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Washington Square News
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TypeDaily newspaper
HeadquartersNew York, New York

Washington Square News is the weekly student newspaper of New York University and serves the NYU, Greenwich Village, and East Village communities. The paper, better known as WSN, has a circulation of 10,000 and an estimated 40,000 readers online, it is published in print on Monday, in addition to online publication Tuesday through Friday during the fall and spring semesters, with additional issues published in the summer.

WSN is run solely by NYU students, with the paper's senior staff mostly composed of undergraduates, its offices are located at 75 Third Ave.

The paper is editorially independent from the university and is solely responsible in selling advertisements to fund its production.[1]

The term for the positions of editor-in-chief and managing editor is one calendar year, beginning in the spring semester and ending after the fall semester.


The newspaper was born in 1973 as the result of NYU's merging of their two campus weeklies: the University Heights campus in the Bronx had published The Heights Daily News, while the Washington Square campus in Lower Manhattan originally published The Washington Square Journal.

In 2000, WSN launched its website nyunews.com. In 2017, WSN launched its podcast, "Newsflash," and then rebranded the following year as "Washington Square Noise." In 2018, WSN launched its digital weekly magazine "Under the Arch."

Current Staff[edit]

Editor-in-Chief: Sakshi Venkatraman

Managing Editor: Sam Klein

Deputy Managing Editors: Bela Kirpalani and Akshay Prabhushankar

News Editors: Meghna Maharishi and Victor Porcelli

Opinion Editor: Hanna Khosravi and Melanie Pineda

Culture Editor: Faith Marnecheck

Arts Editor: Guru Ramanathan

Sports Editors: Brendan Duggan and Zach Han

Under the Arch Managing Editor: Pamela Jew

Creative Director: Sophia Di Iorio and Priya Tharwala

Multimedia Editor: Alana Beyer

Copy Chiefs: Andrew Ankersen and Joey Hung

Social Media and Marketing Editor: Akiva Thalheim

Business Manager: Brian Christensen Zapiecki

Sales Manager: Allison Lambdin [2]


In 2009, reporters Marc Beja and Adam Playford (Editor-in-Chief, 2008) won 1st place in the category of "Best News Story" from the New York State Press Association and National Winner in the category of "In-depth reporting" from the Society of Professional Journalists. At the same time Alvin Chang (Editor-in-Chief, 2007) won best columnist.

Washington Square News won an Associated Collegiate Press Pacemaker award in 2004, that same year it was awarded the title of Overall Best Newspaper.[3]

In 2003, the paper won seven first-place awards in the Division 1 "Better College Newspaper Contest" of the New York State Press Association.

Notable former staff[edit]

  • Renu Aldrich, managing director at Bear Stearns; noted publicist
  • Shaun Assael, author, staff writer at ESPN The Magazine
  • Bill Bastone, editor, The Smoking Gun
  • Cindy Behrman, advertising editor, Suddler & Hennesey; writer, Village Voice and New York Press (deceased July 22, 2008)
  • Marc H. Bell, CEO of Penthouse Media Group
  • Russell Berman, The Hill reporter
  • Matt Buchanan, editor, Eater
  • Alvin Chang, reporter, Vox
  • Fred Clarke, Democratic Party communications guru; now IBM communications manager
  • Kevin Coyle, attorney, author, actor
  • Katherine Creag, television reporter, Good Day New York
  • Charles Dharapak, photojournalist
  • Jill Filipovic, Feministe
  • Karen Epper-Hoffman, business and technology journalist, analyst Forrester Research
  • Bradley Hope, reporter, Wall Street Journal
  • Eileen "E.P." Gunn, 'Eco-Nomics' columnist, TheStreet.com, freelance writer/editor/lecturer
  • Christopher Haraden, Managing Editor of The Hull Times
  • Gary He, freelance photojournalist
  • Annette Heist, Producer of NPR Science Friday
  • Jay Hochberg, NJPA Prize-winning political columnist turned Press Secretary; Masonic educator
  • Eric Kohn, senior editor and chief film critic at Indiewire
  • Randy Kreider, investigative producer at ABC News
  • Jessica Letkemann, Editor of billboard.com
  • Mark Mueller, Staff Writer, Newark Star-Ledger (shares 2005 Pulitzer Prize)
  • Jon Mummolo, Washington Post Reporter
  • Lindsay Noonan, Writer/Producer at CNN
  • Andrew Nusca, editor, Fortune
  • Amy Odell, editor, Cosmopolitan
  • Brian O'Keefe, senior editor of Fortune Magazine
  • Kira Peikoff, author, The Unholy Grail
  • Adam Playford, editor, Tampa Bay Times
  • David E. Rovella, National Legal Editor at Bloomberg News, Attorney
  • Joel Sherman, sportswriter/columnist, New York Post
  • Gene Weingarten, Washington Post columnist; 2008, 2010 Pulitzer Prize winner
  • Scott Wenger, assistant managing editor, Daily News (New York)
  • Rachel Holliday Smith, reporter and producer, WNYC
  • Tim Herrera, founding editor, NYTimes' Smarter Living

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