Will Forte

Orville Willis Forte IV is an American actor, comedian and producer. His work includes being a cast member on Saturday Night Live, the creator and star of the sitcom The Last Man on Earth. After obtaining a history degree at the University of California, Los Angeles, becoming a financial broker like his father, Forte changed his career path to comedy and took classes with the improvisational comedy group The Groundlings, he soon found he favored writing best, he worked as a writer on That'70s Show, before he auditioned for Saturday Night Live. He joined SNL in 2002, spending eight years as a cast member on the show, where he performed offbeat sketches, his most famous role on the show led to a feature film adaptation, MacGruber, that preceded his departure from the program. Forte took various roles before starring in the drama film Nebraska. Forte created and starred in the television sitcom, The Last Man on Earth, which aired on Fox from 2015 to 2018, he was nominated for acting and writing for the series.

Orville Willis Forte IV was born in California. His father, Orville Willis Forte III, is a financial broker, his mother, Patricia C. is an artist and former schoolteacher. He was raised before moving to Lafayette, he went by Billy in his early years until he was teased at school for it being a girl's name, at which point he decided he would from on be known as Will. Forte describes himself as having been a "really happy kid", whose parents were "wonderful" and created a "very loving environment", he was interested in comedy from a young age, growing up idolizing comedians, Peter Sellers, David Letterman, Steve Martin and the sketch-comedy television series Saturday Night Live. He pranked his parents, would record himself performing imaginary radio shows, he did not aim to be a comedian, he wanted to become a football player. Forte was "a laid-back teen with a lot of friends" and a member of the varsity football and swim teams at Acalanes High School, from which he graduated in 1988, he was served as class president.

He had no ambitions for a television or film career, though his mother noticed a "creative streak" in him. Following high school, he attended the University of Los Angeles, he completed a degree in history. Planning to follow his father, he became a financial broker at Smith Barney Shearson in Beverly Hills, but felt "miserable" during his time there, he started writing while he was at Shearson, he co-wrote a feature-length script. On the subject of writing, Forte remarked, "I discovered that I loved it more than anything I had done in my life." He had been encouraged to attempt comedy during his years at university, he decided to change his career to become a writer-performer. He began taking classes at the Groundlings in Los Angeles, an improvisational and sketch comedy troupe and school, while tutoring children to make ends meet. Forte's first successful foray into comedy was 101 Things to Definitely Not Do If You Want to Get a Chick, a comic book he produced that details incompetent men; the comics landed him his first professional job writing for The Jenny McCarthy Show, a short-lived variety show starring Jenny McCarthy.

Shortly thereafter, he was asked to submit a packet to the Late Show with David Letterman and was told Letterman responded favorably to animation. After only nine months at Letterman, he was "let go" from the job, he recalled his stint on the program as unpleasant, noting that he did not have enough experience in writing. "What an honor to work at that show but I don't think I was mentally prepared. I always wonder what it would be like if I’d had a couple more years of experience before going there."Forte returned to Los Angeles and began performing with the Groundlings' Main Company, with Cheryl Hines, Jim Rash and Maya Rudolph. He tried stand-up comedy three times at open mic nights, but quit after being voted into the Main Company, he joined the writing teams of two failed sitcoms, including Action. Forte got jobs writing for That'70s Show, two successful programs, he loved writing but had given up on acting, aside from acting with the Groundlings. While performing with the troupe in 2001, he was spotted by Lorne Michaels, the creator of Saturday Night Live.

Forte felt his confidence was higher than usual, as That'70s Show had been picked up for two more years. He was invited to audition for SNL. At his audition for SNL, he performed multiple original characters, including Tim Calhoun, a speed reader, a prison guard, in addition to impressions of singer Michael McDonald and actor Martin Sheen, his final character was an older piece from his days with the Groundlings, in which he portrays a gold-painted street performer who performs fellatio to pay for his face paint, which devolves into a song needlessly uttering the words "cock" and "face paint" dozens of times. He felt his time to shine as a performer was over, as he was in his thirties when he auditioned. To his surprise, he was offered a chance to be on the show, but declined, opting instead for the financial stability of his work at That'70s Show, he felt working for SNL could not live up to the idealized version he had dreamed of, but he realized he would be making a mistake. After Will Ferrell left Saturday Night Live the following spring, Forte joined the cast, premiering at the beginning of the show's twenty-eighth season in the fall.

He was promoted to repertory player after his first year. His early years on the program were chara

Jaune Toujours

Jaune Toujours is a Belgian band originating from Brussels. Their style is best described as mestizo, a mix of salsa, ska and punk; the band was founded in 1993 by accordionist Piet Maris. During his first contacts with a Romani community in Slovakia in 1994 he learned the gipsy playing style and the typical Romani music repertoire. Jaune Toujours was inspired by this repertoire and completed their style with influences from salsa, reggae, rock and groove, they proclaim their world views with the energy of a rock band, the improvisation of a jazz combo, the open-mindedness of a world music band and the vibe of a busker. After a few line-up changes in the early years in June 1997 the band was completed with drummer Théophane Raballand and trumpeter Bart Maris. A year they recorded their first EP'O'. In June 1999 they decided to start their own artist collective. From on they organized their own management and label as'Choux de Bruxelles'. All projects within Choux de Bruxelles attach great importance to multiculturalism.

