Wow 87*04

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WOW 87/04
Greatest hits album by
Released20 April 2004
GenreAlternative Rock
LabelSony BMG Latin
Fobia chronology
Fobia on Ice
WOW 87/04
Rosa Venus

Wow 1987-2004 is a Spanish language rock and roll greatest hits album by Mexican band Fobia. This is Fobia's first recording of any type since 1997's Fobia on Ice; this anthology compiles Fobia's greatest hits from their first five albums Fobia (1990), Mundo Feliz (1991), Leche (1993), Amor Chiquito (1995), and Fobia on Ice (1997), along with two new songs.

Original members Leonardo de Lozanne (voice), Paco Huidobro (guitar), Cha! (bass), and Iñaki (keyboards) returned, along with new drummer Jay de la Cueva and recorded two new singles: "Más caliente que el sol" and "Hoy tengo miedo". It represents their come back from a long pause of the group, the members took a brake pursuing new projects and joined to record this album.

Track listing[edit]

  1. Más caliente que el sol
  2. Descontrol
  3. Hoy tengo miedo
  4. El diablo
  5. Plástico
  6. La iguana
  7. El cerebro
  8. Veneno vil
  9. Camila
  10. Dios bendiga a los gusanos
  11. Vivo
  12. Miel de escorpión
  13. Crucifijo
  14. Regrésame a Júpiter
  15. Revolución sin manos
  16. Under Pressure
  17. Hipnotízame
  18. El microbito