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Lectionary 11

Lectionary 11, designated by siglum ℓ 11, is a Greek manuscript of the New Testament, on vellum leaves. Paleographically, it has been assigned to the 13th-century, it was known as Codex Regius 309. The codex contains lessons from the Gospels lectionary with some lacunae, it is written in Greek minuscule letters, on 142 parchment leaves, 2 columns per page, 22 or more lines per page. It contains musical notes; the manuscript once belonged to Colbert, as lectionaries ℓ 7, ℓ 8, ℓ 9, ℓ 10, ℓ 12. It was added to the list of the New Testament manuscripts by Wettstein, it was examined by Paulin Martin. Gregory saw it in 1885; the manuscript is sporadically cited in the critical editions of the Greek New Testament. The codex is located now at the Bibliothèque Nationale de France at Paris. List of New Testament lectionaries Biblical manuscript Textual criticism

Group 14 Rugby League

Group 14 is a rugby league competition in central New South Wales, run under the auspices of the Country Rugby League. This Group doesn't field a senior competition although the Castlereagh Cup is made up of Group 14 clubs; the Group 14 name is still applied to the junior competition, divided into Eastern and Western divisions. The following clubs fielded teams in the 2006 Group 14 Eastern junior competition: Binnaway Coolah Dunedoo Gulgong MerriwaWhile these clubs fielded teams in the 2006 Group 14 Western junior competition: Baradine Coonabarabran Coonamble Gilgandra Nyngan Compiled from results published in the Rugby League Week. Group 14 on Country Rugby League's official site Rugby League Week at State Library of NSW Research and Collections

Operation Legacy

Operation Legacy was a British Colonial Office program to destroy or hide files, to prevent them being inherited by its ex-colonies. It ran from the 1950s until the 1970s, when the decolonisation of the British Empire was at its height; as decolonisation progressed, British officials were keen to avoid a repeat of the embarrassment, caused by the overt burning of documents that took place in Delhi in 1947, covered by local Indian news sources. On 3 May 1961, Iain Macleod from the UK Colonial Office, wrote a telegram to all British embassies to advise them on the best way to retrieve and dispose of sensitive documents. All secret documents in the colonial administrations were vetted by MI5 or Special Branch agents to ensure those that might embarrass the British government or show racial or religious bias, were destroyed or sent to the United Kingdom. Precise instructions were given for methods to be used for destruction, including burning and dumping at sea; some of the files detailed torture methods used against opponents of the colonial administrations, e.g. during the Mau Mau Uprising.

Academic study of the end of the British Empire has been assisted in recent years by the declassification of the migrated archives in the Foreign and Commonwealth Office 141 series. After the UK government admitted in 2011 that it had secret documents related to the Mau Mau case, it began to declassify documents and by November 2013 some 20,000 files had been declassified; these documents can now be accessed at the National Archives in London. "Mau Mau". Radiolab. WNYC. July 3, 2015. Retrieved August 1, 2017

Coup de tĂȘte

Coup de tête is a 1979 French comedy-drama film directed by Jean-Jacques Annaud and scripted by Francis Veber. It stars Patrick Dewaere and Jean Bouise, who won the César Award for Best Actor in a Supporting Role for his performance. François Perrin is a belligerent factory worker who plays football for a local amateur team, in a club owned by a rich businessman who owns the factory where Perrin, as well as most of the population of Trincamp, works, his attitude doesn't endear him to anyone, the situation is not helped when, at a training session, he pushes Berthier, the star and captain of the team, who demands that Perrin be expelled. Soon thereafter, he is fired from his job, the whole town turns against him and he is prohibited from entering the local bar; when a drunk Berthier tries to rape a woman one night, Perrin is framed for the deed, ends up in jail after being brutalized by the police. Two months the Trincamp team is to participate in an important game for the France's Cup, but the bus carrying the team gets into an accident, out of desperation to replace the injured players, Perrin is released from jail to help out the team.

