US 92 west into Auburndale, Lakeland, Plant City, Tampa, and St. Petersburg. SR 555 soon splits off as CR 555 to the north along the old road through Lake Alfred, known as South Buena Vista Road while US 17/US 92 runs one block east on Lake Shore Way. Just south of East Thelma Street, US 17/US 92 splits onto two different roadways while CR 555 ends on the west side of the intersection. CR 557 begins at Haines Boulevard, where it heads west for a block to former CR 555, and then turns north towards I-4; just past CR 557, US 17/US 92 turns east towards Haines City. It enters downtown Haines City on Hinson Avenue after crossing under US 27 at a cloverleaf interchange, meeting the north end of SR 17. Right after crossing under a 14-foot-5-inch (4.39 m), narrow railroad bridge with arch-shaped pedestrian tunnels on both sides, it turns north onto 17th Street where it meets CR 580, which runs east to Poinciana. In Davenport, US 17 meets CR 547, which heads west to US 27 and north along old US 17/US 92. US 17 then intersects with Ronald Reagan Parkway (CR 54) at Loughman.

After crossing into Osceola County, US 17/US 92 picks up the Orange Blossom Trail (OBT) name. From here US 17/US 92 roughly parallels I-4 along the overlap. OBT takes US 17 east and north through Kissimmee and into Orlando. The OBT name temporarily ends at Pleasant Hill Road (former SR 531) in southern Kissimmee, where it becomes John Young Parkway (formerly Bermuda Avenue) to Vine Street (US 192/SR 530). (US 17 ran through downtown Kissimmee on Emmett Street, Broadway and Main Street until 1999) It turns east there on US 192, while John Young Parkway becomes SR 423. When all three meet US 441 at Main Street, US 192 follows US 441 southbound, while US 17/US 92 follows US 441, as well as unsigned SR 500 and SR 600, north into downtown Orlando, but not before becoming OBT again at the northern city limits.

Due to its proximity with Walt Disney World and affiliated resorts as well as Sea World, Universal Studios, and others, US 17/US 92/US 441 intersects many toll roads between Kissimmee and Orlando, the first of which is the partially tolled and partial limited-access Osceola Parkway in Kissimmee. Immediately after this in Orlando is the Central Florida GreeneWay (exit 11). North of here the Central Florida Parkway lead to Sea World. Neither of these intersections or interchanges however, compare to the combined interchanges of Florida's Turnpike and the Beachline Expressway, in Sky Lake, which contains a series of convoluted parclo interchanges and partial ramps from side roads.

The first interchange with I-4 is at exit 80 in Holden Heights. Eastbound access from I-4 comes from partial cloverleaf ramps, and westbound access comes from a left-turn ramp between the two carriageways that runs under the eastbound lane and merges with the east to southbound ramp before merging with southbound OBT, the interchange provides no south to east access and no west to north access, but such access can found from the intersection with West Michigan Street. Further north is the interchange with SR 408 (East-West Tollway) at exit 9, which is a diamond interchange. After curving around Givens Street and Springdale Road, both of which can only be accessed from West Concord Street, OBT moves closer to a parallel railroad freight line and meets the intersection of SR 50 (Colonial Drive) northwest of downtown. At SR 50, US 17/US 92 turns east onto a new concurrency taking hidden SR 600 with it, while US 441 continues northwest on OBT towards Apopka. US 17/US 92/SR 50 meets the south end of Edgewater Drive and crosses under I-4 at a second interchange (exits 83A east and exit 84 west) and SR 527 (Orange Avenue southbound and Magnolia Avenue northbound) before meeting SR 15 (Mills Avenue), where US 17/US 92 turns north. Mills Avenue carries SR 15 on both sides of SR 50, but is only signed as such to the south, as north of SR 50, it carries US 17/US 92 (and unsigned SR 600). It crosses Lake Estelle on the Andrews Causeway before reaching the border between Orlando and Winter Park.

