Buffalo Bisons (PL)

The Buffalo Bisons of 1890 were a member of the short-lived Players' League. This baseball team was managed by Jack Rowe and Jay Faatz, they finished eighth with a record of 36-96 while playing their home games at Olympic Park. Hall of Famer Connie Mack was a part-owner of the franchise, having invested his life savings of $500 in the team, none of which he recouped. In addition to owning part of the team, Mack played catcher, batting.266 in 123 games with the league. Famed deaf player Dummy Hoy played for the 1890 Bisons, as did two players who appeared in the previous NL incarnation of the Bisons, Jack Rowe and Deacon White; the PL Bisons were an "outlaw" franchise that played concurrently with the minor league Buffalo Bisons and used the stock Bisons name without the permission of the established club. They settled on the amateur Buffalo Baseball League's grounds near East Genesee Street and the Belt Line Railroad, they moved back to Olympic Park. The current Bisons franchise does not recognize the PL Bisons as part of their history.

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St Andrews Bay, South Georgia

Saint Andrews Bay is a bight 2 miles wide, indenting the north coast of South Georgia south of Mount Skittle. First sighted by the British expedition under Cook which explored the north coast of South Georgia in 1775; the name is now well established. On charts where abbreviations are used, the name may be abbreviated to St. Andrews Bay. King penguins form huge breeding colonies - and the one at St Andrews Bay has 150,000 birds; because of the long breeding cycle, colonies are continuously occupied. Ross Glacier, nearby is retreating, leaving a gravel beach in its wake. Heaney Glacier and Cook Glacier are in the vicinity. Image of Saint Andrews Bay This article incorporates public domain material from the United States Geological Survey document "St Andrews Bay, South Georgia"