Harsiesi was an ancient Egyptian rebel against the rule of Ptolemy VIII Physcon of the Ptolemaic Dynasty. The same person of "Harsiesi, son of Paious", he was arguably the last native Egyptian to call himself "Pharaoh", although ruling only in the southern part of Upper Egypt and only for a brief period. Taking advantage of the civil war between Ptolemy VIII and his sister Cleopatra II, Harsiesi captured Thebes in the summer of 131 BC and assumed pharaonic titles, although only his nomen is known, Ḥr-sA-Js sA-Wsjr, meaning "Harsiesi, son of Osiris", as reported on the demotic papyrus Karara 1, 2. Ptolemy's forces recaptured the city in November of the same year, yet Harsiesi led the rebellion until his death occurred in September 130 BC. Véïsse, A.-E.. "Les "révoltes égyptiennes": Recherches sur les troubles intérieurs en Égypte du règne de Ptolémée III Évergète à la conquête romaine". Studia Hellenistica. 41

1942–43 Stoke City F.C. season

The 1942–43 season was Stoke City's eighth season in the non-competitive War League. In 1939 World War II was declared and the Football League was cancelled. In its place were formed War Leagues and cups, based on geographical lines rather than based on previous league placement. However, none of these were considered to be competitive football, thus their records are not recognised by the Football League and thus not included in official records. In the 1942–43 season there were again two series of League competition a cup tournament. Stoke played 38 were beaten in ten of those, they 10th in the second. Their best result of the season was a 7–1 victory over Walsall in mid December and two 6–1 wins over nearby Crewe Alexandra. Frank Mountford was leading scorer with 20 whilst both Frank Bowyer and Fred Basnett hit 18. Stoke's score comes first