Edward F. Fischer

Edward F. Fischer is a professor of anthropology at Vanderbilt University who writes on political economy and culture, he is a cited expert on well-being, the Maya of Guatemala, the German social economy. Fischer holds a Bachelor of Arts degree from the University of Alabama at Birmingham along with a Master of Arts and Ph. D. from Tulane University. He directs the Vanderbilt Center for Latin American Studies. Fischer has written numerous books, including: Cultural Logics and Global Economies and Desire, Cash on the Table, he starred in The Teaching Company's Great Course series “Peoples and Cultures of the World,” has been featured on, is cited in media outlets. He was the executive producer of the film Música Campesina by Alberto Fuguet. In 2009, Fischer founded Maní+, a social enterprise in Guatemala that develops and produces locally sourced complementary foods to fight malnutrition, he consults with private companies and public agencies.. Maya Cultural Activism in Guatemala. Austin, TX: University of Texas Press.

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Picchio dal pozzo (album)

Picchio dal Pozzo is the debut album by the Italian progressive rock band Picchio dal Pozzo, released in 1976. The album was released on vinyl in 1976 by Grog Records, a record label founded by Aldo De Scalzi, the band's leader, it is a work in its own right in the panorama of Italian progressive, similar in some ways to the style of groups of such so-called Canterbury scene bands as Soft Machine and Gong. Dominated by keyboards and horns, accompanying vocals characterized by the surreal lyrics and unusual vocal effects; the album is dedicated to Robert Wyatt and the opening track "Merta" follows the melodic line of Wyatt's "Sea Song" from his 1974 album Rock Bottom. Side A 1. "Merta 2. "Cocomelastico" 3. "Seppia" 3a. "Sottotitolo" 3b. "Frescofresco" 3c. "Rusf" 4. "Bofonchia" Side B 5. "Napier" 6. "La floricultura di Tschincinnata" 7. "La bolla" 8. "Off" Andrea Beccaribass, voice Aldo De Scalzi — keyboard, voice Paolo Griguolo — guitar, voice Giorgio Karaghiosoff — percussion Italian progressive rock Canterbury scene