McDonnell Douglas MD-94X

The McDonnell Douglas MD-94X was a planned propfan-powered airliner, intended to begin production in 1994. Announced in January 1986, the aircraft was to seat between 160 and 180 passengers using a twin-aisle configuration. An all-new design, investigated internally since at least 1984, the MD-94X was developed in the mid-1980s to compete with the similar Boeing 7J7; the price of oil would have to be at least US$1.40 per gallon for McDonnell Douglas to build the plane, though. Configuration was similar to the MD-80, but advanced technologies such as canard noseplanes and turbulent boundary layer control, side-stick flight control, aluminum-lithium alloy construction were under consideration. Airline interest in the brand-new propfan technology was weak despite claims of up to a 60% reduction in fuel use, both aircraft were canceled. Under development at the same time were two propfan-powered commercial variants of the MD-80; the "MD-91X" would have seated 100-110 and entered service in 1991. The "MD-92X," a 150-seat aircraft targeted for service entry in 1992, was to be a 76 in stretch of the MD-80.

Existing DC-9s and MD-80s would have been eligible for an upgrade to the new propfan powerplants. A propfan-powered military variant of the MD-87 or MD-91X, called the P-9D, was proposed as an anti-submarine warfare aircraft; the P-9D was intended for use in the United States Navy's Long Range Air ASW-Capable Aircraft program, to replace the existing fleet of 125 Lockheed P-3 Orion aircraft. In October 1988, the Navy selected a derivative of the P-3 Orion as the LRAACA aircraft over the P-9D. Related development McDonnell Douglas MD-90Aircraft of comparable role and era Antonov An-180 Boeing 7J7 MPC-75 Tupolev Tu-334 Yakovlev Yak-46

Just a Matter of Time (Marlena Shaw album)

Just a Matter of Time is an album by American vocalist Marlena Shaw recorded in 1976 and released on the Blue Note label. The song "Be For Real" was covered by Leonard Cohen on his 1992 album The Future; the Allmusic review by Andrew Hamilton awarded the album 2½ stars stating "This is her most commercial Blue Note offering". "It's Better Than Walkin' Out" - 4:20 "Brass Band" - 3:40 "This Time I'll Be Sweeter" - 4:57 "Think About Me" - 4:30 "You and Me" - 3:57 "Love Has Gone Away" - 4:53 "Sing to Me" - 4:00 "Take My Body" - 4:53 "Be for Real" - 4:59 "No Hiding Place" - 2:13Recorded at Media Sound Studios in New York City in February 1976. Marlena Shaw - vocals George Butcher, Ricky Williams - keyboards Bert De Coteaux - keyboards, arranger Jerry Friedman, Hugh McCracken, Jeff Mironov, Lance Quinn - guitar Bob Babbitt - electric bass Jimmy Young - drums Carlos Martin - conga David Carey, Teddy Sommer - percussion