In Seminole County, the redevelopment of the 17-92 Community Redevelopment Area is handled by the US 17-92 Community Redevelopment Agency, a component unit of the County government.[5] In Sanford, Florida, US 17/US 92 shares a concurrency with westbound SR 46 beginning at Paola Road (CR 46A) and 25th Street. During this triple-concurrency, US 17/US 92/SR 46 intersects an at-grade railroad crossing with a freight line at the intersection of West 13th Street, also the western terminus of CR 415, and then a pair of railroad crossings at a junction of two other freight lines. SR 46 leaves US 17/US 92 at the intersection of West First Street, while US 17/US 92 continues north for three blocks, until it turns west and runs along the banks of the St. Johns River, after an interchange with I-4, the road turns north and crosses the St. Johns River into Volusia County via the Benedict Bridge, which replaced the Lake Monroe Bridge, running parallel to the very interstate it had just passed under.

DeLand and points north[edit]

US 17 in downtown DeLand

In the City of DeLand US 17/US 92 adopts the name Woodland Boulevard. At Howry Avenue, the road becomes the eastern border of the National Register of Historic Places-listed Downtown DeLand Historic District. Two blocks later, it intersects SR 44. Another two blocks north of this point, US 17/US 92 leaves the historic district at Rich Avenue. Further north US 92 then splits away from US 17, with US 92 continuing east to Daytona Beach as International Speedway Boulevard, while US 17 continues north. That straight north directive ends at the intersection of SR 11, and US 17 curves to the northwest, where it serves as the termini of both State Road 15A and its county extension County Road 15A. Within DeLeon Springs, the road runs straight north again and serves as the southern terminus of County Road 3, a scenic detour off of US 17. Curving northwest again before the intersection of Spring Garden Ranch Road, US 17 approaches DeLeon Springs Recreational Area and begins to run parallel to CR 3 again, which it continues to do beyond the preserve, even as it enters Barberville and intersects SR 40. CR 3 finally terminates with US 17 in Connersville. Momentarily curving east in Satsuma, the road crosses one creek before entering San Mateo where it begins at yet another concurrency, in this case with SR 20/SR 100. All three roads enter Palatka, and after the intersection with SR 207, US 17 again crosses the St. Johns River, along with SR 20/SR 100 on the Palatka Memorial Bridge. From here, SR 20 breaks away onto South 9th Street and heads west towards Gainesville and the Florida Panhandle, and then US 17/SR 100 pass by the historic Palatka Amtrak station, originally known as the Old Atlantic Coast Line Union Depot, which now serves as the Palatka Railroad Preservation Society and the Browning Railroad Museum,[6] where it encounters a grade crossing. After US 17 curves northwest, SR 100 breaks away onto Reid Street heading towards Lake City, while US 17 takes a turn to the direct north. The last major intersection in Palatka is with SR 19. North of here, the road follows the CSX "A" line, the same one used by Amtrak that serves Palatka station, the road follows that line until it reaches Bostwick, where it runs along CR 209, while US 17 shifts to the northwest.

