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Warm Springs/
South Fremont
Bay Area Rapid Transit
Warm Springs station panorama from parking lot, June 2018.jpg
Warm Springs/South Fremont station in 2017
Location 45193 Warm Springs Boulevard
Fremont, California
Coordinates 37°30′11″N 121°56′24″W / 37.503°N 121.940°W / 37.503; -121.940Coordinates: 37°30′11″N 121°56′24″W / 37.503°N 121.940°W / 37.503; -121.940
Owned by Bay Area Rapid Transit
Line(s) BART S-Line
Platforms 1 island platform
Connections Bus transport AC Transit: 215, 239
Parking 2,082 spaces[1][2]
Disabled access Yes
Opened March 2017[3][1][2]
Preceding station   Bart-logo.svg Bay Area Rapid Transit   Following station
toward Richmond
Richmond–​Warm Springs/South Fremont
Weekdays before 6 pm
toward Daly City
Warm Springs/South Fremont–​Daly City
Weekdays after 6 pm & Weekends (all day)
Future services (2019)
Preceding station   Bart-logo.svg Bay Area Rapid Transit   Following station
toward Richmond
Richmond–​Berryessa/​North San José ​
toward Daly City
Berryessa/​North San José–​Daly City
Route map
Warm Springs Extension open

Warm Springs / South Fremont is a Bay Area Rapid Transit (BART) station in Fremont, California. Service began in March 2017.

During peak hours (weekdays before 6:00 p.m.), this station has four trains per hour on the Warm Springs/South Fremont–Daly City line. In comparison, the neighboring Fremont station has eight trains per hour running on the Daly City and Richmond lines. During off-peak hours, both stations are served by the Richmond-Warm Springs/South Fremont line with three trains per hour. The reason for only having one of the lines serve this station at any given time is a shortage of available train cars.[4]

Originally targeted for 2014, the start of service was delayed repeatedly: pushed back three years.[5][6][7][8][9] Service terminates at this station pending completion of the Milpitas and Berryessa stations in 2019.

Station layout[edit]

The station has an island platform, overhead concourse, connections to AC Transit, 2,082 parking spaces on 34 acres at ground level, bicycle lockers, and 42 electric-vehicle charging stations.[1][10] AC Transit buses, not VTA buses, serve this station. (VTA will continue to serve the Fremont station, but that service will discontinue upon the opening of the Milpitas and Berryessa stations.)[11]

The conceptual design of the station was by local architect Robin Chiang, with final design by HNTB. San Francisco Chronicle architecture critic John King praised the entrance rotunda with Catherine Widgery’s “Sky Cycles” artwork, but criticized the rotunda being scaled down from Chiang's design, as well as the lack of seating on the platform.[12]


The station under construction in January 2014
A train at the station in October 2017

Planning for the Warm Springs extension began as early as 1994, and BART estimated it would cost $550 million with 7,800 daily riders by 2010.[13] A 1994 study by the Metropolitan Transportation Commission forecast 3,200 daily riders in 2010.[13] As of 2010, construction was underway with an estimated cost of $890 million, but the final cost was reduced to $790 million.[14] The cost of the subway segment under the lake in Fremont was reduced by 45% from the original estimate of $249 million to $136 million.[15]

The extension broke ground in 2009. The BART Board of Directors officially named the station Warm Springs/South Fremont on May 24, 2012. The name combines the historic neighborhood name of Warm Springs (the station name during planning) with the modern South Fremont designator.[16]

In 2011 the city of Fremont approved $90,000 to lobby against construction of a Union Pacific rail yard adjacent to the station, arguing that the rail yard would hinder transit oriented development.[17]

Construction of the station began in 2011,[18] and was expected to take three and a half years.[5] However, the opening was pushed back from the original 2014,[5][19] to fall 2015,[20][21][22] to early 2016,[23] to spring 2016,[24] to summer 2016,[25] to fall 2016,[26][27] to late fall 2016,[28] to winter 2017,[6] and to spring 2017.[8][9] The schedule for opening was withdrawn, because it was hard to predict, during part of 2015.[29][30][31] The yet-to-open station was fully staffed six months in advance of the opening, due to a union contract.[32][33] The station was expected to open as an "October surprise", a news event for the November 8 vote on a BART bond measure,[31][34] but this did not occur. Service began on March 25, 2017.[1][2]

A pedestrian and bicycle bridge to a housing development on the west side of the station is planned, but the expected completion has been delayed from 2018 to 2020.[35][36]

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