Eviota guttata

Eviota guttata, the spotted dwarfgoby, is a species of ray-finned fish from the family Gobiidae, the "true gobies". It is found in the western Indian Ocean. Eviota guttata has a total pf 8 -- 9 soft rays; the anal fin has 8-9 soft rays. It resembles Eviota albolineata and its counts or measurements match closely. There are, distinct differences in colour, both in live and preserved specimens with this species having a dark spot on the underside of the head about in line with the rear part of the jaws and it has a few scattered melanophores on the ventral side of the lower jaw near its tip, the intensity of the dark pigmentation varies, from just a few melanophores to a patch of dark colour, this feature is absent in E. albolineata. They grow to a total length of 3.2 centimetres. Eviota guttata was described from specimens taken in the Red Sea and the Gulf of Oman, with the holotype being from an Ethiopian Navy base, Massawa, in modern Eritrea, it is now known to occur in the western Indian Ocean including the Maldives, Red Sea, Gulf of Aqaba, the Gulf of Oman.

Records from the Pacific are misidentifications of similar species of Eviota gobies, such as Eviota theresae in Fiji. Eviota guttata occurs in inshore areas near continental and island shores where it is associated with shallow reefs with a mixture of coral and algal growths, it can be found in water of less than 15 metres in depth. Photos of Eviota guttata on Sealife Collection

Agios Epiktitos

Agios Epiktitos is a village in Cyprus, located 6 km east of Kyrenia. Agios Epiktitos, is under the de facto control of Northern Cyprus; the village was named after an ascetic monk who fled the Saracens in Palestine in the 9th Century and was a colleague of Saint Ambrose of Kyrenia who gave his name to a village close by. Turkish Cypriot Agios Epiktitos Municipality was founded in 1980. Turkish Cypriot Düzkaya Sports Club, located in Agios Epiktitos, was founded in 1958, now in Cyprus Turkish Football Association K-PET 1st League. Agios Epiktitos is twinned with: Altınova, Turkey Zabrat, Azerbaijan Kaş, Turkey