US 17 in Green Cove Springs

In Clay County, US 17 continues its rural surroundings until it enters suburban Jacksonville. South of Green Cove Springs it goes over the same Amtrak line it ran parallel to between Palatka and Bostwick and becomes the northern terminus of CR 209, only to later intersect with eastbound SR 16, where it forms a concurrency and becomes Orange Avenue. Most of this segment runs through preserved wetlands with no structures whatsoever, except for a local Elks Lodge until it reaches Oak Street. SR 16 turns west at Ferris Street while US 17 continues north along part of the Green Cove Springs Historic District, then past various Clay County government buildings. After this it crosses over the Governors Creek Bridge where it continues its status as a commercial strip, although the commercialization dimimishes somewhat after Shedd Road, after passing by the entrance of Camp Chowenwaw Park US 17 crosses Black Creek and enters Hibernia, Florida, where it encounters Black Creek Park on the other side of the creek and runs parallel to the Black Creek Rail Trail. The road then enters Fleming Island, Florida where it serves as the eastern terminus of County Road 220 (Doctor's Inlet Road), which is also the intersection of Bald Eagle Road. Black Creek Trail ends on the bridge over Doctor's Inlet, but US 17 continues to move north into Orange Park, Florida, where the road is known as Park Avenue. Besides serving as the eastern terminus of SR 224, it also serves as the location of the Orange Park Kennel Club, just south of the interchange with I-295 which itself serves as the border between Orange Park and Jacksonville, where the road becomes Roosevelt Boulevard. Here, the highway goes past Jacksonville Naval Air Station (NAS Jax), near downtown Jacksonville, US 17 joins I-10 for approximately one mile (1.6 km), before merging into I-95. US 17 then exits onto US 23 and continues as North Main Street along with US 1 until it reaches the Martin Luther King Jr. Parkway then continues on its own as it crosses the Nassau County border.

US 17 in north Jacksonville

In Nassau County, US 17 enters Hedges and then Yulee where it intersects SR 200/SR A1A. US 17 turns northwest and continues into Becker where it intersects CR 108 to the west, then a truck weigh station on the east side and finally the last interchange with I-95 in the state, a partial cloverleaf interchange on both the northwest and northeast corners of the I-95 bridge over both the road and the Florida East Coast Railroad mainline, where it instantly enters Gross until it curves north and reaches the Georgia border, crossing over the St. Marys River.

US 17 bridge on the Florida-Georgia border


A US 17 shield used in Florida prior to 1993
The original Lake Monroe Bridge over St. Johns River, which carried US 17 (and US 92) from 1933 to 1994

US 17 was one of the original routes of the U.S. Highway system, which was established in 1926. It initially terminated in Jacksonville, but was extended south through Orlando to Punta Gorda in 1932.[7]

From 1956, signs for U.S. Highways in Florida had different colors for each highway, the "shield" for US 17 was yellow, until the state was forced by the federal government to conform to standards that required consistent black-and-white signs in 1993.

In 1980, US 17 was realigned and elevated slightly at the southern end in Punta Gorda to accommodate the construction of Interstate 75, which also included splitting the route into the current one-way pairs along Marion Street and Olympia Avenue, the route formerly continued along Marion Avenue to Florida Street and Dundee Road. Since then, US 17 has been incrementally widened to a divided highway with four or more lanes through Charlotte, Desoto, and Hardee Counties.[8] Much of the widening has incorporated a parallel abandoned Florida Southern/Atlantic Coast Line Railroad corridor between Bowling Green and Arcadia, which was removed in the early 1980s. Today, the northbound lanes through Wauchula run along this former rail corridor as well as the southbound lanes through Arcadia; in 2006, a short segment was realigned to the east along this rail corridor just north of Arcadia, bypassing Brownville. The former alignment is now known as Cubitis Avenue.[9] Another segment through Zolfo Springs was realigned to the former railroad corridor in early 2018. Main Street in Zolfo Springs is the previous alignment of this segment of US 17.[10]

In 1994, the original Lake Monroe Bridge over the St. Johns River near Sanford, which was built in 1933 along with this segment of US 17, was replaced with the current four-lane Bill Benedict Bridge. The swing span of the original bridge has been preserved and now serves as a pier next to the current bridge.[11]

On August 13, 2004, Hurricane Charley made landfall just before 4:00 p.m. local time near the southern terminus of US 17. Incredibly, Charley would either hit or threaten to hit the entire route of US 17, devastating almost the entire route in Florida, at least from Punta Gorda to well north of Orlando (when Charley followed the route of Interstate 4 out to sea), the Georgia stretch of US 17 was not hit, but was under a hurricane warning. When Charley made landfall again in South Carolina, its trail all the way through Virginia was close to the route of US 17.