The first full-album'Brusk' was recorded in 2000. In the same year they played the Global Activist Festival during the Euro summit in Brussels together with Ojos de Brujo and Babylon Circus. In 2002 a second full-album titled'Camping del Mundo' was released. After this release they played their first international concerts. In the following years they were support act for Manu Chao and Radio Bemba Sound System and represented Belgium at the EBU festival in Norway; the release of the third full-album'Barricade' in 2004 got them new international concerts and live radio performances for BBC Three and Funkhaus Europe. The 2006 live album'cluB' brought them international recognition. In the UK they played in the BBC Three studios. Furthermore they performed on Tanzfest Rudolstadt and Popdeurope Berlin in Germany and The Paradiso Amsterdam, Oerol Terschellingen and Fiesta Mundial Tilburg in the Netherlands. Overseas they toured the west coast of Canada with shows on Vancouver Island, Fort McLeod and Calgary.

In Belgium they performed at Couleur Café, Dranouter, Esperanzah!, Blue Note and Polé Polé. In April 2009 their fifth full-album'KOLEKTIV' was released. In October of the same year they played a showcase for a selection of professionals on Womex in Copenhagen. In 2010 thousands of people across 12 different cities danced to the song'Ici Bxl' to celebrate the Belgian EU presidency; the album'Re:Plugged' was released in the same year. It features remixes of songs by Mec Yek. In 2011 and 2012 Jaune Toujours cooperated with the Gangbé Brass Band of Benin. Together they toured throughout Belgium and Benin. In 2013 the studio album'Routes' came out; this album was internationally well received with reviews in among others The Guardian and The Independent, Songlines,fRoots and Westzeit. They have not been silent since the release of ROUTES. In 2014 they worked with touareg musicians in Burkina Faso and they were invited for live sessions at BBC Radio. In 2015 they recorded the album'SuperDiverCity' with their gypsy alter ego Mec Yek.

In 2016 Jaune Toujours celebrated its twentieth anniversary with the collector’s box and album Jaune Toujours 20sth. And in 2017, frontman Piet Maris released the album'Entity' on the Choux de Bruxelles label with Qotob Trio, a new project with compositions from the Belgo-Syrian cellist Bassel Abou Fakher, to start working full force directly after that on the new studio album'Europeana', released in the autumn of 2018. Jaune Toujours is characterized by the engaged lyrics of singer Piet Maris, their hometown Brussels forms the breeding ground for the social themes that Jaune Toujours addresses. They prove their commitment with numerous collaborations. On the album Radio Transit they brought musicians together; the band'Mec Yek' features two Roma singers so they can release their Balkan motown on the audience without having to give in to all the gipsy clichés. Since 2011 they came in close contact with the Gangbé Brass Band from Benin. Together they promoted it with concerts in Benin and Belgium.

Piet Maris - accordion & voice Théophane Raballand - drums & percussion Mathieu Verkaeren - double bass Mattias Laga - clarinets & soprano saxophone Bart Maris - trumpet Dirk Timmermans - trumpet Yves Fernandez-Solino - trumpet 1998: O 2012: Afrobelbeat 2000: Brusk 2002: Camping del Mundo 2004: Barricade 2009: Kolektiv 2013: Routes 2018: Europeana 2006: cluB 2006: Radio Transit 2010: Re:Plugged 2017: 20Sth Jaune Toujours Choux de Bruxelles


Amhuinnsuidhe is a settlement on the Harris, in the Outer Hebrides, Scotland. The settlement is within the parish of Harris. Amhuinnsuidhe is centred on the country house, Amhuinnsuidhe Castle, adjacent to the B887 road. Amhuinnsuidhe lies on the northern shore of West Loch Tarbert on Harris, it is 8 miles northwest of Tarbert. Sron Uladail, one of the highest sheer cliffs in the British Isles is located nearby. Amhuinnsuidhe Castle was built in 1865 for 7th Earl of Dunmore; the castle, as the North Harris Estate, remained in private ownership until 2003. The 55,000-acre estate was transferred to community ownership in 2003, when the North Harris Trust purchasing the land in a community land purchase; the castle and fishing rights were purchased by Ian Scarr-Hall. They are now operated as a sporting hotel and conference venue. Canmore - Harris, Amhuinnsuidhe site record Canmore - Amhuinnsuidhe, Abhainn Mor, Bridge site record Canmore - Harris, Amhuinnsuidhe Castle site record