√ėyvind Bolthof

Øyvind Bolthof is a Norwegian football goalkeeper. His earlier clubs are Lyn, Bøler IF, Bækkelagets SK and Årvoll IL, but he joined Vålerenga in 1995. After the arrival of Árni Gautur Arason to Vålerenga in 2004, Bolthof has been the second choice keeper and has played on the reserves team. Parallel to his football career, Bolthof has taken the siviløkonom degree at BI Norwegian Business School. Norwegian Premier League: Winner: 2005 Norwegian Football Cup: Winner: 1997, 2002, 2008 Profile at the club website Øyvind Bolthof at the Norwegian Football Federation

Rural Municipality of Spiritwood No. 496

The Rural Municipality of Spiritwood No. 496, first formed as Rural Municipality on December 9, 1929 as a 3 township by 3 township R. M. One township is 6 miles by 6 miles square. On December 31, 1953, Spiritwood No. 496 expanded and absorbed Shell Lake No. 495 It is located in the north central region of the province of Saskatchewan, west of Prince Albert. Witchekan Lake First Nation Indian Reserve 117B and Pelican Lake First Nation Indian Reserve 191B both are within this Rural Municipality; the boundaries of the municipality extend north to Big River No. 555, Saskatchewan, to the west by Medstead No. 497, Saskatchewan, to the south by Meeting Lake No. 466, Saskatchewan, to the east by Canwood No. 494, Saskatchewan. These communities are self-governing entities that lie within the geographical borders of Spiritwood No. 496, thus not technically a part of the rural municipality. Within its borders are several First Nations Indian reserves, those at Chitek Lake, Pelican Lake, Witchekan Lake not part of the municipality.

Big Shell Echo Bay Leoville Shell Lake Spiritwood As of the census in 2001, there were 1,429 people living in the municipality of Spiritwood No. 496, Saskatchewan. According to the Canada 2001 Census: Population: 1,429 % Change: -4.0 Dwellings: 796 Area: 2,479.00 Density: 0.6 Spiritwood Bapaume Capasin Leoville Mildred Norbury Penn Ranger Shell Lake on the eastern boundary Spruce Bay Resort Village of Echo Bay Resort Village of Big Shellhave been part of this municipality. Big River Branch C. N. R—serves Prince Albert, Clonfert, Polwarth, Debden, Dumble, Big River. For more information see List of Saskatchewan provincial highways For more information see List of Saskatchewan provincial roadsHighway 24—serves Spiritwood and Leoville Highway 3—intersects Highway 24 and serves Belbutte and Shell Lake Highway 793—intersects Highway 24 and serves Big River Highway 696—intersects Highway 24 and serves Pelican Lake First Nation Indian Reserve 191B Highway 3—runs east west here and intersects Highway 24 serves Spiritwood and *Mildred Highway 378—runs North south here and intersects Highway 3 south of Spiritwood List of rural municipalities in Saskatchewan Spiritwood No. 96 Sarm Saskatchewan Rural Development RM Government from Municipal Directory System Lloydminster Gen Web RM Government from Municipal Directory System 2001 Census - Statistics Canada's page on the 2001 Census.

Municipal Relations Division - RM Boundary Changes Saskatchewan Genealogy Society RM by Number MRD - Municipal Status Information - Rural Municipality SARM Annual Report 2000 - In Memoriam Map of Spiritwood No. 496 at Statcan