US 17 is currently being widened from the Hardee/Desoto County Line to Sweetwater Road in southern Hardee County, which will be completed in summer of 2018. Upon completion of this project, US 17 will be at least four lanes continuously from the terminus in Punta Gorda to Haines City.[8]

Major intersections[edit]

County Location mi[1] km Destinations Notes
Charlotte Punta Gorda 0.000 0.000 US 41 south (Cross Street / SR 45) – Fort Myers
0.184 0.296 US 41 north (SR 45) – Port Charlotte
Solana 2.20 3.54 I-75 (SR 93) – Naples, Tampa I-75 exit 164
3.436 5.530 CR 74 east (Bermont Road) – Palmdale
6.425 10.340 CR 764 (Washington Loop Road)
8.098 13.032 CR 764 (Washington Loop Road)
DeSoto Southfort 13.107 21.094 CR 761 west
Nocatee 20.429 32.877 CR 760A east
21.117 33.985 CR 760 west
Arcadia 25.165 40.499 SR 70 east (Magnolia Street) – Okeechobee, Ft. Pierce
25.320 40.749 SR 70 west (Hickory Street) – Bradenton
Cubitis 28.628 46.072 CR 660
30.243 48.671 CR 660
33.860 54.492 Cubitis Avenue former US 17 (prior to 2006)
Hardee Buchanan 39.548 63.646 Sweetwater Road (CR 634 east)
Zolfo Springs 45.169 72.692 SR 66 east – Okeechobee, West Palm Beach
45.650 73.467 SR 64 – Ona, Avon Park
Wauchula 49.059 78.953 SR 636 east (Main Street) – Avon Park
52.370 84.281 SR 62 west – Parrish
Bowling Green 55.402 89.161 CR 664 (Main Street) – Paynes Creek Historical State Park
Polk Fort Meade 63.518 102.222 US 98 south / CR 630 west (Broadway / SR 700 south) – Avon Park, Sebring south end of US 98 / SR 700 overlap
Homeland 68.572 110.356 CR 640 – Homeland, Homeland Heritage Park, Mosaic Peace River Park
Bartow 73.861 118.868 To SR 60 east / Main Street (SR 35 north) – Lake Wales, Mulberry, Historic District south end of SR 555 overlap; north end of SR 35 overlap; former SR 60 Business
74.369 119.685 US 98 north (SR 700 north) to SR 60 – Vero Beach, Lakeland, Tampa, Lake Wales north end of US 98 / SR 700 overlap
75.839 122.051 Ernest M. Smith Boulevard north bypass of Bartow
79.294 127.611 Bomber Road (CR 559)
Eagle Lake 82.124 132.166 SR 540 west to SR 655
Eloise 82.917 133.442 CR 655 south / Lake Shipp Drive (SR 655 north) – Auburndale, Wahneta
Winter Haven 83.706 134.712 SR 540 east (Cypress Gardens Boulevard) – Legoland
82.021 132.000 To SR 542 east / Central Avenue West – Polk State College, Dundee, Downtown Winter Haven
85.265 137.221 CR 542 west (Avenue D Northwest)
86.531 139.258 SR 544 (Avenue T Northwest / Havendale Boulevard) – Auburndale, Lucerne Park, Polk State College
Lake Alfred 88.772 142.865 US 92 west (SR 600 west) – Auburndale, Lakeland north end of SR 555 overlap; south end of US 92 / SR 600 overlap
88.863 143.011 CR 555 north (South Buena Vista Drive) southbound access only
90.074 144.960 CR 557 north (East Pomelo Street / North Buena Vista Drive) to I-4
Haines City 95.62 153.89 US 27 (SR 25) to I-4 – Ocala, Lake Wales, Sebring interchange
96.600 155.463 5th Street North (CR 17)
96.848 155.862 SR 17 south (10th Street South) – Lake Hamilton
97.658 157.165 CR 580 east (Johnson Avenue East)
Davenport 100.972 162.499 CR 547 (Davenport Boulevard) to US 27
106.964 172.142 CR 54 west (Ronald Reagan Parkway) / SR 538 east (Kinney Harmon Road) to Poinciana Parkway – Loughman, Poinciana
Osceola 108.809 175.111 CR 532 west (Osceola-Polk Line Road) to I-4
Poinciana 112.455 180.979 Poinciana Boulevard - Poinciana
Campbell 113.914 183.327 Ham Brown Road (CR 535 south)
115.541 185.945 Pleasant Hill Road (CR 531) - Poinciana
Kissimmee 118.181 190.194 Emmett Street - Downtown Kissimmee, Historic District
119.058 191.605 US 192 west (West Vine Street / SR 530)

