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Andy Smillie

Andrew Thomas Smillie is an English former professional footballer who played as an inside forward. Smillie was born in Ilford and played for Ilford and England Schoolboys, he joined the groundstaff at West Ham United in 1956 and gained three England Youth caps before signing professional forms with the Irons in 1958. After a senior debut against Southend United in the Southern Floodlight Cup on 10 March 1958, he made his First Division bow on 26 December 1958 against Tottenham Hotspur. In all, Smillie played 26 games for West Ham, leaving in 1961. Smillie went on to play League football for Crystal Palace, Scunthorpe United, Southend United and Gillingham, before joining Folkestone Town in 1971, he played for Ferndale. Andy Smillie at Post War English & Scottish Football League A–Z Player's Database


DXGB-TV channel 11, is a 5-affiliated station in Zamboanga City. It is owned by Incorporated, a local broadcast entity, its main broadcast facilities and transmitter are located at the GBPI Building, Campaner Street, Zamboanga City. With an authority from the NTC to use a 5-kilowatt transmitter granted on March 17, 1992. A 4-bay panel TV antenna system coupled to a 260 ft. self-supporting broadcast tower blankets the entire Zamboanga Peninsula with a potential 20 kilowatts ERP signal. Transmitting from the highest point at the center of downtown Zamboanga City, GBPI TV-11 has the best equipped ”Live-on-Air” studio, has the capability for outside broadcast; this station is equipped with a 5-meter fiberglass TVRO system which can pull in any satellite signal within footprint view. As an affiliate of TV5 Network Inc. GBPI TV11 carries most of 5's national network programming, with local news and independent productions as breakaway from the Manila feed. Dateline TeleRadyo - morning newscast, simulcast on Magic 95.5 Zamboanga Dateline Zamboanga - the flagship Chavacano newscast patterned with News5's national newscast Aksyon as they use the soundtrack of the latter.

No Holds Barred - a talk show hosted by Ronnie Lledo Beng Amor con Amor Se Paga 30 Minutes Celso desde Limpapa hasta Licomo No Limit - weekly talk show S na S! Yahoo! VEZ TV 5 List of 5 Stations Magic 95.5 Zamboanga

Diamond Sun

Diamond Sun is the second album by Canadian band Glass Tiger. It was released by EMI Manhattan Records on April 13, 1988; the album was certified triple platinum in Canada and featured the single "I'm Still Searching", which peaked at #2 in Canada. "Diamond Sun" – 5:22 "Far Away From Here" – 4:08 "I'm Still Searching" – 3:58 "A Lifetime of Moments" – 4:58 "It's Love U Feel" – 5:32 "My Song" – 3:26 " Worlds Crumble" – 4:53 "Send Your Love" – 4:28 "Suffer in Silence" – 3:35 "This Island Earth" – 6:30 Alan Frew - vocals Sam Reid - keyboards Al Connelly - guitars Wayne Parker - electric bass Michael Hanson - drums, additional guitars Backing Vocals: Dalbello, Arnold Lanni, Sheree Jeacocke, Colina Phillips Additional Guitars: Keith Scott Additional Drums and Keyboards: Jim Vallance Additional Fretless Bass: Rene Worst Saxophone: Earl Seymour Synclavier Programming: John Grier Guitar Technician: Tony Lester Management: Derek Sutton, Gary Pring, Joe Bamford Recording: Jim Vallance, Randy Staub, Tom Henderson, Brian Masterson Mixing: Ed Thacker Assistance: Randy Staub, Paul Milner, Glen Robinson, Darren Millar, Joe Mancuso, Ciaran Byrne Producing on Track 6: Sam Reid Mastering: Bob Ludwig at Masterdisk, NY Tour Sound: Tracy Silverstone Stage Sound: Greg Grace Tour Lighting: Steve Baird Art Direction and Sculpture: Heather Brown Photography: Douglas Brown Group Photography: Alison Wardman

Co-Owner of a Lonely Heart

"Co-Owner of a Lonely Heart" is the fourth episode of the British science fiction television series Class. It was released online by BBC Three on 5 November 2016; the episode was directed by Philippa Langdale. It forms a two-part story with the following episode, "Brave-ish Heart". Class follows four students of Coal Hill Academy and their alien teacher, as they deal with various alien threats. In the episode, the physical and mental connection on between April and the king of the Shadow Kin Corakinus deepens against their will. Meanwhile, Miss Quill meets the new principal, Dorothea Ames, who reveals that the Academy is a part of a bigger picture and warns her about an ongoing invasion no one noticed yet; the episode's title, which refers to April and Corakinus sharing the same heart, is a reference to the song "Owner of a Lonely Heart" by Yes. It was positively met by critics. In the Underneath, the home planet of the Shadow Kin, King Corakinus summons one of his followers, who tries to cut the link between Corakinus' heart and April's.