While on the way to the stadium, he manages to evade police and finds the rape victim and confront her. Rather than resulting in conflict, he finds someone who believes him, since she was not positive in her earlier identification, she decides to investigate the testimonies that convicted Perrin, while he goes on to play and scores both of his team's goals in a tight victory. Perrin is now the town's hero, he uses that position and the knowledge of who did what and who made false reports to the police to plot a subtle but effective revenge on those who have wronged him. Patrick Dewaere - François Perrin France Dougnac - Stéphanie Dorothée Jemma - Marie Maurice Barrier - Berri, the'Penalty' bar patron Robert Dalban - Jean-Jean, the old manager Mario David - Rumin, the physical therapist Hubert Deschamps - the prison warden Dora Doll - the chief nun François Dyrek - the first truck driver Patrick Floersheim - Berthier Michel Fortin - Langlumey Jacques Frantz - the second truck driver Gérard Hernandez - the police detective Claude Legros - Poilane, the waiter Corinne Marchand - Madame Sivardière Jean Bouise - the CEO Mr Sivardière Catherine Samie - Mme Brochard Jean-Pierre Darroussin - the photographer Coup de tête on IMDb Coup de tête at Rotten Tomatoes Coup de tête at AllMovie


WXMA known as "102.3 Jack FM", is a variety hits station located in Louisville, Kentucky. The station is licensed by the Federal Communications Commission to broadcast on 102.3 FM with an effective radiated power of 6 kW. The station's studios are located in downtown Louisville and the transmitter site is blocks away atop The 800 Apartments building. 102.3 FM signed on as WLRS in 1964 as a stand-alone FM station for Louisville Radio School. The station was used as a training ground for the school's broadcast students in its early years. In the late 1960s, station owner Clarence Henson entered into an agreement to sell WLRS to crosstown AM Top 40 WAKY, but the deal fell apart when WAKY did not meet the six-month deadline to complete the transaction. By 1970, WLRS was noted as being one of only nine stand-alone FMs in the state of Kentucky. WLRS went to first place in the Arbitron ratings in 1978. By that time, the station was a format that the station had adopted for many years. However, by 1981, WLRS was beaten by rival Album Rock station WQMF in the ratings, in 1984, the station switched to a Top 40/AOR format or CHR for short as "The Flamethrowing LRS 102".

The station was adding pop and urban artists like Michael Jackson and Whitney Houston to its playlist, to fill the void left when WKJJ abandoned Top 40 for Adult Contemporary in 1982 and WJYL dropped Top 40 for urban contemporary in 1984. WKJJ switched back to CHR as WDJX, both WLRS and WDJX battled each other for the next few years before WLRS evolved back to their Album Rock format in the late 1980s, because, at that time, LRS' ratings were poor. On December 26, 1990, at 2 a.m. WLRS began stunting with an electronic countdown. On January 1, 1991, at 9:27 a.m. WLRS flipped to Adult Contemporary as "Mix 102"; the first song on "Mix" was "This. The station still used the legal calls of WLRS, but despite this, complemented its branding with the fake calls, "WMIX". However, the "WMIX" branding was dropped by June 1991, as Withers Broadcasting, which owns two actual WMIX stations in Mount Vernon, registered the "WMIX" branding as a registered trademark, has threatened WLRS with a Cease and Desist letter for use of a trademark without permission.

On May 19, 1997, at 6 p.m. after playing "The Last Song" by Edward Bear, WLRS began stunting with a loop of "I Am the Walrus" by The Beatles, as well as promotions for other Louisville radio stations and teaser formats. On May 26, at 1:02 p.m. WLRS flipped to Alternative rock as "LRS 102.3". The first song on "LRS" was "Spoonman" by Soundgarden. On July 30, 1999, at 3 p.m. WLRS flipped to Soft Adult Contemporary outlet "Love 102.3" under the WULV call letters. On May 17, 2002, WULV flipped to Hot AC as "102.3 The Max" WXMA. On August 31, 2017, at Noon, WXMA changed formats to adult hits, branded as "102.3 Jack FM". WXMA is owned by Alpha Media. 102.3 Jack FM official station website Query the FCC's FM station database for WXMA Radio-Locator information on WXMA Query Nielsen Audio's FM station database for WXMA