US 17 Truck north / US 92 Truck east (John Young Parkway) / to Osceola Parkway
south end of US 192 / SR 530 overlap
119.809 192.814 US 192 east / US 441 south (East Vine Street / SR 500) to Florida's Turnpike
Main Street - Amtrak, Downtown Kissimmee
north end of US 192 / SR 530 overlap; south end of US 441 / SR 500 overlap
see US 441 (mile 229.899-247.086)
Orange Orlando 136.996 220.474 US 441 north (Orange Blossom Trail / SR 500) / SR 50 west (Colonial Drive) – Apopka north end of US 441 / SR 500 overlap; south end of SR 50 overlap
137.79 221.75 I-4 (SR 400) to SR 408 I-4 exit 83A/84
no access from US 17 south to I-4 east (use SR 527 north)
137.992 222.077 SR 527 south (Orange Avenue)
138.131 222.300 SR 527 north (North Magnolia Avenue) to I-4
138.894 223.528 SR 15 south (Mills Avenue) / SR 50 east (Colonial Drive) to SR 408 north end of SR 50 overlap; south end of SR 15 overlap
140.077 225.432 To I-4 / Princeton Street
Winter Park 141.153 227.164 SR 527 south (Orange Avenue) – Business District
141.645 227.956 SR 426 (Fairbanks Avenue) to I-4
142.533 229.385
SR 423 west / US 17 Truck north / US 92 Truck east (Lee Road) to I-4
Maitland 143.014 230.159 Park Avenue southbound exit and northbound entrance
143.400 230.780 Lake Avenue (CR 438A west) - Eatonville
143.659 231.197 Maitland Avenue (CR 427 north)
144.782 233.004
SR 414 west / US 17 Truck south / US 92 Truck west (Maitland Boulevard) to I-4
Seminole Casselberry 146.725 236.131 SR 436 to I-4 – Altamonte Springs, Apopka
Longwood 149.487 240.576 SR 434 to I-4 – Longwood, Winter Springs
Winter Springs 152.065 244.725 SR 419 south – Winter Springs, Oviedo
Lake Mary 152.286 245.081 CR 427 (Ronald Reagan Boulevard)
Sanford 154.323 248.359 To I-4 / Lake Mary Boulevard – Orlando-Sanford International Airport
155.45 250.17 SR 417 to I-4 / Airport Boulevard – Orlando, Orlando-Sanford International Airport SR 417 exit 50
156.623 252.060 SR 46 east (25th Street) / CR 46A west (H.E. Thomas Jr. Parkway) to I-95 – Mims, Orlando-Sanford International Airport south end of SR 46 overlap
157.580 253.600 CR 415 north (13th Street)
158.347 254.835 SR 46 west (1st Street) to I-4 – Mt. Dora, Business District, Amtrak Auto Train north end of SR 46 overlap; future US 17 north / US 92 east[12]
161.738 260.292 CR 15 south to I-4 east – Port of Sanford, Lake Monroe, Daytona Beach Future US 17 south / US 92 west[12]
161.88 260.52 I-4 west (SR 400) – Orlando I-4 exit 104
St. Johns River 162.427 261.401 C.A. "Bill" Benedict Bridge
Volusia DeBary 164.329 264.462 CR 4162 east (Dirksen Drive) to I-4 – Deltona, Enterprise, Gemini Springs
DeBaryOrange City line 167.630 269.774 CR 4146 east (Saxon Boulevard) to I-4
Orange City 168.429 271.060 To I-4 / Enterprise Road (CR 4156) – Deltona, Enterprise
170.187 273.889 CR 4145 east (Graves Avenue)
171.93 276.69 SR 472 east to I-4 – Sanford, Orlando interchange
