Robert Margouleff

Robert "Bob" Margouleff is an American record producer, recording engineer, electronic music pioneer, audio expert, film producer. Most noted for his work with electronic music synthesizer programming for Stevie Wonder for award-winning albums including Music of My Mind, Talking Book, Fulfillingness' First Finale and Jungle Fever, all projects which featured Margouleff as associate producers and synthesizer programmers. By helping Stevie Wonder develop many new textures and sounds never heard before and Cecil played a major role in bringing synthesizers to the forefront of popular music; as an influential electronic music duo - Tonto's Expanding Head Band - they recorded the album Zero Time attracting attention from many other leading artists of that era to the newly emerging music technology. Robert Margouleff was an early customer and collaborator of fellow New Yorker and music instrument pioneer Robert Moog contributing early insight toward Moog's musical instrument development for artists to program and use synthesizers as part of their evolving sound ecology.

Margouleff worked with and produced music with Billy Preston, Jeff Beck, Robin Trower, David Sanborn, Depeche Mode, Oingo Boingo, The Doobie Brothers, Quincy Jones, Bobby Womack, The Isley Brothers, Gil Scott-Heron, Weather Report, Stephen Stills, Dave Mason, Little Feat, Joan Baez, Steve Hillage, Paul Rodgers, GWAR and many others. He was an early creative resource at Andy Warhol's "factory" co-producing Ciao! Manhattan, a semi-biographical cult film tale of 1960s counterculture film actress and socialite Edie Sedgwick as one of Andy Warhol's Superstars. Robert Margouleff is a partner in Safe Harbor Pictures LLC. in Los Angeles, California where he has developed a tape-less 2D / 3D High definition production workflow from shooting, to editing. As an avid sailor and documentary filmmaker, Margouleff is producing Tall Ships Of The World, a 13-episode series about America's greatest sailing ships which will be available on Blu-ray in 3D. Robert Margouleff was a principal founder of Mi Casa Multimedia in Hollywood, California, a leading boutique surround sound mixing studio specializing in home theatre DTS, DVD / HD DVD releases for major motion picture studios.

Mi Casa Multimedia studios is located in a former home of actor Béla Lugosi. He was invited to present as the Keynote Speaker for the 129th AES Convention on November 4, 2010 at the Moscone Center in San Francisco, California, his lecture was titled: "What The Hell Happened?" which examined the influence of fast-paced technological developments on creativity in the music industry and the recording arts. 1971: Zero Time 1972: Music of My Mind 1972: Talking Book 1973: Innervisions 1974: Fulfillingness' First Finale 1975: It's My Pleasure 1975: It's About Time 1980: Freedom of Choice Engineering and programming credits—other acts Alexander Courage - Original Television Soundtrack Star Trek From The Original Pilots "The Cage" & "Where No Man Has Gone Before" Ned Liben - Introducing The ARP Avatar Lothar and the Hand People - Presenting... America - Hat Trick Billy Preston - Billy Preston Stairsteps - 2nd Resurrection Inner Circle - Ready For The World The Busboys - Minimum Wage Rock & Roll David Sanborn - As We Speak The Innocents - The Innocents The Manhattans All I Need Depeche Mode - But Not Tonight 7in single Branford Marsalis - Renaissance Wilson Pickett - American Soul Man Oingo Boingo - Good For Your Soul Shadowfax - The Odd Get Even 2 Live Crew - Live In Concert Tony MacAlpine - Freedom to Fly Various - Alternative NRG Avalon - "Rumour Has It" / "Catch Us if You Can" / "Messin' with My Baby" / "Blackmail" Grammy Award for Best Engineered Album, Non-Classical – 1974 Malcolm Cecil & Robert Margouleff for Innervisions performed by Stevie Wonder Keynote Speaker For 129th AES Convention - 2010 Robert Margouleff audio interview on BusinessRockStars - 2013 Mi Casa Multimedia Tonto's Expanding Head Band Virtual Synthesizer Museum's TONTO page Robert Margouleff Keynote Speaker for 129th AES Convention Safe Harbor Pictures

You Can Dance – Po Prostu Tańcz! (season 6)

The sixth season of You Can Dance - Po prostu Tańcz began on 2 March 2011 on TVN. The dancers compete to win PLN 100,000 and a 3-month scholarship in dance school Broadway Dance Center, but first they have to go through auditions. 36 contestants do the workshops abroad - this season in Casablanca, Morocco. This seasons on choreography camp special guest choreographer was Tyce Diorio. From fourteen people, two dancers are eliminated in each episode, to the final episode that features the top 2 contestants. For the first time the show is hosted by Patricia Kazadi; the judges are Agustin Egurolla, Michał Piróg and Kinga Rusin who joined the panel after hosting the five previous seasons. Open auditions for this season were held in the following locations: The song during Sneak Peeks at the end of the episode is Just Lose It - Eminem During the auditions judges picked 36 dancers; these dancers were taking part in choreography camp in Morocco. ^1 These dancers were shown only in website extras.

