Wopke Hoekstra

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His Excellency
Wopke Hoekstra
Minister of Finance
Assumed office
26 October 2017
Prime Minister Mark Rutte
Preceded by Jeroen Dijsselbloem
Personal details
Born Wopke Bastiaan Hoekstra
(1975-09-30) 30 September 1975 (age 42)
Bennekom, Netherlands
Nationality Dutch
Political party Christian Democratic Appeal
Residence Bussum, Netherlands
Alma mater Leiden University
Occupation Politician

Wopke Bastiaan Hoekstra (born 30 September 1975) is a Dutch politician of the Christian Democratic Appeal (CDA) serving since 26 October 2017 as Minister of Finance in the Third Rutte cabinet.[1]


Hoekstra was born in Bennekom, Gelderland and studied law at Leiden University where he completed one year studying history. He was president of the fraternity Minerva. In 2000, he also studied law and international politics in Rome and in 2005 he graduated as MBA at INSEAD in Fontainebleau and Singapore.[2][3]

Before he joined the government, Hoekstra was a partner with the consultancy firm McKinsey and chairman of the supervisory board of the Scheepvaartmuseum (maritime museum) in Amsterdam.[4] He worked until 2006 for Shell in Berlin, Hamburg and Rotterdam.[5]


Hoekstra was the treasurer of the CDA-foundation Eduardo Freistichting and board member of the local CDA association in Amsterdam; in 2016 he was one of the lead architects of the party platform.[4][2] In December 2010, it was announced that Hoekstra was a candidate for the Senate election of 2011, for which he was indeed elected, and sworn in on 7 June 2011 as its youngest member.[4] Membership of the Senate is a part-time position, and therefore Hoekstra continued as consultant with McKinsey, on 6 December of the same year, he gave his maiden speech during the debate on a tax-related topic. In the Senate he didn't follow the party line on a few ethical topics: he was the only CDA senator to vote in favor of a ban on civil servants that refuse to marry gay couples (weigerambtenaar) and to vote in favor of a legal status for lesbian parents (meemoederschap).[5][1] He was reelected in 2015.

Hoekstra was nominated by the parliamentary press in 2013 as 'political talent of the year' and in 2016 he was the second youngest person in the De Volkskrant top-200 of influential Dutch people.


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