DeLand 172.644 277.844 CR 4116 (Orange Camp Road / McGregor Road) – Lake Helen
173.683 279.516 SR 15A north (Taylor Road) – Bunnell, Palatka, Hontoon Island State Park, truck bypass to US 17 north / US 92 east / SR 44 west
175.685 282.738 SR 44 (New York Avenue) – Eustis, New Smyrna Beach
177.533 285.712 US 92 east / CR 92 west (International Speedway Boulevard / SR 600) – Daytona Beach north end of US 92 / SR 600 overlap
178.731 287.640 SR 11 north / Glenwood Road (CR 4088 west) – Bunnell, Glenwood
180.357 290.256 SR 15A south / CR 15A north (Spring Garden Avenue) – Orlando, Bunnell, truck bypass to US 17 south / US 92 west / SR 44 west
DeLeon Springs 182.824 294.227 CR 4053 south (Retta Street) – Glenwood, Lake Woodruff National Wildlife Refuge
183.324 295.031 CR 3 north (Ponce Deleon Boulevard) – De Leon Springs State Park
Barberville 189.703 305.297 SR 40 – Silver Springs, Ormond Beach
Connersville 196.971 316.994 CR 3 south – Lake George Wildlife Management Area
Seville 200.024 321.907 CR 305 east – Bunnell
Putnam Crescent City 208.459 335.482 CR 308 west – Fruitland, Georgetown, Welaka State Forest
Pomona Park 215.402 346.656 CR 308B west – Welaka
Satsuma 220.848 355.420 CR 309 south – Welaka, Welaka State Forest
223.7 360.0 Dunns Creek Bridge over Dunns Creek
San Mateo 226.924 365.199 SR 100 east (SR 20 east) – Bunnell south end of SR 20 / SR 100 overlap
East Palatka 229.925 370.028 SR 207 north – Hastings, St. Augustine
231.6 372.7 Memorial Bridge over St. Johns River
Palatka 232.577 374.296 SR 20 west (9th Street) – Interlachen, Ravine Gardens State Park north end of SR 20 overlap
233.772 376.220 SR 100 west – Keystone Heights, truck route to SR 20 west north end of SR 100 overlap
234.836 377.932 SR 19 south – Salt Springs, St. Johns River State College, truck route to SR 20 west
Pecan 236.136 380.024 CR 216 west
238.216 383.371 CR 209 north
Bostwick 242.474 390.224 CR 209 south (Palmetto Bluff Road)
Clay 247.205 397.838 CR 214 west (Sungarden Road)
248.207 399.450 CR 214 east (Decoy Road)
Virginia Village 253.058 407.257 CR 226 east
254.030 408.822 CR 15A north
256.236 412.372 CR 209 south
Green Cove Springs 257.846 414.963 SR 16 east – St. Augustine south end of SR 16 overlap
258.476 415.977 SR 16 west (Ferris Street) – Penney Farms, Starke north end of SR 16 overlap
261.300 420.522 CR 315 west
261.889 421.469 CR 209 west
261.988 421.629 CR 209 east
Fleming Island 264.451 425.593 CR 15A (Hibernia Road)
266.737 429.272 CR 220 west / CR 15A east (Bald Eagle Road) – Doctors Inlet, St. Johns River State College, Middleburg
268.019 431.335 CR 15B (Raggedy Point Road)
269.165 433.179 CR 15A (Westover Road)
Orange Park 271.126 436.335 SR 224 west (Kingsley Avenue)
Duval Jacksonville 272.98 439.32 I-295 (SR 9A) – St. Augustine, Savannah I-295 exit 10