As Corakinus executes Rannus for his failure, sharing his rage and having lost control for an instant, realizes that she can now summon dark swords like the Shadow Kin. Meanwhile, Charlie reveals the Cabinet of Souls to Matteusz. Back at school, April still feels the effects of her connection with Corakinus, as a result, gets angered during a class on the subject of war, she tells Ram, whom she started a romantic relationship with in the previous episode, but as they ponder what to do, they are interrupted by April's father Huw released from prison and estranged by the family after he tried to kill himself and her mother in a suicide attempt. As the conversation heats up, influenced by Corakinus, summons a shadow sword and scares him away; as April and Ram bond further and make love, unable to control the feelings he has from April has sex with Kharrus, another Shadow Kin attempting to help him. April's mother subsequently find Ram in bed together. Back at school, Miss Quill meets Dorothea Ames.

Charlie talks more about the Cabinet of Souls to Matteusz, stating that theoretically, in the hands of "a hero," the souls of his race contained inside the cabinet would take over the body they are attacking, instead of just destroying it, thus becoming alive again. Miss Quill happens to overhear one of their conversations, she reveals, working for the Governors, warns her about the ongoing invasion of killer petals who feed on meat to multiply and have been taking over the city since the previous night. She reveals that she might be able to remove the creature inside of Quill's head, thus allowing her to have her free will back; as April is in a dispute with her mother about her relationship with Ram, her father comes back once again. Kharrus happens to be trying to cut the link once again at the same time. At the last moment, she fights against Corakinus' influence and her own hatred against her father, sparing him; as Kharrus' experiment turns out to be a partial success, Corakinus discovers April's location.

After sharing some of her connection to the Shadow Kin with her mother, thus repairing her legs, April makes the choice to go directly to Corakinus before he comes to Earth, leaping through a tear in space-time to the Underneath. Ram follows her right; the episode was directed by Philippa Langdale, who directed the second of half the two-parter, "Brave-ish Heart". It premiered on 5 November 2016 at 10am; the episode was broadcast in the United States on BBC America 6 May 2017 directly after the fourth installment of the Tenth Series of Doctor Who "Knock Knock". Critical reception for the episode was positive. In a positive review, Den of Geek commented that the episode felt like a series finale, both praising and criticizing that "There was enough story development in this episode to power a series twice or four times the length of Class", stating "An uneven mix of romance and high-stakes drama, may have struggled to find the right balance of tone and tipped over into unintentional silliness at times but it proved one thing: Class has the courage of its convictions."In a positive review, Cult Box praised the directing and character development and gave the episode 4 stars out of 5.

Alex Moreland of Flickering Myth gave a positive review, praising the character development. He commented that, despite being the first half of a two-parter, the episode is "still an engaging piece of television in its own right which manages to provide us with 50 minutes of compelling entertainment", he gave the episode a rating of 9 out of 10. Ian Cullen of SciFi Pulse called it "the best episode yet" and praised April's character development and Sophie Hopkin

Jere Hargrove

Jere Logan Hargrove is a Tennessee Democratic politician who served in the Tennessee House of Representatives. Hargrove was born September 1946 in Cookeville, Tennessee, he was educated at Freed-Hardeman University, receiving an associate degree in 1966. D. degree in 1981. He was an assistant district attorney in Putnam County, Tennessee from 1987 to 1990. In 1990, Hargrove won election to the Tennessee House of Representatives, representing Putnam County, took office the following year as a member of the 97th Tennessee General Assembly, he went on to serve eight consecutive two-year terms, from 1991 through 2006. He did not seek re-election in 2006, he was Assistant House Majority Leader in the 98th and 99th General Assemblies and Majority Leader in the 100th and 101st General Assemblies. In the 104th Tennessee General Assembly, he was chairman of the House Commerce Committee. Hargrove's first marriage ended in divorce, he has four children by that marriage. In November 2006, the day after his successor's election to the legislature, he married Rebecca Paul, chief executive of the Tennessee Lottery and his third wife.

Their wedding took place on the first day they could marry without creating a conflict with a state law that bars the state lottery executive from being related to another state government official