^2 These dancers earned the tickets after choreography round. This season there were some returning dancers. Judges: Agustin Egurolla, Kinga Rusin, Michał Piróg Dancers were practising choreographies during first three days of the Camp. There were no cuts, judges gave some dancers, who didn't handle the choreographies well yellow cards, second yellow equals red card. After rehearsals contestants performed in every style they practiced, after every style judges cut dancers. After these cuts remaining contestants went to Marakesh to Final Choreography round with Tyce DiorioRed Cards: Marcos De Lima, Aleksander Tyburek, Cuts after Hip-Hop: Maciej Kuchta, Cuts after Jazz: Paweł Kofman, Tomasz Piotrowski, Natalia Serhej, Sonja Mirpuri, Edyta Wajer Cuts after Salsa: Patryk Rybarski, Szymon Pasterski, Cuts after Final Choreography round: Kamil Piotrowski, Grzegorz Cherubiński, Dominika Cybulska, Michalina Twarowska, Kinga Biegańska Cuts after dancing for live: Piotr Nowicki, Martyna Kapral, Joanna Kozłowska, Sonja Felbur Note: Because of back injury Michał Maciejewski had to leave the competition.

He was replaced by the male dancer, eliminated last week - Sebastian Piotrowicz. According to So You Think You Can Dance rules he will be allowed to come back next season, but not straight to the top 14, but only to audition. Group Dance: Forget YouCee Lo Green Musical Performance: Patricia Kazadi - Look Around Guest Dancers: Jakub Jóżwiak & Paulina Figińska - season 5 Winner & Runner-Up - La Ritournelle - Sebastian Tellier Along with Patricia Kazadi performed 12 dancers from previous seasons: Marcin Mrożiński, Tomasz Prządka; the routine was choreographed by Agustin Egurolla Top 14 Couple dances:This episode there were no eliminations, but Judges have picked the best and the worst performance of the week. The public voted and picked the best performance of the week According to Judges: The Best Couple Performance: Masha Tryputsen & Michał Maciejewski Results of Voting The Best Couple Performance: Masha Tryputsen & Michał Maciejewski Group Dance: I Get It InOmarion ft. Gucci Mane Top 14 Couple dances:# - This week Paulina Przestrzelska did not perform due to her knee injury.

She was replaced by Anna Kapera - season 4 winner. She will be in bottom 3 next week. Bottom 3 Couples solos:Eliminated: Magdalena Wójcik Dariusz Bujnowski Group Dance: Till The World EndsBritney Spears Top 12 Couple dances:#1 - This week Adrian Wilczko did not perform due to his injury, he was replaced by Łukasz Zięba - season 4 Runner-Up. He will be in bottom 3 next week. #2 - Paulina Przestrzelska had to perform the solo because of last week absence. Bottom 3 Couples solos:Eliminated: Anna Tomczak Paweł Tolak Group Dance: Sherlock Holmes theme - Hans Zimmer Guest Dancers: Natalia Pełka - 10-year-old girl who auditioned in Warsaw, she performed with Marcin Mrożiński and Tomasz Prządka - - Fergalicious - Fergie Top 10 Couple dances:# - Adrian Wilczko a had to perform the solo because of last week absence. Bottom 3 Couples solos:Eliminated: Agnieszka Szewczyk Adrian Wilczko Group Dances:Top 8 Couple dances:Bottom 3 Couples solos:Eliminated: Alisa Floryńska Jakub Pursa Group Dance: Runnin - Lil Wayne ft. Shanell Couple dances:Top 6's solos:Eliminated: Masha Tryputsen Sebastian Piotrowicz Group Dance: Judas - Lady Gaga Guest Dancer: DzikiStyl Company - Dancers from previous seasons: Patryk Gacki, Wioletta Fiuk, Kamil Kowalski, Paulina Figińska and Jakub Jóżwiak along with Mikołaj Wieczór and Angelika Paradowska - Eye For An Eye - Unkle from "Dzieci innego Boga" Couple dances:Top 4's solos:Eliminated: Anna Tarnowska Sebastian Piotrowicz Guest Dancer: Patryk Rybarski & Katarzyna "Mila" Kordzińska - Pole dance - Another Way To Die - Alicia Keys ft. Jack White Group dances:Top 2 Couple dances:Top 2 solos:Results: Winner: Dominik Olechowski Runner Up: Paulina Przestrzelska This episode was live from Białystok.

There were two teams - professional dancers from Dancing With The Stars and You Can Dance: Po prostu tańcz! dancers. DWTS team leader was Rafał YCD team Patricia Kazadi. Piotr Gąsowski was the presenter this show. Judges: Michał Piróg - So You Think You Can Dance Maja Sablewska - X Factor Piotr Galiński - Dancing With The Stars Musical