276.948 445.705 SR 134 west (Timuquana Road) – Cecil Field
277.048 445.866 Ortega Boulevard former SR 211 north
279.804 450.301 SR 128 (San Juan Avenue) to I-10
280.655 451.670 Park Street east - FSCJ Kent Campus
280.77 451.86 SR 21 south (Blanding Boulevard) interchange; no northbound exit
281.76 453.45 Edgewood Avenue interchange
282.060 453.932 To I-10 west / Roosevelt Boulevard former US 17 north / SR 15 north
282.275 454.278 SR 129 north / SR 228 west (McDuff Avenue) south end of SR 228 overlap
283.117 455.633 I-10 west (SR 8) to I-295 – Lake City south end of I-10 / SR 8 overlap (US 17 follows exit 361); southbound exit and northbound entrance
283.61 456.43 Stockton Street - Riverside I-10 exit 362 (northbound); I-95 exit 351C (southbound)
284.062[2] 457.153 I-95 south (SR 9) – Jacksonville Beaches, Daytona Beach north end of I-10 / SR 8 overlap; south end of I-95 / SR 9 overlap (US 17 takes exit 352D/351B)
284.4 457.7 Forest Street / Riverside Avenue - Convention Center I-95 exit 352A
285.0 458.7 Forsyth Street - Convention Center I-95 exit 352B (northbound exit and southbound entrance)
285.2 459.0 Monroe Street - Downtown I-95 exit 352C (no southbound exit)
285.3 459.1 Church Street, Myrtle Avenue, Forsyth Street I-95 exit 353A (southbound exit only)
285.5[2] 459.5 I-95 north (SR 9 / SR 15 north) – International Airport, Savannah
US 23 north (Kings Road / SR 139)
north end of I-95 / SR 9 / SR 15 overlap (US 17 follows exit 353C); south end of US 23 / SR 139 overlap
285.577 459.592 To I-95 / US 90 (Beaver Street) / North Davis Street
286.169 460.544
US 90 Alt. west (North Laura Street)
286.263 460.696 US 1 south / SR 228 east (North Main Street / SR 5 south)
East Union Street (SR 139 south / SR 10A east)
north end of US 23 / SR 139 / SR 228 overlap; south end of US 1 / SR 5 overlap
287.344 462.435 To I-95 / 8th Street to SR 114
288.08 463.62
US 1 north / US 1 Alt. south (M.L. King Jr. Parkway / SR 115) to I-95
north end of US 1 overlap
288.391 464.120 SR 122 west (27th Street)
289.761 466.325 SR 111 south (Tallulah Avenue)
291.673 469.402 SR 105 north (Zoo Parkway) to I-95 interchange
292.111 470.107 To I-95 south / Clark Road
293.264 471.963 SR 104 west (Busch Drive) to I-95 former SR 163 south
295.22 475.11 I-295 (SR 9A) to I-95
296.520 477.203 Airport Center Drive - Airport to SR 102
297.590 478.925 To I-95 / Duval Road former SR 110 west
299.488 481.979 To I-95 / Pecan Park Road
Nassau Yulee 307.732 495.247 SR 200 / SR A1A to I-95 / US 301 – Callahan, Amelia Island, Fernandina
312.415 502.783 CR 108 west – Hilliard
Gross 314.64 506.36 I-95 (SR 9) – Jacksonville, Savannah I-95 exit 380
Wilds Landing 317.070 510.275 US 17 north / SR 25 north – Kingsland, Brunswick Georgia state line (St. Marys River Bridge over St. Marys River)
1.000 mi = 1.609 km; 1.000 km = 0.621 mi

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